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Punch It: Writing in Star Trek


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EXT. Space. The Final Frontier. - This show is about writing in Star Trek. We analyze writing style, rewrite old episodes, and sometimes write our own Star Trek stories. Follow us as we dive deep into what makes Trek so great.

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The many different types of story arcs in Star Trek Star Trek is known to be heavily episodic by nature. TOS, TNG, VOY and even early DS9 and ENT were all episodic. DS9 and ENT both slowly turned into a serialized show but they... more

The Writing Styles of Star Trek's Bottle Shows Whether you know the technical term or not, you are aware of the concept as a Star Trek fan: Bottle Shows. It's where the production team tries to save some money and has their intrepid crew... more

Rewriting Star Trek: Voyager's "Threshold" This is the first episode of the rebranded Punch It! We are now Punch It: Writing in Star Trek. We hope you join us as we take this trek through the stars have more of a focus on the... more

Star Trek: Discovery Writing Style We're four episodes into Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access and boy do people have differing opinions. Regardless of opinion, CBS brought in some heavy hitters when it comes to the writers room.... more

Gilmore Girls Season 5 Writing Analysis We've done this 4 times before and we still have more to do and we couldn't be happier. Char is continuing her first-time watch of Gilmore Girls and she is knee deep in Stars Hallow. A lot happened... more

Part II of our Star Trek: Nemesis Rewrite Last week we postulated what could have been better with Star Trek: Nemesis. Turns out that a whole lot could have been improved. We set the stage and gave the story some bones but... more

Rewriting Star Trek: Nemesis This topic was suggested to us after we decided to tackle Star Trek: The Next Generation's premiere episode "Encounter at Farpoint". We thought it had an agreeable symmetry to it and so we soldiered on with... more

Part II of our rewrite of Star Trek: The Next Generation's Premiere We finish what we start here on Punch It and so here is Part II of our Encounter at Farpoint rewrite. This section focuses heavily on Q and what his game is. Does he still... more

What if Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered in 2017? Encounter at Farpoint is the worst of all of the Star Trek openers. There, I said it. It might have worked in 1987 in order to continue the series but boy does it not hold up today. Star... more

What would a sequel to Tron: Legacy look like? There are rumors of a reboot of Tron starring Jared Leto but sadly a Tron: Legacy sequel is most likely dead. Or should I say derezzed? Char just saw Tron for the first time as well as Tron:... more