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Reese On The Radio is back on the air. An African-American, Reagan Conservative who tackles everything liberal. Join Reese weekdays for lively discussions on pop culture, current events and politics. Queens, NY native E. Reese Hopkins established his career in radio via the scenic route. A series of ups and downs plagued his life from the start. Raised in a single parent home with his mother and 4 siblings (two brothers and sisters) often Reese relied on his imagination to escape. His interest in radio began as a teenager in the mid 80’s thanks to the veteran personality of Scott Shannon and the “Z Morning Zoo” 100.3 in the New York metro area. He and his buddies would record mock radio shows on his mother’s stereo, equating this practice with the way that some DJ’s got their start, scratching dad’s old vinyl records. Their station was named 99.9 WACK FM. They would create and record song parodies while encouraging siblings and friends to participate by pretending to be call-in listeners. Reese had a love of Hip-Hop, especially when it came to dancing. Seeking out any and every dance competition and or audition he could find, he realized entertaining was in his blood. He was determined to make it big so that his friends and family would be proud of him while watching his hard work featured on national TV. At the tender age of just 15 years old, Reese’s mother threw him out because she simply had too many mouths to feed. Reese’s journey of homelessness begins in a stairwell of a partially abandoned building. With no home and no money, Reese began packing groceries at a local supermarket. When he could no longer continue on this way, Reese left his Queens neighborhood and headed to East Village in Manhattan. There, he would be closer to the resources he would need in order to pursue a career in Hip Hop dance and music. Now in Manhattan, the mecca of Hip Hop dance and culture, Reese had to find a place to live. Desperate for shelter, he heads to Covenant H

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National spokesman for the New Black Panther Party, Chawn Kweli and others from the group, will be our guest for the whole show. We'll discuss his organizations latest comments and controversy. Join Reese, Mary-Mary and JC... more

A family sues for a whopping $14.5M. Find out what happened that caused the lawsuit. The media always claims that Mitt Romney is trying to make Pres. Obama appear as an "other". So why is the media logging reports about mormonism?... more

Will the "full court press" against Pres. Obama in the form of two documentary films, help or harm his presidency? Plus, a former college basketball player is caught lying about a bias attack. What should be her punishment? Join Reese,... more

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-NY) has an interesting idea for immigrants coming to the US. What he said and what it really means. More Todd Akin fallout! Augusta National name first two female members. We also talk to "Malcolm Out Loud".... more

Reese's most hated director has died in an apparent suicide. What could have made him do it? Also, Pres. Obama meets the press. Did it help or hurt him? Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) is in hot water about the question of abortion and rape. Join... more

Join Reese, Mary-Mary and JC The Producer weeknights for news, views and opinion on everything from pop-culture to politics. www.ReeseOnTheRadio.com

Obama says we should spread the wealth but won't lift a finger to help his poor brother in Africa. Is he a hypocrite? Join Reese, Mary-Mary and JC The Producer weeknights for news, views and opinion on everything from pop-culture to... more

More backlash from Vice Pres. Joe Biden's comments. Director Spike Lee speaks again about politics. Plus the Obama Administration is caught lying again. Join Reese, Mary-Mary and JC The Producer weeknights for news, views and... more

Reese truns 43 today! He's back from court (a 15 hour trip back and forth) with news about his case. Plus, Vice Pres. Joe Biden tells blacks that they'll be put "back in chains" if Romney is elected! Join Reese, Mary-Mary and JC The... more

Reese has gotten an update on his court case tomorrow! Wait until you hear this! Plus, was Paul Ryan a good pick for Mitt Romney? Join Reese, Mary-Mary and JC The Producer weeknights for news, views and opinion on everything from... more
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