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Yolanda W

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The Reiki podcast that supports YOU and your practice! These are REAL conversations to support your journey and inspire your own intuitive insights. You will ask yourself new questions and deepen your understanding of what it means to BE and live your spirituality. I started Reiki Radio in 2013 as a way to share real experiences, the challenges and excitement, of energy healing. Tune in and if you enjoy the show, please rate it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or iHeart Radio. You help our community grow and I appreciate your contributions! Your host, Yolanda, is a Self-Mastery Coach; teaching Reiki, Intuitive Development, Chakra Mirroring and more. Learn more about her work at http://theenergeticalchemist.com Opinions and views expressed are those of the hosts and guests, and the opinions of the guests do not necessarily reflect those of the host. Application of recommendations or techniques are at the Listener's discretion. Journey in LOVE! xo

On-Demand Episodes

Reiki Radio: The Sun Card of Tarot - Today we celebrate you - your willingness to acknowledge what you hold and your choice in transforming/healing in your own way! We look to the sun as a symbol of the love and light that has always been... more

Reiki Radio: The Moon Card of Tarot - We have explored a lot! You have have looked at your feelings, thoughts, limitations, the power of surrender and consequence of attachments. There has been enormous consideration through... more

Reiki Radio: On the other side of challenging transition, we land in a space of clarity and new opportunity! The star card of tarot reminds you that the light and love you were seeking has always been YOU. The tower helped to free... more

Reiki Radio: The Tower Card of Tarot - Sometimes we feel like the rug is being pulled from under us, or that lightening has struck - and it has! The tower card offers clarity after the shock and there is no way to cling or negotiate with ego in... more

Reiki Radio: The Devil Card of Tarot - Are your fears creating illusions that bind you to your old ways of being? The devil card is nothing to fear, it's a reminder that you have choice in your self-mastery! This is the energy of deceit - how we... more

Reiki Radio: Temperance of Tarot - This is your rebirth, your next level of self-awareness. You have learned so much on this journey called life, and now it's time to re-evaluate and create space for healing and balance. It can feel... more

Reiki Radio: Death Card of Tarot - Yesterday we explored what's holding you back, or what is binding you in the mind, and today we decide if it's worth holding onto. The death card is about transformation and the discomfort that may come... more

Reiki Radio: The Hanged Man of Tarot - What is restricting you on your spiritual path? We are only free of old bondages when we awaken to who and what we are, supporting the transformation of our own minds and begin to surrender to... more

Reiki Radio: Justice of Tarot - When anything in our lives is off balance and we are trying to understand why, the best place to look is in the mirror. In our integrity, using both our logic and intuitive minds, we can stand before ourselves... more

Reiki Radio: Wheel of Fortune in Tarot - Is life based on luck or consequence of choice? We all know that for every action, there is a reaction, and we know that life is in constant motion. So today's meditation considers how you play... more