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    Mama a lot is riding on your prayers

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    A Mother’s prayer doesn’t stop after the baby is born, but it continue throughout the child life.
    Your prayers do matter and have mighty power in God’s eyes.
    1. Pray that your kids connect with God.
    2. Pray that your children honor God.
    3. Pray they translate that honor into action.
    4. Pray that they are well-equipped to meet every daily need.
    5. Pray that your children forgive.
    6. Pray that they avoid temptation.
    7. Pray that they will have the resources to defeat everything negative.
    8. Pray that they will develop relationships that serve to strengthen them.
    9. Pray that love will define them.
    10. Pray for the strength of the family.
    A Mother’s Prayer is a Prayer of Wisdom:       
    Wisdom is supreme so get wisdom.  And whatever else you get, get understanding.

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    Mormon deep doctrinal discussions

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    Mormon deep doctrinal discussions. 
    11pm to 1am Monday to Friday at blogtalkradio.com/thekingdomofgodornothing 

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    Joanie and Sondra/Calling out to God/Psalm5

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    . It shows David coming to the LORD in the morning and receiving the strength and joy he needs to make it through the day against many adversaries.
    Sondra's  bio: I was raised in a loving Pastor's home who was heavily involved in Evangelism and Outreach! I married a preacher and we pastored for many years!  
    In the early 1990's I was invited to be a part of a ministry at the Juvenile Detention Center in Dallas, TX.  At the time, I was teaching the College and Career Class at a local church. We formed a team and taught every week at the Dallas County Detention Center ministering to 100-200 teenagers there.  From there the Lord opened another door at a different facility (closer to home) still within the Dallas County Juvenile Program.  We saw many lives changed by God's power!
    In 2010, the Lord opened the door for my husband and I to be involved in a ministry at the Dallas County Jail.  I taught the Ladies and my husband teaches the men.  Again, we saw many lives changed by God's Mighty Power!
    Currently, we are involved in our local church with Outreach and Evangelism!  We have also started a Senior Adult Ministry there!
    I am excited for the opportunity to Co-Host with Joanie and I am expecting God to do great things in people's lives!  We serve a mighty God.

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    UFCCM 3-Day Internet Radio Revival DAY-1!

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    Join the UFCCM with Bishop Henry A. Tindal, Sr. on AiRR (Anointed Internet Radio Revival!) August 22nd, 23rd and 24th @ 8:00 PM Central (9:00 PM Eastern)
    3-Days Of:
    Music! Blast From The Past Clips! Anointed Preaching! Powerful Teaching! Healing and Deliverance! Open Prayer Lines! and more!! UFCCM 3-Day Internet Radio Revival DAY-1!

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    Evangelist Lolithea Davis visits - Rivers In a Desert Ministry

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    Are you experiencing over whelming difficulties in your life?  Do you sometimes feel like you are in between a rock and a hard place?  Then make sure to catch this SPECIAL segment.  Listen in as my good friend gives her testimony explaining HOW God saved, protected and allowed her to walk out of the fiery inferno on September 11, 2001.
    This is the first time my friend has been released in her spirit to share this amazing testimony.  This testmony is guaranteed to super charge your spirit in the Holy Ghost.  Allow God to bless your spirit just like the days of old when he gave commandment to the children of Israel telling them to rehearse his mighty works.
    2 Chronicles 19:7 Wherefore now let the fear of the Lord be upon you; take heed and do it: for there is no iniquity with theLord our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts.

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    Join our Messianic End-Time Commander as she teaches, instructs, exhorts and admonishes the hidden manna in the Rev. 12 Heavenly Sign that is set to manifest on SEPT. 23, 2017 which has not occurred ever in over 6,000 YRS!!  Is GOD signaling something to this wicked untoward last-day generation?  I THINK SO!!! COME TO THE MESSIANIC HEBRAIC END-TIME TABLE OF THE LORD AND BE FED WHILE THERE IS STILL YET TIME!  MARANATHA & SHALOM!!!

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    Mens Fear of Women (Advanced Whore Wisdom 102)

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    16 Day Class on Men, Money, Marriage and Mating....Manuvering a Rigged System
    Early Bird Pay in full price $300 here https://store.thegoddessnetworks.com/products/using-the-element-of-arousal
    Payment Plan on $400 here (4 payments of $100) https://store.thegoddessnetworks.com/products/personal-mentor-plan
    You DONT Have to have taken Whore 101 but if you would like to below is the link

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    Burning Sage Music & Sarah Norrad Yoga Instructor /Meditational Healer

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    FIRST HOUR:   Since 2002-Burning Sage was birthed through its founding members via the songwriting of Lin Sanders and the rhythm of Sue Balaschak. They have combined their artistry performing as hard rock power trio, an acoustic duo, The Primal Rhythm Drum Ensemble and again, full circle, into an eclectic tribal/world rock band. 
    Joining the line up, this time around, is singer and multi-instrumentalist Emily Hall, who will be jamming on the bass. Also joining the founding members, is Dawn Fritz Heartsong, who ornaments the songs through her artistry with accoutrements and hand drums. Through the years, the common word heard to describe this band is "Intense''. They continue to deliver "True to Form."
    SECOND HOUR:  Sarah Norrad  - Sarah has spent over 20 years studying mindfulness meditation, being a certified yoga teacher, running her own businesses, gaining certification in reiki and other energetic healing arts, as well as being trained as a lay counsellor that she offers others counsel, working as a transformational life coach with men and motivational counsellor with women.
    Sarah writes as a featured author for the American Magazine, Elephant Journal: a guide to mindful living, yoga, wellness, sexuality and eco-venture. Using her literary skills she creates daily poetry and is publishing a book of this work this Fall.

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    God Can Work A Miracle Thru Your Trials

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    God Can Work A Miracle Thru Your Trials  

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    SHABATH SHALUM MISHPACHAH! Welcome to our broadcast! This Sabbath morning we discuss the origin of disease & what can be done to prevent & treat them. Please join us for this physically & spiritually healthy lesson!

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    The Bible On Trial

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    Do you enjoy tests? This seems like a rediculous question, because for most people testing of any kind is a pain in the neck. Why? In order to pass a test you have to study for it, and studying for anything is a pain in the neck. But preparing for a test is the ONLY way in which a person can know ahead of time whether they will pass the test, or not.
    The prayer of the unprepared goes something like this: "Dear Lord, please help me to remember everything that I never studied!" But really, what are the chances of that happening. There are tests in which you can guess your way to success, but those types of tests are not designed to find out whether the student (what ever subject) knows enough to be compitent, it only tests their ability to guess well, given insufficient data.
    Salvation and eternal life is not something that can be 'guessed at' and passed. This is not a 'pass/fail' grading system, where the student can get any grade just over failing and still pass the course. Yet according to the words of Jesus Salvation requires 100% understanding of the subject, with a 100% perfect grade in order to pass into eternal life. Today Christians believe with all their hearts that they will not be judged/tested by any standard, because they are 'saved by grace through faith'. They believe this because their teachers believe this, and their teachers believed it. This is why it is so difficult to gain eternal life; this is the 'eye of the needle' of which Jesus spoke, through which it is nearly impossibe for someone that 'thinks' they are rich in the understanding of how salvation works to pass.
    'Because you say, "I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing," and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked." Rev. 3:17.

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