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Discussions about media, propaganda, social engineering, social control, fascism, totalitarianism, power and corruption. If you live your life terrified or worried about so-called terrorists, this may not be the show for you, unless you are willing to readjust your paradigm/reality. Personal freedom is under assault at all times, be it from governments, religions or any other collectivist paradigm.

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The 2010 Census, Healthcare, Azzam the American...now you see him -- now you don't...and more. Resistance Is Victory!

Topics for today include discussion about the Pentagon shooter, the IRS building plane crasher, Adam Gadahn "Azzam the American" (grandson of a founder of the ADL, whom I believe is Jewish and supposedly hated muslims) apparently... more

IF YOU WANT TO WEIGH IN AND AGREE OR DISAGREE, PHONE IN AT (347) 637-1248. Well, thanks to Obama's/Sotero's latest statements and push for any bill as long as it contains mandated health insurance purchasing, I will... more

Global warming fraud. mandatory health insurance, economic and industrial destruction...a recipe for dismantling the United States and the U.S. Constitution. The answer is in the states' governments! States must move to... more

Let's talk about the REALITY of how government is broken rather than CNN's fake ongoing debate on the topic. And again, the healthcare bills are ALL about the mandate which requires you to PAY TO LIVE or be fined and/or be imprisoned.... more

Ron Paul wins CPAC 2012 presidential straw poll over Romney, Palin and other GOP blow-hards! Obama and Senators seeking to push Cap & Destroy climate legislation this week. And more.

TSA adding "random" explosives swabbing of palms to airline security measures. Palin is a 9/11 Truther! Medina simply believes people have a right to their own opinions. So, what's with Beck's thought police attacks on Medina? Hint: He's a... more

MWP admitted for the first time by scientist at the center of Climategate!

As the man-made global warming fear mongering continues to fall on its face, the true believers who cannot produce any causal link between the ever changing climate and the activities of humans, the environmental movement is proving... more

Discussions of issues in the news and how they impact your freedom. In today's America, war is peace. This is not the America I grew up believing in.