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Punch It: Writing in Star Trek


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EXT. Space. The Final Frontier. - This show is about writing in Star Trek. We analyze writing style, rewrite old episodes, and sometimes write our own Star Trek stories. Follow us as we dive deep into what makes Trek so great.

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What if Voyager didn't make it back home in Endgame? This fantastic listener suggestion posed the question of what would happen if the Voyager crew remained in the Delta Quadrant at the end of the series finale: Endgame. Now,... more

What if Janeway made the decision to not split Tuvix back to Tuvok and Neelix in Star Trek: Voyager? Inspired by last week's episode asking about what if Tasha Yar lived, we continue this trend in the Star Trek: Voyager realm with... more

What if Tasha Yar survived Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1? What would that look like? "What if?" is one of our favorite questions. This week we apply that to Tasha Yar. A fan favorite in the Riddell household and they never... more

Punching up one character from each iteration of Star Trek Not every character in a franchise will be perfect and Star Trek is no exception. While we love almost all main characters in our beloved space saga, some could use a few tweaks here... more

What happened to Tuvok after Voyager got home? There are several novels and even Star Trek Online that covers what happened to Tuvok but of course nothing on screen. But that isn't stopping the Punch It crew from writing their own... more

How would the Gilmore Girls revival look if Char wrote it? We're nearing the end of our long Gilmore Girls journey. A listener thought it would be a great idea for Char to write what she thinks should have happened in the Gilmore Girls revival... more

Unfinished Star Trek storylines that would be ideal for novels and comics Char and Tristan love ancillary Star Trek materials but it's impossible to read them all. Those ancillary materials are perfect destinations for tieing up loose ends. Why... more

Part II of our film rewrite of Star Trek: Generations Last week we were able to dive deep into the writing of Star Trek's seventh film, "Generations". As we were writing on-the-fly, we developed a newfound appreciation for the problems that... more

The Punch It crew takes on Star Trek: Generations in a rewrite. Generations is not the best Star Trek movie. It is also not the best Next Gen movie. But it is the host's belief that this film has been unfairly maligned for decades. Regardless of... more

Continuing Char's Watch of Gilmore Girls with the Final Network Season What was once the final season of Gilmore Girls is now just another step in the journey of Lorelai and Rory. After Amy Sherman-Palladino's exit, the new... more