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Steps to Engaging The Supernatural 5-8

  • Broadcast in Christianity
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5. Engage! Sometimes the Lord will give us a specific task to do, whether it’s for us or on behalf of someone else. But often He simply wants us to “stand at attention,” waiting with Him, for Him and on Him, for as long as He chooses. One of the hardest things to accept is that patient, silent waiting in His presence—felt or not—is the highest form of spiritual activity. There is so much going on beyond our senses; being quiet keeps our soulical and physical attributes from interfering with His work.

6.    Respond! If He gives you something to do right then—DO IT! If the task is to simply respond for that moment, DO IT!

7.    Respect & Follow-through! Sometimes during these times the Lord will give us direction, instruction, or birth in us a desire or new purpose. As He does so, our enemies (the world, the flesh and the devil), are all right there waiting to steal that seed. Be diligent to take these things seriously and respectfully begin to nurture it with the time and attention it deserves. This is where clear direction from the Lord so often quickly turns into questions. At first we KNOW we’ve received something from the Lord, but because we do not have the established habit to follow through, do the research, work and planning necessary, the most convenient doubt is that maybe it wasn’t the Lord after all.

8.    Back to business! Return to what you were doing. Remember the Lord is under no obligation to explain His timing or direction to us, though as we become reliable and instantaneous in our response, He will likely keep your name high on His list of those He can trust.