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  • Selling Methods of the Masters With Keynote Speaker Fred Berns

    in Real Estate

    How the top performers use upselling, cross-selling and other techniques to maximize their sales is what this program is all about.
    Attendees will learn the eight surprisingly simple sales techniques that will help them convert contacts into lucrative contracts, seal big deals and generate outstanding income.
    They’ll walk away with “how to’s” and tips on doubling their closing ratio, overcoming price objections and procrastination, getting bigger projects from better clients and never again leaving “money on the table.”
    Fred Berns is among the biggest names in the business of interior design.  He’s an award-winning coach, promotional copywriter and professional speaker who trains and creates promotional materials for design professionals and real estate stagers worldwide, helping them promote themselves more effectively and dramatically increase sales and profits.

  • Growing Your Business With Realtor And Home Seller Workshops

    in Real Estate

    This class will advise students on what core workshops they can offer that will convert students to clients. Students will understand how to position themselves as the expert and discover how to have Realtors and Home Sellers seek them.
    Learning Objectives
    1. Learn how to become a residential expert in your area
    2. Learn how to leverage your marketing efforts with a variety of workshops
    3. Discover how to convert Realtors and Home Sellers to clients
    After spending over a decade in the corporate industry, Amy was ready for something creative and innovative. Her background in interior design, marketing, and merchandising encouraged her to develop her own business, specializing in Home Staging. Amy has served Austin as a Professional Real Estate Stager since 2009, and established Impact Interiors in 2010 to serve the greater Austin Real Estate Community. That same year Amy earned her Home Staging Expert (HSE) designation and is currently a Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) Pro Stager and Home Staging Resource (HSR) Mentor. She has served in RESA Leadership since 2011, and is currently serving as the 2016 State President of Texas. Amy’s passion for real estate and home staging was key influence, for earning her license as a Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) Instructor. Her workshop courses are designed to help realtors and home sellers understand the value and importance of home staging. Amy’s imagination and leadership has helped to cultivate how she educates her clients, realtors and fellow home stagers on the importance of home staging.

  • The Stager’s Guide to Surviving….and Thriving… in ANY Market!

    in Real Estate

    Everybody has done it; said just the wrong thing at just the wrong time. The moment the words leave your mouth, you wish you could take them back. But what about those more subtle times, when upon later reflection, you realize might have been taken the wrong way? Have you ever considered how the words commonly used within the Staging industry might actually be holding you back? And timing…when and how do we approach sensitive subjects such as pets and odors? Words mean more than their definitions. Understanding the power of the choice of words to use AND the timing of these words could be well worth your time to explore. Join me as I share my techniques on when and how to bring up those delicate and difficult topics in a way that will make you heard, understood and sought after by Realtors and Homeowners alike!
    Words have power. Their power can be maximized if you understand the nuance of timing, as well. This class will teach you how to approach clients from a positive/empowering perspective that is appreciated by Realtors and Homeowners alike. If you find you are sometimes at a loss for words this is the class for you!
    1. The key to “How” to say something often rests on listening first. 2. The “When” can oftentimes be more valuable than the “What”! 3. Identify common Staging terms and phrases that could be losing you money & learn new ones!

  • How to Create and Build Your Brand…. When You’re All…. “Ummm… What’s my BRAND?!?

    in Real Estate

    Our jam-packed session is full of actionable insight on defining what BRAND really means, identifying branding in other companies, defining who WE are, who our COMPANY is, and how to efficiently tell our brand story to prospective clients from the beginning (or even mid-point) of our staging journey. This fun session is targeted to stagers in their first 2 years of business, but insight is useful for any stager looking to brand or re-brand their business effectively!
    Learning Objectives
    1. Define “branding” , why it’s effective, and how to do it
    2. Leave with 3 key words that define your brand and ideas on what that brand “looks like” in a logo, website, client communication, and company culture
    3. Leave with 3 brand strategies to begin working on or implementing tomorrow!