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Join Chrissy & Doug for the latest Trump News, Patriot Happenings & MSM Fake News Meltdowns! Watching history as it unfolds and shining a light on truth, fighting for liberty and exposing those who wish to crush it!

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First we'll take a look at President Trump's response to the Soros funded 'Caravan of Illegals' that intended to invade our country. If this doesn't prove we need to build a wall, I don't know what does! Then we'll re-air and discuss my... more

The Maryland HS shooting reiterated the urgency and importance of quickly securing our schools and also demonstrated how having armed security is paramount! Was this tragedy also Devine intervention to prove that God wants... more

What happened after we were attacked on 9/11? We had to get tough on terrorists, those captured during the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. President Trump has nominated Gina Haspell as CIA Director. Not only is she more... more

Join us tonight for a jam-packed chat about the latest going on. Is the supposed feud between Trump & Jeff Seesion a ruse? Has Sessions really been working BTS pitting an airtight case against key politicians within the Obama... more

We were warned that if Hillary Clinton became President there would be a complete shit out of Conservative POV on social media platforms. Although Trump won, the crack down though delayed, has begun! Numerous... more

As usual Democrats and Mainstream Media are screaming about gun control after the horrific shooting in Parkland Florida. Students are blaming the NRA, but what is the end game? Why are these mass shootings happening? Is there a... more

George Soros funded & CIA controlled Newsweek published an article in a feeble attempt to quash the growing momentum of ‘The Great Awakening'phenomen thank to Qanon. What exactly is Qanon, who's behind it &... more

Join us tonight for the latest developments in the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting Investigation. Reports are coming from witness interviews by local news that there were at least 2 shooters. Is it possible Cruz was working w/a 2nd... more

join us tonight as we discuss the latest breaking news on the attempt to overthrow our duly elected President via Obama Administration's Abuse of Power. We'll also update you on Qanon's posts the past week & some of the research that is... more

Join us tonight as we focus on Freedom of Speech and censorship- is the Internet Bill of Rights the Rights the answer? Mother Of All Rallies Founder Tommy Gunn stops by to chat about his experiences and this year's rally in September! We'll... more