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    December 26,1956, during the last day of the Montgomery CityBus Boycott,I died—murdered actually.The last thing I am able to remember about the night I was murdered was running. Running. No shoes. But I was running; through the woods. I could feel the twigs breaking under my bare feet, I could feel the blood running down my chest as I press my hood against my sliced throat as hard as I could. I have to get there. I have to. I feel my feet bleeding. My mind fixed on running.Run, Henry. Don’t stop running. The coupled voices of the mob faded more and more the harder I forced my legs to run. Until the voices were no more.My vision blurred by the blood running down from my head. “Guide me,God,”I pray.“For I am blind,”God.I could hear the spirit of God command me. “Run, Henry. Don’t stop. Run. You’re going to make it, Henry. You’re going to make it.”Then I see it.The light. I made it! I slowed down. I feel the overwhelming sensation of relief as I slowed down. I could feel my feet become as cement blocks. I could feel my legs become as jelly. Unable to lift my feet anymore, I stumbled slowly in front of the light.I spread my arms wide and high and fell to my knees. I remember thinking, I am

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    Lawless Radio: LSO! Treats Show – “I AM A SURVIVOR!!”

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    What alerted you to check or was it detected in your annual mammo? When did you find out that you had breast cancer? At what stage was your cancer detected? What was your initial response? When found out, did you become proactive or reactive? What were your first steps? What are the treatments for breast cancer? Have you gone through any of these treatments? What are some of the warning signs? What did your doctor tell you your options were? Do you believe in God? If so, what part did your faith play in making your decisions moving forward? Did/do you have a good support team? How does this help? Did the cancer spread to any other parts of your body? Are you regularly screened for reoccurrence of cancer? If so, how often? Are you on any medicines currently? What is your take, if any, on holistic treatment, medicines, etc.? Is there a family background of any form of cancer? If not too personal. What are some myths surrounding breast cancer? What have you change in your life? What advice would you share with others? Join the conversation by calling at 646.478.5209 at 8pm EST. 
    Cancer is a serious disease that does not discriminate and all should be screened to rule out your possibilities. 
    Yours in sweetness…
    Order LSO! merchandise at and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at LSOTreats
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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with David Garfield!

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    Fellow Libra David Garfield (9/27/56) joins us on Tuesday, 10/13/2020.Should you expect celebration? Honey - just WAIT :)
    Where to begin with this description of David...Chicago born, this award-winning, highly acclaimed keyboardist, songwriter, producer and arranger is actually MORE than that. He's a record label owner (his nickname: Creatchy) - he's also a session and touring musician, a musical director, and a visionary that has composed commissioned themes for global organization. OH - and he has given us Film, TV, and commercial work. 
    Our guest has recorded or performed with stars that are recognized by only ONE name. Smokey, Cher, Boz, Oleta, Natalie. He has written songs with Smokey Robinson, worked closely with George Benson, collaborated with Steve Lukather for their project, Los Lobotomys - and birthed a tribute album to the late Jeff Porcaro some years ago. Toto and David have had a relationship for a long time.
    The same can be said for many artists in the business when discussing this consummate Music Man. And David is not only known in the states - he has name recognition in Japan and elsewhere around the world where his Midas Touch has enhanced "musicality." The late Freddie Hubbard and Natalie Cole knew. So do many stunningly talented artists still with us that it's difficult to mention ALL of them here. David Garfield's resume is simply to large to list.
    The reason for his visit, primarily: Like his previous efforts, "Jazz Outside the Box" and "Jammin' Outside the Box", "Holidays Outside the Box" is going to WOW you. Brilliant music people gathered for the occasion. As well, David has a song that he wants us to hear. A new take on Joe Sample's "Rainbow Seeker" with the late Chuck Loeb. He will also have some thoughts on the passing of Eddie Van Halen - who he knew. 
    Please join us for my Birthday Show: 10/13!

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    When Black Men Talk featuring Mark Elliott

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    When Black Men Talk featuring Mark Elliott

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    93.(Point)Tweed Fm...After 6 Lounge Mix

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    SunSound Concerts & Tours...OG Muzik Group c/o G-Lew...Stacy Adams BTP Media c/o Jeff Kwan
    Present.. The After 6 Lounge Mix...On Behalf of in The Memory Of Bootz Rothchylde..Classic Soul/R&b Music to The 3rd Power..Spectacular Low-Rider Oldies..For Show Requests email  For News,Updates,Music,Pics,Merchandise,Videos,Apparel etc  

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    Timmons Brothers A Look Back at the First Album They Purchased

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    We take different trails to discovering music from multiple sources, which includes TV shows, movies, and radio. However, for many it is a purchase of a hit single in various formats (45 RPM record/ cassette single, CD single), which is true for the Timmons Brothers only to be overridden by the purchase of a record album as young lads in the summer of 1966. As a testament to the number of times they listened to this album, the diameter of the center hole of the 33and1/3 LP would expand in size as it rotated around the spindle to the point the album had to be retired from play. Although this album is personally held in high esteem by the Timmons Brothers, its influential credibility has been enhanced over the years by having the likes of David Bowie and The Who cover a song from the album and being included in such publications as 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die and Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time thanks to a hit song ranked number 400. The record label also recognized this album’s special place upon its release in 1966 when the liner notes on the back cover included the statement, “It may be presumptuous to say that this album is ‘American Rubber Soul,’ but then again, it may not.” Join the Timmons Brothers as they unveil this benchmark album and analyze why it holds such a transformative place in their passion for rock ‘n’ roll history. We hope you feel the urge to let us know the hit single or album that holds a special place for you as listeners. 

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    Miss Chocolate Show

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    Breaking Hot Talent Worldwide And Business. Playing Great Music In Your Ears. 

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    New Music br Brianna Coble

    in Indie Music

    You heard Float here is Brianna's latest song. Enjoy!

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    Stay tuned! For We bring New Hip-hop & R&B music, From indie to Major! From the comfert's of Your Home. we Bring new upcoming Talent and sign artist's, with Great music & Vibe's. i don't just interview, i let the Artist's express them selve's of speaking they mind's and talking of more on what's going on today. Best of the Best Show is here , too help rise up heard and un-heard Artists's all across the Nation. on Faith Power Radio. if you have music and need promotion, please submit music to blog promotion / Radio play's include's one month promo., fee's is only $15.

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    Poetic Talk Tuesday's

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    We’re in a world where men are taught to be everything but human. Survivalist who experience hurt but dare not express pain because then you’re violent or too emotional. Survivalist who experience loss but, dare not shed tears because their told to continue taking care of business. Life must go on, right? Survivalist, who experience rejection but dare not experience self-esteem issues because everyone does not have to like you. Get over it already! The problem with these situations is that these have effects on men and it’s time to stop pretending that it does not. Yes, they are strong but their hearts pumps blood too which makes them human. Let’s stop dehumanizing our men and let them feel because not expressing themselves affects their ability to parent, maintain healthy relationships, and exhibit self-control. Men understand that I hear you and you can always feel safe to express yourself on Poetic Talk Tuesday’s #ptt.

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    Monday Madness

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    Sex is the best medicine