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Planet Of The fakes

Planet Of The fakes


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Deucer and Keyon, disccuss the play off, forgive us for our unprmptness

Apparently living off the grid, off the land, and without company [government] assistance is now a crime that can land you in jail, and cause you to lose your home. Instituted in 2006 by company Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael... more

Deuce and Keyon discuss the NBA play offs, which is now 0-2 OKC, will Cleaveland come back to do the impossible.

Top secret

Tonights discussion we will attempt to cover, how Federal, State, Local, and DHS etc... are all foreign agents, not American employees. America has no employees, any one employed is a foreign agent, from Mc Donalds workers, to... more

The Top 100 football players of all time in Dyckman History. I cover and played in 5 different generations from Sha/Rich era from Mike Young and Preme era. So basically from 1983 till 2016. I seen it all. This is Hood football and not... more

We discussing if Is it true White Supremacy Needs Black Women to Exist... Conscious dating the Consious vs Conscious dating the unconscious what do you prefer? Why is communicating so difficult, why is arguing welcomed, and... more

Izzy Speaks, some time today IZZy apparently lossed his Dyckman Mind, and publicly published, a obvious sponsored ad, praising Dyckman basketball players of his generation. Everyone one has a right to an opinion, but obviously Izzy... more

This show is based on the article this title derives from in refference to a post from a FB group Im no longer a part of, due to my belief, on their blogtalk. excerpt from article This is a post, extracted from a facebook, group I either left or got booted... more

, Keyon and Deuce, discusses.......Laremy, Tunsil Miami Dolphins rookie Laremy Tunsil is expected to start with a clean slate and will not begin his NFL career under Stage 1 of the league's substance abuse program, a source told ESPN.... more