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Refuge on the Mountain

Refuge on the Mountain


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Refuge OTM is a faith-based community radio and media ministry committed to teaching sound biblical doctrine and spreading the gospel message. We challenge the current belief system through true Biblical exploration. We stick to Biblical and God-honoring doctrine and do away with doctrine created by man. Refuge is an evangelical ministry serving local communities, as well as reaching global audiences through internet radio broadcasting.

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Tolerance - The virtue of being prepared to accept people and their viewpoints. In culture today, we are told to be tolerant of people's choice of their preferred gender, sexual partner or partners. We have to accept their political views and... more

As I look at America, I look at the failures, divide and the hate filling the airwaves. I say to myself, What is wrong with America. People have little to no compassion for others, or at least in their opinions and views. We as a society jump up... more

Culture today seems more argumentative and demeaning when you don't agree with their position. It basically a stand with us or against us; is this really the only option. Is there a compromise that we can reach or should we. Look to the... more

Religion - a word that can cause a reaction in many people. Some say religion is the cause of all war and violence. Some say it brings peace to a troubled soul. Which is correct Look around the world today, no matter the country and you... more

Taxes - a word that can start arguments and turn calm conversations into boiling brawls. Tithing is another such word. It can bring a congregation to blows. Today we see many dividing issues, politics, church and even words can... more

There has never, in my opinion a greater question than these with one exception; Do You Believe in the Cross of Jesus Christ? All of these questions bring a certain image to mind, a personal and living God. But how can a spiritual God... more

Questioning the Norm - is it Biblical to question what we are being told? Is this a form of protest or anarchy that is built on the premise of destroying the church? No on both accounts. It is our duty as Christians to make sure that the... more

A little bit of Jesus can lead to Grace, but if the right conditions apply. The power of the Holy Spirit gives us strength but is there more? We see a battle between good and evil on a daily basis. We see in scripture the power throughout the... more

Grace and salvation Deliverance through Jesus Christ is the result of accepting God's undeserved favour. Salvation, can it be lost? Can you deny it? Can God pull it from you? Is a prayer going to save you or must you know the one... more

In the world today, there are many thoughts and beliefs about what happens when a person dies. Many may say ?I can't wait to get to heaven!? Or ?they are not suffering anymore, they have a new body? and even ?heaven gained a new... more