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Punch It: Writing in Star Trek


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EXT. Space. The Final Frontier. - This show is about writing in Star Trek. We analyze writing style, rewrite old episodes, and sometimes write our own Star Trek stories. Follow us as we dive deep into what makes Trek so great.

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Gilmore Girls Season 4 Where you lead, I will follow. Here we are again and it's season four of this great and dynamic show. Char is going through the show for the first time and Tristan is on watch 99. We've reviewed the writing/direction... more

John and Tristan write a Star Wars standalone on-the-fly Char is out this week and so it is up to John and Tristan to write a Star Wars movie on-the-fly. This is not like the show's fictional sequel to the original 1977 film. This is a... more

Some of our favorite fictional female characters They make up over half of our population but yet don't come close to that when it comes to representation in the media. Everyone in the world is related to one and knows them but for some... more

Our continued story of the Enterprise-C and her crew Last week we explored what a prequel Star Trek show could look like if it was focused on the Enterprise-C. We fleshed out the show's mission statement as well as her captain, Rachel Garret.... more

Developing a Star Trek Enterprise C Prequel Show Not much is known about Rachel Garrett and her valiant crew of the Enterprise C. All that we know is that they sacrificed themselves in order to avert a war between the Federation... more

The Writing and Themes of Better Call Saul Season 3 Season 3 of Better Call Saul has come and gone and some were left with more questions than answers. We got the introduction of Gus Fring, a fan favorite in Breaking Bad. Every... more

Writing a Star Trek: Enterprise Story On-the-fly Writing stories on-the-fly is one of the many reasons why we started Punch It. We love to take a kernel of a story and let it expand organically into something new but also familiar. One avenue... more

What if Beavis and Butt-Head grew up? One of the benefits of an animated series is that it doesn't have to follow the same rules we follow in real life. For instance, characters don't have to face consequences for their actions, and they don't... more

Analyze the writing and direction of Gilmore Girls Season 3 Here we are again and we could not be happier. Char has finally finished her first Gilmore Girls run through of season three! Tristan is a Gilmore Girls veteran but this is Char's first... more

We explore what a House of Cards spinoff would look like Last week, we explored every single angle you could possibly explore with how a House of Cards spinoff would actually look. We landed on a Garret Walker lead show. How did he get to... more