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The purpose of the California Cannabis Ministry is to honor, articulate and appreciate the spiritual dimensions of the Cannabis plant, for all of the many blessings it offers mankind and the other creatures with whom we share this planet. In recognizing the extreme value of Cannabis (i.e. "hemp," "marijuana," "ganja," "Santa Maria," etc...), and celebrating the global cultural significance of Cannabis, it is the purpose of the California Cannabis Ministry to demonstrate everyone's "natural, god-given, self-evident" right to use "every herb bearing seed" with gratitude and respect, for the greatest good.

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Cannabis is the only crop on Earth that produces complete nutrition and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest. That means, people all over the world can grow their energy without inducing food insecurity & malnutrition.... more

Cannabis hemp seed nutrition is the first line of defense against COVID-19 and other infectious conditions. Cannabis hemp seed is the world's best source of complete vegetable nutrition. Proteins, essential fatty acids, essential amino... more

Cannabis hemp is both unique and essential to mankind's sustainable existence on this planet for several, inarguable reasons. Those reasons will be the focus of today's broadcast, along with corollary conclusions regarding crop management,... more

Cannabis is the only crop that produces complete nutrition and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest. At the same time, atmospheric carbon is sequestered, oxygen is produced & aerosol terpenes are emitted, blocking... more

Current, arbitrary limits on permissible THC levels in Cannabis hemp threaten farmers all over the world with destruction of their crops for testing "hot" in the Fall. In the context of a global pandemic, eliminating THC limits on industrial... more

Cannabis farming & gardening in April 2020 What to do, why & how to do it People need to figure out whether they're more concerned about THC levels in industrial hemp, or systemic collapse, leading to global extinction. The... more

All that prevents tRump from being indicted under the U.S. Constitution, and puts him above the law, is a Justice Department "memo" that says a sitting president can't be indicted because it would interefere with the duties of his office.... more

Medical experts tell us that it is critically important to slow the spread of Corona virus at the beginning of the pandemic. On today's broadcast, I will share common sense measures we all can do right now that may help. If natural remedies don't... more

Energy consumption drives the global economy. If clean energy can be generated from an organic agricultural resource that sequesters carbon, replenishes the atmosphere with terpenes, and produces oxygen, our species may yet be able to... more