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Discussions about media, propaganda, social engineering, social control, fascism, totalitarianism, power and corruption. If you live your life terrified or worried about so-called terrorists, this may not be the show for you, unless you are willing to readjust your paradigm/reality. Personal freedom is under assault at all times, be it from governments, religions or any other collectivist paradigm.

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Today is lazy day. Well, for the show anyway. I plan to do real life work after the show. My schedule will be changing, so listen to the show to find out more. Any live listeners are invited to call in to discuss past topics.

Go to TAXFREE15.com and participate in a protest against the federal government's out of control spending and taxation! call into the show today to vent and discuss the protestss and strike where we all refuse to work, go to... more

Today's show is a discussion about "Bug Out Bags" (BOBs), also known as 72 hour survival kits or packs. Including why they are needed. If time permits this may expand into discussions of longer term survival measures.

Paul Volcker is now advising that we need a federal VAT/sales tax (or the carbon taxes) in addition to our income tax and all these other taxes. How will we be able to afford to pay for a roof over our head?

Being promoted by and on supposed anarchist web sites (such as http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=crash-tea-parties), the rhetoric and motives reveal the "anarchists" are actually leftist and/or marxist revolutionary... more

Call-in to the show if you'd like to express your thoughts on the topic, at (347) 637-1248. Putting aside specific beliefs allegedly held by Hutaree, if there was actually a plot (conspiracy) to commit multiple murders, then they either... more

ALERT: Last night (Saturday) the FBI and DHS raided several locations taking militia members into custody. We have a report on this. Today's show will touch upon the Healthcare Tyranny, Protesting and on another big brother note, I just... more

The new Healthcare Law is a Eugenics plan that is designed to incrementally come into effect over this decade. Many financial portions of the healthcare issue have been miscalculated or left out of this law and will be addressed in... more

Of course, today's show is Healthcare "Reform" all hour. Call the show to discuss the topic, your hopes, and your fears. Passage appears likely.

So, call in and discuss these issues on air!