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Reese On The Radio is back on the air. An African-American, Reagan Conservative who tackles everything liberal. Join Reese weekdays for lively discussions on pop culture, current events and politics. Queens, NY native E. Reese Hopkins established his career in radio via the scenic route. A series of ups and downs plagued his life from the start. Raised in a single parent home with his mother and 4 siblings (two brothers and sisters) often Reese relied on his imagination to escape. His interest in radio began as a teenager in the mid 80’s thanks to the veteran personality of Scott Shannon and the “Z Morning Zoo” 100.3 in the New York metro area. He and his buddies would record mock radio shows on his mother’s stereo, equating this practice with the way that some DJ’s got their start, scratching dad’s old vinyl records. Their station was named 99.9 WACK FM. They would create and record song parodies while encouraging siblings and friends to participate by pretending to be call-in listeners. Reese had a love of Hip-Hop, especially when it came to dancing. Seeking out any and every dance competition and or audition he could find, he realized entertaining was in his blood. He was determined to make it big so that his friends and family would be proud of him while watching his hard work featured on national TV. At the tender age of just 15 years old, Reese’s mother threw him out because she simply had too many mouths to feed. Reese’s journey of homelessness begins in a stairwell of a partially abandoned building. With no home and no money, Reese began packing groceries at a local supermarket. When he could no longer continue on this way, Reese left his Queens neighborhood and headed to East Village in Manhattan. There, he would be closer to the resources he would need in order to pursue a career in Hip Hop dance and music. Now in Manhattan, the mecca of Hip Hop dance and culture, Reese had to find a place to live. Desperate for shelter, he heads to Covenant H

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Should the Washington Redskins be forced to change their name to something less offensive? We'll discuss the argument being made by DC Mayor Vincent Gray. The Oscar Award nominations were made this morning. Who were... more

The gun-control debate will soon hit a fever pitch after Vice Pres. Joe Biden told gun control activists that the Pres. is considering executive order to go after guns. Sports columnist Rob Parker has been fired from ESPN. Did he deserve it?... more

All eyes are on the Oxygen Network and the possiblity of the airing of a controversial reality show called "All My Babies' Mamas" We'll talk to the woman spearheading the revolt against it's aring, Sabrina Lamb, live on the air tonight... more

You would think mothers across the country would be outraged at a mother killing her 7-year-old son. Not this time. New damaging info for green freaks. That funny-looking light bulb you're being forced to buy out of guilt is a CANCER... more

Author and historian Clayton Cramer joins us tonight to talk more about mental health and gun control. The Journal News in New York published the names and addresses of legal gun owners in Westchester County, NY. What should the... more

1 Year Ago Today - We embarked on a journey together to bring a quality program to the world! How did we do? We'll break that down on the show! Join us in the celebration? Where are we headed a a nation in 2013 is a question... more

Did you miss yesterday's show? We'll let you get in on the conversation today. Have we become a victim-hood society and who claims it worse? Plus, a Michigan school district closes 33 schools over the "Mayan Apocalypse". Join... more

The Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting the funerals in Newtown, CT. We'll discuss the outrage. Pres. Obama will built a task force to deal with gun violence in this country. Join Reese, Mary-Mary and JC The Producer... more

After the horror of Newtown, CT, is it safe to say the networks and newspapers are over reporting? Author of "By Force of Patriots", Cameron Reddy, joins us to talk gun control. A month after Washington state votes to legalize marijuana, a... more

A mass shooting in Newtown, CT claims the lives of many children. How long will the conversation shift from the lives of those lost to gun control? The RG III issue continues to stir conversation. Was columnist, Rob Parker of ESPN out of line?... more
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