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Join us live for the latest in the news on Israel, Bible Prophecy, Christian music, interviews and much more. These are the show that talks about what matters! After Glow, Tonight Matters, Israel Watch, Grounded in the Word, The Scattered Sheep Report, The First Plumbline Hour are all found here! Visit www.rapturereadyradio.com for more show information!

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Tim reads from the book, Smokescreens, by Jack Chick -- the rise of the Whore of Babylon

Love For The Truth Radio with Cindy Hartline -- Amir Tsarfati joins Cindy - looking at ?The Last Hour!? -- It is evident that we are near the eve of the rise of the Anti-Christ as deception, lawlessness, and immorality increase while the church... more

John Haller's Prophecy Update - Like to Play a Game? -- Maybe some geopolitical chess?

Featured Speaker is Bodie Hodge looking at the Tower of Babel and its consequences among the nations

Jackie looks at the Catholic Church's survivial mechanisms as one after another church closes its doors -- All it leads to the devil's greatest masterpiece: The Great Whore -- a hag with many spots and blemishes -- RAPID REPLAY

Previously recorded--What did he say? Rod Parsley and his outrageous comments, Paula White says you can die if you don't pay her firstfruits and other church news as some new pimp preachers crawl out of the pit.Danya... more

Randy continues his series on One World in Deception -- looking at the Unification of Religions via Charities and Social Issues

Dueling Bible Opinions -- Put your thinking cap on -- Chick Tracts publisher David Daniels defends his KJV-Only views, followed by guest host Faith Defenders' Dr. Robert Morey taking the other view

Cindy interviews guest Patrick Wood - talking about modern technocracy fulfilling the utopian dream-perfecting society while enslaving the people -- RAPID REPLAY

John Haller's Prophecy Update "Peace and Prosperity, He Said" -- We are to be watchman, observing, analyzing and warning those who are susceptible to the sleight of hand that may bring about the "Covenant" with the many, paving the... more
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