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    Anthony Rigogliosi--Professional Podcast Production for All! #20

    in Internet

    Anthony Rigogliosi is a podcastninja. A relative newcomer to the podcasting scene, Anthony felt himself attracted to the community after hearing his first podcast several years ago. From a young age, he preferred to get his information via the spoken word. He wasn't much of a reader and graphics wasn't his thing either. Like so many podcasters, once he started listening, he was hooked. He started learning everything he could about the medium and now he produces podcasts for other hosts. It's one stop production, record your show, send it off to Anthony and his staff of ninjas and everything else is taken care of. His advice to the aspiring podcaster, "Don't try to be perfect. It will stand in the way of your future greatness." If you want to become a professional podcaster, purchase my book Viral Podcasting. Just click the link. 

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    12 Signs You Have Healing Powers

    in Spirituality

    Do you feel like you can be an alternative healer? Do people seek your healing and advice? Discover the 12 signs that you have healing powers. Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach, Robert Zink, for this special Law of Attraction podcast. Open yourself up to your full healing energy and power. Learn the signs on how to be sure that an alternative energy healing path is right for you. Get connected with Reiki and Ruach Healers. Start a Reiki training or Ruach Healing Method training. Don't wait. Be a healer today.?
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    Episode 91: Triggers For Weight Gain & Weight Loss

    in Weight Loss

    Perhaps you eat dessert after dinner every night. Perhaps you feel cravings the moment you arrive to work...Perhaps you pull into the local fast food restaurant every day on your way home from work...Triggers for habits are everywhere and although most people focus on the behavior, such as eating the cake, eating fast food, etc., perhaps we should focus on the trigger instead. If you learn to change the triggers in your life, there is no need for the behvior...That's the topic of this episode.

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    Dynasty Blueprint 86 - Jeff Tefertiller

    in Football

    Matt Williamson (@WilliamsonNFL) and Ryan McDowell (@RyanMc23) welcome Jeff Tefertiller (@jefftefertiller) of Footballguys.com to discuss some players who are rising and falling in dynasty leagues and how owners should be valuing them. Also, the guys discuss their own best and worst dynasty teams, highlighting some lessons they've learned through the first several weeks of the season. 

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    If Deshaun Isn't an Every Week Starter, Who Is? – Chris Raybon: RotoViz Mailbag

    in Football

    Hosted by Jeremy Hardt with guest Chris Raybon
    Questions & Answers
    Jeremy and Chris discuss why Deshaun Watson is an every week starter, why you have to trust the volume for Jerick McKinnon and Mark Ingram this week, and why you should continue to look to Andre Ellington despite the Adrian Peterson trade.
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    Is Aaron Rodgers over it?

    in Football

    Stephen A Smith made headlines this week when he pondered whether Aaron Rodgers was tiring of the Packers’ defensive struggles. We discuss his comments and look ahead to Vikings weekend with SB Nation's own Arif Hasan.

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    How to Increase Your Chances to Get into an Art Gallery, Art Show, or Art Group

    in Art

    Many of us are trying to sell our art ourselves. But the lure of a good gallery, a national show, or a membership in an art association of national repute is alluring. All of these can bring more buyers, higher prices, and the notion of someone else doing the selling.
    On today's show, we will share tips every artist should consider to increase your chances of getting into an art group, art show and/or gallery.

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    Episode 16: Chiefs Lose in A Familiar Way, Mailbag

    in Football

    In Episode 16 of the Chief in the North, I try to deal with seeing the Chiefs lose in eerily similar fashion to the Steelers.
    I start off discussing playcalling vs execution and why I think it's a mistake to just say "it was the playcalling" for either the offense or the defense. Then it's time to do what's necessary and talk about Alex's roughest outing of the year by far, as he crashed back to earth from his MVP-level play and, despite a late rally, wasn't able to recover. I additionally rant about failing to give the ball to Kareem Hunt, which I still don't want to think about.
    Then it's time to delve into the run defense and why the Chiefs seem incapable of asserting themselves against the Steelers offensive line. Game after game it's been this way, despite the Chiefs playing well against other good lines. It's baffling. 
    Then it's your time to sound off a bit with a ton of mailbag questions. Topics vary from Marcus Peters's recent aversion to tacking to what I expect from Demarcus Robinson moving forward. 
    Finally, I close out looking at the state of where the Chiefs are, what the Raiders game means, and how I think that'll go. You know what? It's still not a bad week to be a Chiefs fan. 

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    in Health

    In this episode of Hallway Conversations, Epilepsy.com Editor-In-Chief Dr. Joseph Sirven interviews  Dr. Robert Fisher, Director of the Stanford Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Stanford University Medical Center regarding the new Seizure Classification System.  This new system replaces the current language used to describe seizures medically.

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    Fantasy Football Almost Daily #268 - Week 6 DFS & Fanball

    in Football

    Mat, CP and 2V talk about the best bets on Fanball this week.
    Here's the link to the FREE Chase Charch Challenge.
    And if you want to take place in the daily draft games held by NFC and CDM Sports, click this link.

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    FYI on STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) with Dr. Marianne Marchese

    in Health

    This week, Dr. Lo talks with naturopathic doctor and author of 8 Weeks to Women’s Wellness, Dr. Marianne Marchese, about STIs (sexually transmitted infections).
    Some of the things you’ll discover in this week’s podcast are:
    The many effective natural healing and treatment options available to prevent and fight STIs The pros and cons of the HPV vaccine Gardasil Why some forms of vaginitis are considered an STI that may have been transmitted to a woman by her male partner Natural treatment options that fight HPV to prevent cervical dysplasia and future cancer risk Also mentioned in this week’s podcast:
    Golden Eggs Fertility, Dr Lo’s upcoming fertility program is this week’s show sponsor. Sign up for the waitlist and more info at Golden Eggs Fertility. For more info on Dr. Marianne Marchese, visit her website.