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Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon


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Living your life with purpose and intensity. Health results from the best lifestyle design.

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Lyme disease is only part of the picture. Auto-immune response can be created through multiple routes. Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are co-morbidities.

So many times we blame something outside of ourselve for our health issues, conditions and concerns. Realize that you are the one with all the power. Not some practitioner, and not some pill or concoction. There is not a pill out there... more

Are you a fat burning machine?

Every calorie is not the same. Waht you choose makes a difference. Real food or Fake?

Many people assume that they do not have allergies since they don't recognize symptoms. There is a degree of immune response that you may not notice. There are also classic allergies versus sensitivities. How do you know what you are... more

Top of mind awareness and the things that we assume. You are the creator of your own paradigm

Depression, is it a disease, genetic, or is an observed change in behavior?

We have to be careful drawing conclusions with reductionism. Taking a complex system and reducing it into smaller isolated parts changes both perspective and the results. The human body is much too complex to explain this way.

Wellness is not something that you buy from a doctor or at the store. Wellnes is the result of a lifestyle that matches how your own body works. When you match your choices with your genetics, you are there.

Aldous Huxley describes a Utopia where people lived with a loss of personal identity and freedom. Are we living there now? there are many that believe that we have a right to medication and medical treatment. does this make us... more