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    Women Of HEARTS Staff Meeting 2/11/17

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    Please listen to this blog. It's important if you missed the 1st meeting. It will allow you to catch up. There are a few changes. I'll send those to you via email.

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    PowHER Network Live

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    If you missed our last Women and Wine gathering; but have been hearing all about the conversation, here's your chance for a recap! Everything was discussed in the room from eggplant emojis, when to call it quits, to Becky with the good hair. No question was off limits and we ALL left better. Tune in tonight at 9pm CST via www.blogtalkradio.com/powhernetwork to get caught up and continue to ask questions...

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    Clueless in San Diego

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    The point of my blog is to ENCOURAGE! MOTIVATE! CHALLENGE! And mostly, hold your hand and assure you, you won’t die. You will get through whatever it is you’re going through. It’s not a place for pity parties, bitch and moan sessions or plotting revenge. Think of me as your coach and guide – someone who walked through it, lived, and came out on the other side – and can help you get there, too. If you want!!!!! 

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    Gloria Steinem

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    This interview is with a college professor about Gloria Steinem.

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    Women Frees Themselves From A Religious Cult

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    This show is about a group of women that found themselves in a dark place, in a pit that had them impriosoned from the world.  Learn how these women were lured deep into a cult that controlled every aspect of their lives.  How they endured the trial of being demeaned and shut down by this cult and driven to emotional and spiritual distress.  The time is now, Women set your selves free from the prisons that life presents.  For these women their prison was the Cult, and the found the willpower to break free and claim back their voice, their lives their dignity and self respect.   It is our hope that these stories will inspire other women that find themselves in a dark pit, contemplating a break out, we encourage you to break free, live and be the powerful, phenomenal woman you were created to be.  

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    Life After Divorce

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    Alot of women feel insecure, less than and as if they are a failure after divorce. No matter who initiated the divorce. No matter who the blame has been applied to. Some women adapt to the spirit of depression and even bitterness towards all men. There is life after divorce and it does not have to be spent bitter, afraid to love/trust or in shame. Ladies you can live even after divorce.

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    Fake Friends

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    Don't ever miss former friends

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    Stirring It Up

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    Discussing Zimmerman Gun sale, Prince Death, Trump effect.

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    being a Black man in America

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    Detective June Robinson will talk to us about his experience as a black man in law enforcement. 

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    Vision Boards are a powerful tool to create.  
    Join us on 1/28/17 at tthe Womens Club Bellflower, Bellflower
    Contact us at aladyoftheiam@gmail.com

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    Don't send a MAN to do a WOMAN's JOB

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    You might have noticed gender IS a big issue in this year's election. I'm here to argue that World Peace may require a woman's touch.
    While Hillary Clinton might not be able to wave her arms at a rally and start a riot, let's think about all the God-given feminine equipment she has to reduce war and famine on the planet. After all, if the only tool you have in your toolbox is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail, and if there's one thing our over-taxed planet DOESN'T need, it's more hammering.
    Because of this past week's newsworthy revelations, I was tempted to call this show, "HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN," but I think it's time, for perhaps the first time in history, to put women first.
    Call in!