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Refuge on the Mountain

Refuge on the Mountain


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Biblical evangelism and exploration of God's word

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Today on Refuge Culture; Society has declared an all out attack on personal relationships through , video games, social media and Technology. Now through technology we are seeing possibilities some never would have considered, sex... more

That body of essential truth to which Christians hold. It is revealed by God and is to be passed on by faithful teachers. Believers are urged to remain true to the faith and to contend for it, even in the face of evil. Over the last few days and... more

Today we take a Christain view of current events and news. We look into the election and the potential effect on the Supreme Court. We get into many pieces of scripture that people twist for their own gain, some innocently others to... more

Looking into the wolrd, you see all kind of craziness and unrest. From election fallout, political divide, cultural differences; what are we as Christians to think? WHat as citizens of this great country to do? Tonight we continue in our Now... more

How crazy has the world grown? How did this man win the election? Where is all the violence coming from? Many people are asking these questions and seeking the answers. But many don't know where to turn. Tonight we begin the... more

Why do we end up in the situations that we experience? WHy does good intentions go astray? Tonight we look at and answer these questions.

Today we look at the death of Justice Scalia and how this may effect the interputation of the Constitution in rulings. Current event breakdown of Schools cancelling Valentines day activities, street preachers being ticketed. A deeper... more

Today we look at the Super Bowl commercials, God's Will and the Love and Compassion of Christ. We explore and question some speakers and activist of Islam. We expose the world culture and how they are creating divide in the world... more

Suffering of believers is not something that you hear in many churches today. It is kind of a hard sale, join up and suffer!! That is not a slogan of hope and change is it. However the fact of the matter is just that, tough and not easy to handle.... more

Refuge Culture is looking at issues and news from the refugee crisis, the California School district ban on drawing religious cartoons, the attack on Christmas by Starbucks and the federal government telling schools that male... more