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Purposeful Leadership-Jeff

Purposeful Leadership


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I so long for each of you to fulfill your God-given potential. You are meant to lead by serving and to serve by leading.

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Royce's Purpose journey started in 2016 when he and I met accidentally in a coffee shop. I was meeting with sonmeone and Royce had scheduled a meeting with the same person after my meeting. When the person and I were done the... more

Barbara illustrates just how powerful LIfe's Core Purpose is and how it can help you in your career.

In this episode, I show how Purposeful Leadership in a group that can achieve excellence a lot more often, as Leadership becomes a "distributed" force in a group. Life's Core Purpose helps you find your dream job. And give a dream... more

In this episode, I give new insights into Purposeful Leadership's THREE parts. Purposeful Leadership is not a job or title or an office. It's a way of being that causes people to follow you. This episode focuses on what character is and how... more

Joe Del Regno is and has been a successful "Marketing Oriented Salesperson". When he discovered and then integrated his Life's Core Purpose as a single operating principle in his life, he put his life on "steroids" in a sense. Listen to... more

Hi- Transitions can be stressful and difficult. In this episode I focus on what a life transition is, and how we can help you to navigate and execute through one well, with a "constant" we help you discover. We offer podcast listeners a special... more

I asked for some input and advice about this podcast and someone I respect said "tell us a little about yourself". So here are the parts of my life that got me to this point in it....and how I want to go forward with you.

In this FIRST episode we begin the journey that will take any believer and follower of Jesus to understand Who I am , who we are and a bit about our journey The three step process to Purposeful Leadership A deeper dive in step one -Life's... more