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    Fake Friends

    in Women

    Don't ever miss former friends

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    Stirring It Up

    in Women

    Discussing Zimmerman Gun sale, Prince Death, Trump effect.

  • 01:33

    Women Frees Themselves From A Religious Cult

    in Women

    This show is about a group of women that found themselves in a dark place, in a pit that had them impriosoned from the world.  Learn how these women were lured deep into a cult that controlled every aspect of their lives.  How they endured the trial of being demeaned and shut down by this cult and driven to emotional and spiritual distress.  The time is now, Women set your selves free from the prisons that life presents.  For these women their prison was the Cult, and the found the willpower to break free and claim back their voice, their lives their dignity and self respect.   It is our hope that these stories will inspire other women that find themselves in a dark pit, contemplating a break out, we encourage you to break free, live and be the powerful, phenomenal woman you were created to be.  

  • 00:12

    Clueless in San Diego

    in Women

    The point of my blog is to ENCOURAGE! MOTIVATE! CHALLENGE! And mostly, hold your hand and assure you, you won’t die. You will get through whatever it is you’re going through. It’s not a place for pity parties, bitch and moan sessions or plotting revenge. Think of me as your coach and guide – someone who walked through it, lived, and came out on the other side – and can help you get there, too. If you want!!!!! 

  • 00:12

    The Polygyny Conundrum

    in Women

    We will be discussing polygyny from a woman's perspective in relation to what Imam Shadeed has expounded on in his new book "The Revolution of Love".

  • 00:28

    Educational, Age, and and Personality Gaps

    in Women

    Women tend to separate themselves from one another if they do not fit into their educational groups, age brackets, and have similiar personalities by denying themselves of wholesome fellowship with other women. You do not want to miss this opportunity to learn about barriers that keep women divided.   

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  • 00:14

    The Julie Tussey Show Ep 9: Bruce Jones of the Usual Suspects

    in Women

    Julie interviews Bruce Jones of the Usual Suspects band.

  • 01:30

    let us reason together part two

    in Women

    part two with our guest La-Starr who will be sharing where she is now, after sharing her testimony of escaping the cult she was in. this is where you can ask questions and have them answered by La-Starr

  • 00:55

    Boom Goddess Radio: Recorded Live at Vivace

    in Women

    Co hosts talk with dating coach Carolyn Bushong about relationship issues. Recorded at a luncheon with an audience of mature women.