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The Reiki podcast that supports YOU and your practice! These are REAL conversations to support your journey and inspire your own intuitive insights. You will ask yourself new questions and deepen your understanding of what it means to BE and live your spirituality. I started Reiki Radio in 2013 as a way to share real experiences, the challenges and excitement, of energy healing. Tune in and if you enjoy the show, please rate it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or iHeart Radio. You help our community grow and I appreciate your contributions! Your host, Yolanda, is a Self-Mastery Coach; teaching Reiki, Intuitive Development, Chakra Mirroring and more. Learn more about her work at http://theenergeticalchemist.com Opinions and views expressed are those of the hosts and guests, and the opinions of the guests do not necessarily reflect those of the host. Application of recommendations or techniques are at the Listener's discretion. Journey in LOVE! xo

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Reiki Radio | Sophia Leva-Marie, of Nurturing Divine Beauty, joins us on today's episode. Sophia specializes in sacred sexuality and divine wealth for coaches and soul-preneurs, especially those who have experienced trauma. She takes her... more

Reiki Radio: You want to launch or refine your spiritual business; Muni Syed is going to give you five easy ways to start, NOW! Muni is a sought-after business coach and marketing strategist for personal development and... more

Reiki Radio | The Reiki Podcast That Supports You and Your Practice! On this episode, Yolanda asks Kesley Tweed, of Iron Gypsy, how being vulnerable has shaped and supported her spiritual practice. Kesley also shares her experience... more

Reiki Radio | Getting Your Relationship Energy In Order! When we hear "relationship", we often think romantic, but we are relating to every aspect of our lives. The key is in recognizing how your energy, perspectives... more

Reiki Radio | Helen Chin Lui is back! This time she is sharing her points of view about living more abundantly. Plus, tonight the full moon is in Aries, which is perfect timing for some introspection. What makes you feel fulfilled? How are you... more

Reiki Radio | It has been five years since the first episode of Reiki Radio! This has always been a space for sharing what many experience after classes and how to make our practices our own, confidently. While many listeners are empaths,... more

Reiki Radio | How do you fit into your own life, and how does healing challenge who you have known yourself to be? This is the tip of the iceberg of this conversation about self-healing, with Helen Chin Lui. Helen is the author of... more

Reiki Radio Podcast: Is shadow work a necessary part of light work? There are so many layers to this process of self discovery, and as always, I am sharing what I have experienced in hopes of supporting you on your path. And if you enjoy the... more

Reiki Radio: You are changing. Something called you forward into this journey of transformation, but what and why? Many of us have found support through practices like Reiki and meditation, working through layers of our own energetic... more

Reiki Radio: The ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was weighed against a feather when a person died. What does this have to do with our journeys of healing and transformation while living? There are many things in life that cause... more