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Lucifer - Father of Cain and Awaken to the New World Order Author Zen Garcia

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
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The knowledge presented in Lucifer-Father of Cain, represents the authors beliefs, some of the most carefully guarded and least understood secrets of biblical wisdom traditions.

The knowledge presented in this book will largely be the work of the prophets themselves. He will guide the reader in unlocking and understanding the esoteric events contained within the extra-biblical books as well as both the New and Old Testaments, so that the reader can comprehend them as a whole. The key to understanding all of them together lie in a secret which the course of this book shall reveal. Once understood, this will help unlock the real reasons for:

How evil came into the world?

Why the deluge came upon the earth?

Why megalithic structures are found on the Earth, Moon,and Mars?

How the parable of the wheat and tares, clay and iron, relates to bloodlines?

Why stories of cannibalism and blood drinking date back to ancient times and how they are associated with the legends of werewolves and vampires?

Why a prevalence of UFO, reptilian, and alien mythology exists dating farther back than even recorded history?

Elucidation that Cain was the first born son of Eve and Lucifer, and that the act of eating the forbidden fruit was in truth a veiled reference for an act symbolic of sexual lust, is absolutely essential for understanding why the Lord in Genesis told Eve that she would bear children after eating of the forbidden fruit.

Those, whom have never heard of this, may find it difficult to believe in the possibility of the fallen angels as being the extraterrestrial presence upon this planet. However that is the story as verified by the well documented and long passed down oral traditions of all cultures of the Earth. One must suspend belief systems to begin to explore all of what will be contained herein.