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Universal Awkng Consciousness

Universal Awakening & Rising


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Drawing attention to the increase of spiritual awakening spreading around the globe. Invites audience feedback, FREE Clairvoyant Readings and much more! www.rescuerangersopes.com

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Money, cash, cheddar: a commodity that causes death, depression, happiness, destitution, and many other emotional merry-go-rounds. Have you ever wondered why? In our first broadcast covering this topic we brought out some important... more

The beings we refer to as angels, what evidence is there regarding their origin. The many stories that surround this topic depicts a being of humanoid features with wings. If you think about it, how is it that we so easily accept that these... more

Are you always running out of money, or never seem to keep enough in-hand to get ahead? Ever wonder why money is so alluring...why do many feel an irresistible drive to possess more and more money than needed? Why is it that... more

How many of us have wondered about the concepts of time travel? Welcome to a discussion that involves research producing facts and theories. Scientist has already admitted that it is possible, so why is it that the general populous has... more

Sound waves tranmit to your brain and into the mind the minute they're received. Everything we do pretty much involves sound and sight, Our alphabet letter "A", a sigil, also carries a diagram communication that hits the brain and mnd wave... more

Orgone said to be the life force of the Universe. If you've never heard of it, or the positive results people have been receiving just by placing it around them or wearing it, then you need to listen in on this broadcast. What is Orgone? Where... more

What You Say Really IS What You Get! So, you think you don't have power....Ever said something regarding a pending, future or present situation and the next thing you knew it played out in your life exactly as you spoke? Maybe... more

That's right, many well know figures in the bible and throughout our history, and up to modern day, have used, or are using, the spiritual/physical energies of crystals. Many people when approached by the idea of using a crystal gem, in a... more

Do you ever get the feeling that you've visited another world during your hours of sleep? Are you aware of ever being in the presence of beings from another world? Many people have reported experiencing these events on a face-to-face... more

What if hell is really where we're at right now? How can one REALLY know? Many religions purport a hell for the eternal soul. What solid proof is there that this place exists? There have been many reports of such a horrid place of residence... more
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