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Win The Walk to Jesus Min. (WTWJM)


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Helping the lost & hopeless to find their way to Jesus. This is a place where all God's children lost or found can be embrace by God's love. Lets keep Praying for one another.

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: Psalm 98:4-6 Many do not give him proper praise, nor do we spend time in worship with him, we are in a hurry, or we just throw a few words to him, and then we go on about our day.

James 5:13-18 When we pray according to His will, when we believe God's Word and pray in line with His Word, He hears us and answers our prayers. It unlock the gates of heaven, it is the key to unlock heaven and every blessing to be... more

Isaiah 41:10-14 So many of us are letting fear tell us what God has not told us, he says you can have what you say, desire and dream.

REVELATION 3:7-13 The church must always walk in obedience to word of God. The Bible is our standard of faith, but yet many refuse to deviate from it!

SCRIPTURE READING: JAMES 2:1-6 You cannot reap mercy if you have not shown mercy to others. What you measure out will be measured back to you. God does not pick favorites and we shouldn't, if you are doing that, you are denying... more

Nehemiah 6:5-9 Satan will try every trick under his sleeve to get you to succumb to the things of the world, but we got to stand on the principles and the word of God. God's plan and work are just too great for us to abandon them for the devil... more

Nehemiah 6:5-9 There are some people and things in our life, that will draw attention away from what you are trying to do for God, therefore we have to cut away the excess and pull off some layers of useless things that will keep us... more

SCRIPTURES READING: Hebrews 13:1-3 Many are just scraping the surface, working up your emotions and flesh, nowhere near your spirit and soul. Many are being lead down a path of deception, which will cause God to place strong... more

SCRIPTURE READING: JAMES 4:7-11 When the Spirit of God within us gives us all the power we need to win every battle we'll ever face, we can do it all thru him.

SCRIPTURE READING: JAMES 4:7-11 Jesus wanted God's will more than He wanted His own will. That is what it means to submit yourself to God. It means that you will do His will, no matter what He asks of you, no matter what it costs... more