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Yolanda W

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The Reiki podcast that supports YOU and your practice! These are REAL conversations to support your journey and inspire your own intuitive insights. You will ask yourself new questions and deepen your understanding of what it means to BE and live your spirituality. I started Reiki Radio in 2013 as a way to share real experiences, the challenges and excitement, of energy healing. Tune in and if you enjoy the show, please rate it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or iHeart Radio. You help our community grow and I appreciate your contributions! Your host, Yolanda, is a Self-Mastery Coach; teaching Reiki, Intuitive Development, Chakra Mirroring and more. Learn more about her work at http://theenergeticalchemist.com Opinions and views expressed are those of the hosts and guests, and the opinions of the guests do not necessarily reflect those of the host. Application of recommendations or techniques are at the Listener's discretion. Journey in LOVE! xo

On-Demand Episodes

Reiki Radio: Wheel of Fortune in Tarot - Is life based on luck or consequence of choice? We all know that for every action, there is a reaction, and we know that life is in constant motion. So today's meditation considers how you play... more

Reiki Radio: The Hermit of Tarot - What are you learning and discovering about you? When we observe the internal process of our external experiences, we cultivate wisdom through acknowledgement. "The answers are within" can be an... more

Reiki Radio: The Strength Card of Tarot - Do you recognize how powerful you are? You have amazing inner-strength that can be harnessed and directed as you choose, but what are the ramifications when you use your strength from a space... more

Reiki Radio: The Chariot of Tarot - This week we explored the first leg of the major arcana and today we dive into the energy of The Chariot to see how it all comes together. This card speaks to our willpower, control and victory - so what... more

Reiki Radio: The Lovers of Tarot - What is your relationship with YOU? Yes, we learn a lot through our relationships with others - we are beautiful mirrors for each other, but there is another union that also requires love and nurturing.... more

Reiki Radio: The Hierophant of Tarot - Who is your teacher? On this journey we have many, and some have taught us based on traditions and old beliefs that do not feel resonant, but do you conform for approval? This is a common theme... more

Reiki Radio: The Emperor of Tarot - Are you in your authority? What or who is governing your life? Let's explore ways of overcoming any limitations and obstacles with the energy of The Emperor! This journey of awakening isn't easy,... more

Reiki Radio: The Empress of Tarot - What do you desire? The Empress will help us birth whatever it is that we are nurturing, so this is a great reminder that your points of focus are key! Are you feeding your creations with LOVE or fear?... more

Reiki Radio: The High Priestess of Tarot - Are you tuning into your inner-wisdom? Consider what would happen if you initiate access to your intuition and begin to TRUST your own inner-guidance! Today we step into the essence of your High... more

Reiki Radio: The Magician of Tarot - how are you using your magic? Unlike the fool, the magician is consciously aware of the gifts available to him, but he must still learn the mysteries of self-mastery. Step one: acknowledging the power... more