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    Memorial Day, Tuskegee Airmen and The Ultimate Sacrifice For Freedom

    in War

    The backyard barbecues, beach picnics and garden parties, though fun, should never overshadow the men and women whose ultimate sacrifice made Memorial Day possible. Real people who died on duty protecting and preserving our country, our freedom and our liberties. 
    Memorial Day is first and foremost a day of remembrance for the soldiers who died while serving in the armed forces. From the great battles at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to the beaches of Normandy, these brave heroes gave their lives to keep our country safe. 
    The nephew of one of those great Americans is my guest today. Art gallery owner Dr. George N’Namdi will take us back to the battlegrounds of World War II in 1944 when his uncle and Tuskegee airman, Lt. Langdon E. Johnson flew his fighter plane throughout Europe, was shot down in the Mediterranean Sea and died a hero…IN FRANCE.  
    Find out more about this fascinating story and why the French, to this day, pay tribute to Lt. Johnson for his ultimate sacrifice to save Europe from Hitler’s army. It’s a Memorial Day program you won’t want to forget.
    Rhone American Cemetery in Draguignan, France:

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    Medical Expert Shares Tips for Picky Eaters

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    How do you win over a picky eater? Neurologist Dr. Robert Melillo, one of the most respected specialists in childhood neurological disorders in America, joins your award-winning family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton to discuss some helpful ways to encourage young picky eaters. We aim to keep you informed with the latest news.
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                              This show is a replay of a previously aired episode
    A friend once told me that her brother made her sit in a lawn chair while he attached it to a car battery to make an electric chair. What?! Sometimes sibling rivalry isn't harmless. Sometimes it's violent abuse that can lead to problems in adulthood for victims.
    Two people who work with and have experienced sibling abuse join us to talk about what it is, how it is minimized, and the later implications for victims.
    Amy Meyers, PhD, is an assistant professor of social work at Molloy College and sees victims of sibling abuse in her clinical practice. She sees the terminology we use when talking about brothers and sisters as one way we overlook sibling abuse.
    Nancy Kilgore, MS, knows how brother and sister relationships can be traumatic and harmful. Autor of "Girl in the Water: A Personal Story of Bullying and Sibling Abuse," and "The Sourcebook for Working with Battered Women," Nancy works with victims of abuse by sibling.

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    Mike Scala Is Running For City Council

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    Attorney Mike Scala, who is First Vice President of the Queens Public Transit Committee (QPTC), stopped by The Wave to announce his intention to run for the District 32's City Council seat this coming November. 

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    Episode 64: Learning to Live After Alienation and Court Assisted Murder

    in Current Events

    EPISODE 64: Learning to Live After Alienation and Court Assisted Murder; Hosts: Brian Lee, Steven Ball, April McCracken, and Angela May
    Join RFIR, Sunday, May 21st, from 9-11 p.m. EST., 8-10 p.m. CST., 7-9 p.m. MST., 6-8 p.m. PST for Episode 64: Learning to Live After Alienation and Court Assisted Murder.  Please join us as we interview Zachariah Hoffer of Norfolk, Virginia.  Zach is a father of three girls, ages 20, 16, and 14.  His ongoing obstacles in life are surrounded by 3 custody ordeals, involving 50/50 custodial parenting times, ultimately being minimized as a visitor or even a non-parent altogether.  His biggest struggle since 2006 has been Court assisted Parental Alienation leading to child murder, court incompetence, hearsay in court, underhanded illegal adoption with poor adoption guids elines, poor probationary guidelines for offenders, and the heartbreak of losing a child he dearly loves to this very day.  Zach is fighting to establish legal accountability for Guardian Ad Litems, Judges, Probation Officers, and the mother of his child.  His goal is to operate to educate Family Courts and others to learn more about how they can better prepare themselves to fight equitably for the rights of the children.  His current mission is to fight to revoke an adoption of his daughter by the alleged murderer, citing they never had a legal right to adopt his daughter at all, under the provisions of the laws where a fit parent must be determined first.  Zach is currently assisting his other two alienated daughters in receiving psychiatric help who have also been impacted by this same tragedy.  

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    May 20-21: Trump's Flipping Strategy & Worldwide Computer Hacks

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    Guests: John LeBoujtillier; Tom Kemp; Alicia Powe and Greg Corombos

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    Life After CPS with Raquel Okyay & Rudy Orr

    in News

    Join Hosts Raquel Okyay and Rudy Orr LIVE for a Special Episode of "Life After CPS", a production of News Without Filters and The Freedom For All Network.
    Is your family trying to recover from a harrowing experience with CPS? This show is for YOU.
    Has your child gone through the foster care system, and has returned home broken? This show is for YOU.
    Has your family life been destroyed at the hands of CPS? This show is for YOU.
    We want to hear from you!! Call In and Be Heard!!

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    The Sonny Thomas Show

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    On @SonnyThomasShow 2.25.16: VSG - NSM Cmdr Jeff Schoep 8-10P EST @ResolutionRDO @NSM88 #whitelivesmatter #NSM#NationalSocialistMovement
    www.SonnyThomas.com  @SonnyThomasShow
    Updates on current events
    Visit our other sites in the Sonny Thomas rhelm:
    www.SpringboroTeaParty.com  @SpringboroTea
    www.TheHMD.com  @TheHMD
    www.CofCCOhio.org  @CofCCOhio

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    Old Time Radio Classics MYSTERY THEATER from the 1946 CBS Mystery Theater

    in History

    On this episode: CBS Mystery Theater~ TWO CLASSIC OLD TIME RADIO SHOWS FROM THE 1940's !!!!!
    Old time radio often called "otr" refers to radio shows from the early days of radio broadcasting. The term usually applies to dramas, comedies, mystery shows, westerns and variety shows that were acted out by professional actors and sent out over the airwaves. In the golden age of radio families would sit around their radio listening to the exciting shows the way we sit around our television sets watching them today.
    OTR fans used to be those people who grew up in the 1930's, 40's and 50's but thanks to the internet a whole new generation is falling in love with OTR! Yes, young and old alike love to listen to the radio shows of yesteryear. You are never too young to appreciate the talented actors and actresses from the golden age of radio. Old time radio cd's and old time radio dvd's as well as downloads have brought those classic programs into the high tech era.
    Our series of classic radio shows from The Golden Age Of Radio.

    Syndicated Live from Chicago, Joshua-Paul, the best man to hit the airwaves since Howard Stern. Simultaneously broadcast in many shapes and forms, iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, Blackberry, Android and any Affiliates. You are listening to completely inappropriate content for your listening pleasure. Be prepared to laugh, get serious and maybe even learn something.

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    Dean Creative – Marketing Communications

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Peggy and Brian Dean from Dean Creative Marketing Communications.
    Dean Creative is a small branding and marketing communications agency located in Redondo Beach. The company delivers a range of creative services—from writing and design to websites and video. The owners have extensive brand-building expertise. Brian Dean is a veteran creative director who has worked for many top ad agencies and Peggy Dean is an experienced writer and editor with a proven track record of creating smart and effective communications. Along with their talented creative partners, Dean Creative can help businesses revitalize their brand, streamline communications, and grow your business. Their industry experience spans health care, high tech, financial, e-commerce, startups and consumer products, as well as entertainment and the arts.
    This morning, we’re going to learn about the services Dean Creative offers and how your business can benefit from their top-notch creative services.
    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit
    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry visit
    On Facebook at ...
    Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, The South Bay Show, California

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    "Get Out" . .. A true story about Black Organ Harvesting.

    in News

    Usually when most Black People go to see a Motion Picture Film full of Subliminal Messages the first that comes out of their fool mouths is: "Aww that just Hollywood." They are are so blind and far from the truth that they cant even see when a visual message is being sent through Movies, TV and Cinema.When White People and Jews show us the destruction they are about to bring upon us they have already done and are working on something else so when their destruction comes our way and we say: "Well nobody warned us". The Whiteman will say: "We've been warning you people for decades through the Media, Movies and Television but you wrote it off as entertainment. Now take for example the latest movie entitled: "Get Out" full of subliminal messages starring Daniel Kaluuya and Comedian Lil Rel is a blatant example of Black Organ Harvesting. There is no coincedence that each years hundreds maybe thousands of young black people are reported missing only to be found murdered or not found at all to the present day. There is no coincidence our Medical, School and Police Records are suddenly coming up missing. There is certainly no coincidence concerning the murder rates amongst young black people in cities like Atlanta, New Orleans, Detroit, Fuergeson and Chicago dubbed Chiraq for the most murders in a single year than the entire Iraq War are disproportionately, out of control. Young blacks are encouraged to destroy one another through Gangsta Rap, World Star or shot by Police the Parents cant afford a private Autopsy done on their deceased not knowing that their whole internal organs may have been stolen and their bodies stuffed with newspaper as in the cases of Kendrick Johnson, Ryan Singleton, Vance Anderson and Henritta Lacks who was robbed of her Stem Cells. White Folks are genetically inferior to us and are dying off and our organs are their fountains of youth. BEWARE!!!