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Broadcasting from an undisclosed location inside the Nation's Capital, the resistance lives. Fighting Dhimmitude one episode at a time, your daily reminder, jihad works both ways. We are live with the most up to date, unvarnished analysis of Islamist aggression. No corporate sponsors, no political puppet masters, absolutely no wahhabist Saud money, just independent information for you, the infidel. Asalam aleykum dar al harb. Radio Free Dar al Harb is husband to a 9-11 survivor, son to a Khobar Towers survivor, and a determined patriot. This marks my humble entry into this front of the war. 1400 years of Islamist expansion has won land, loot, and slaves, yet this does nothing to slate their thirst for divinely sanctioned global submission to Islam. Unable to continue via conventional forces, Islamists seek submission through alternative means, principal among them is multi-media, especially the internet. Seeking to convince us to collapse upon ourselves, they are wielding an unrelenting barrage of propaganda, lawsuits, and intimidation. To date, they have succeeded. Radio Free Dar al Harb, is my humble attempt at resisting this juggernaut. I know there are others of you out there, and it is my hope to lighten the load a little and provide useful information and a some situational awareness to better enable you in your struggles to defend this grand experiment in Freedom.

On-Demand Episodes

Tyson Foods Dhimmitude, Silencing of the bloggers, and more

Short show

aymond Ibrahim is a historian and writer of the Middle East and Islam, and author of The Al-Qaeda Reader (Doubleday, 2007). Born in the U.S. in 1973 to Coptic Egyptian parents, he was raised in a blingual environment, and is fluent in... more

The curious case of Dr. Abbasi's thumb drive. Inside the trial of Pakistan doctor using his car for an office, pharmacy, and repository for immigration forms. Trial also includes a mystery defense adviser and thumbdrive to protect at all costs.... more

One of THE most important scholars and authors, will discuss his lastest book, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. This will be an illuminating hour.

Big victory this week! Discussion to follow. It is Lannigan's Ball down here.

ISA Gate continues, arrests, protests, and idiots oh my! Reporting from the front lines of a war without boundaries and battles without bombs.

The fallout from the ISA and USCIRF continues. Reporting from the front lines of Fairfax resistance.

Inside the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors hearing to renew the Islamic Saudi Academy lease.

Will review portions of Said Qutb's Milestones and explore its influence as the foundation of current Islamist ideology.