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Changing the world one perspective at a time with host, Marnie Swedberg.

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During this hour with Marnie and Sharon Wilharm you'll discover the stories behind these truthes: When God closes a door, He doesn't want us sneaking through windows When God calls us to do something, He doesn't always mean for us to do it immediately. God is the master of ?out of the box? thinking. What a blessing it is that God doesn't limit Himself to our puny prayers. When God calls us to Goliath tasks, He provides the slingshot. God takes each of the pieces of our past and applies them to our future. Ideas are a dime a dozen. It's what we do with them that counts. The world judges us by their understanding of Christianity. When you're beat down so low there's nowhere else to look, but up… That's when we look up to see the face of God. As a speaker and female filmmaker who's been a part of the movie industry for over a decade, Sharon Wilharm views life from a filmmaker's perspective. She loves entertaining, inspiring, and encouraging women with her stories of Reels and Heels. Learn more at www.sharonwilharm.com.
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