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    Pride and Ownership: Fire Service Traditions, Part 2

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    Host Rick Lasky continues his discussion on fire service history with Professor Glenn Corbett of John Jay College, where they delve into the history of the term "runs" in the fire service, leather fire helmets, the flamboyance of the early fire service, and other topics. (Replay of a show from December 2007)

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    Reduce Risks and Increase Revenues by Building Platforms

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    Ross O. Youngs, Founder & CEO, BioSortia – Ross Youngs is the person behind the US Department of Energy R&D project that led to the development of Biosortia’s drug discovery platform.  The platform can identify useful drug-like chemicals from microorganisms in water continuously.  It is a way to continuously assay different microorganisms and keep finding more and more chemicals every day that could potentially be used in commercial medicine.  Ross has a view that companies should be built around platforms, reducing corporate risk while providing multiple potential sources of future revenues.
    Ross Youngs does something regularly that many of us would like to do – develop a company around a platform that can spawn multiple products (and revenue streams) rather than around a single product, a risky strategy.  He believes that multiple niches or multiple opportunities in a single niche are better than having one product in one niche.  This reduces corporate risks and increases revenue potential - if one idea fails, another could take off; if one revenue stream performs poorly, another could perform spectacularly.  Here are some of Ross Youngs’ companies that embrace the platform concept:www.univenture.com; www.envypak.com; and www.biosortia.com. You can learn more about Biosortia at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JeleNRtEJ4. 

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    The Power of Balance--Top Q & A from Managers

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    First--thanks for all the feedback and questions you have sent us concerning your role within your company. As executive coaches we know there will be a mulitude of roadblocks, issues and things to address in any given day in your role as a manager of others. In this show we will discuss some of the top questions we get from managers, in all types of industries, because at the end of the day these "things" are common amongst us all.
    Join Certified Life and Executive Coach Beth Brownlee, Certified Executive and Fitness Coach Russ Tripp and Certified Executive Coach Debbie Fain Wednesday, May 24th (US), at 11:30am ET on The Power of Balance Radio when they discuss Q & A from Managers! Feel free to call into the show at (657) 383-0683 and join in the discussion or stream live via the internet. If you have any questions you would liked answered on air email us at info@trilogyperformanceworks.com. Blessings and they look forward to hearing from you!  

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    Episode One: Introducing the Performance I Create Podcast

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    A new era begins for the Performance I Create team!  Sarah Williams, SPHR (@thebuzzonhr) & Kyle Jones (@kylemj6977) team-up to co-host the #PICHRSHOW.
    The Performance I Create Podcast is based on the website of the same name which consists of 12 HR professionals who share their knowledge and unique experiences about work, human resources, and life. The focus is on process improvement and, well,...performance. Our podcasts will offer more insight into our thoughts, lives and methods of operation. And of course, we are going to have a great time discussing what's really important in the real world today.
    This episode features the first installment of HR Buzz Topics. Sarah and Kyle welcome Dave Ryan, Tiffany Kuehl, and Heather Kinzie to the Buzz Topics Table.  

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    How to Conduct Originator’s Coaching Sessions to Get Buy-in and Improve Sales

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    All managers know how important coaching is in improving sales production, but how to do it effectively is not well understood. This episode discusses why managers should coach but also how to conduct a meaningful coaching impact conversation; how to make the conversation a safe conversation; and  how to get the originator to “own the answer”.

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    Let's Meetup on President's Day: #bomaqtalk "The Work of a CEO"

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    Are you a leader, a powerful person, in charge, the decision maker, or a prominent public figure?
    Interested in more podcast?  Join support group and access links to past events:  https://www.meetup.com/BOMAQ-Building-Owner-Manager-Administrator-Quality-SA/events/236377855/
    Subject Matter Experts be sure to check out the slides and podcasts from previous talks. The links and content is provided on each event page past and upcoming.
    Let's Meetup during Small Business Week and #bomaqtalk the "10 Core Challenge" See the link:  https://soundcloud.com/user-191219841/bomaqtalk-10-core-challenge?in=user-191219841/sets/bomaqtalk-2017
    This session covers..
    Let's Meetup on President's Day and #bomaqtalk "The Work of a CEO"  on Blogtalkradio.  Hear an overview from an experienced entrepreneur and get a chance to introduce yourself, your business, and to ask your specific question.
    You'll get answers to questions like...
    • What does it really mean to be a CEO?
    • What does it really mean to be an Owner?
    • What does it really mean to be a Manager?
    • What does it really mean to be an Administrator?  
    You will find out about...
    • Types of Tools
    • Culture Building Techniques
    • Vision, Mission, and Direction
    • Taking Responsibility

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    The Exit Coach Radio Show

    in Management

    Bill Black interviews top Advisors 

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    Church & Business with Pastor Charles Johnson

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    Pastor Charles Johnson is acutely aware of market place ministry. For a number of years he has been in business while, at the same time, serving in ministry. The vibrant, growing church he pastors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Heart of Worship Ministries, actually began six years ago in a business that he and his wife, Renee, owned and operated. The church recently purchased their first facility and property valued at 1.7 million dollars.
    Pastor Charles believes that biblical guidelines and sound business policies actually go hand in hand. When Kingdom principles are implemented, the likelihood that a business will succeed is so much greater.
    The Johnsons have been married for almost 30 years and are the parents of three grown children. They served in full-time ministry in Memphis, Tennessee for twenty-six years before moving to Colorado Springs to begin a business which culminated in the planting of a new church.

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    Teaching Decision Making - The Responsibility Ladder - Part 5

    in Management

    Part 5 of our guidance on using The Responsibility Ladder to teach directs how to go from handling individual tasks to managing their own work independently.

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    RJ Milnor, Talent Analytics Lead, Chevron

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    Over the past 15 years, RJ Milnor has emerged as one of the most accomplished consultants and practitioners in the fields of talent planning, analytics, and reporting.  His career has taken him from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), where he contributed to and presented leading-edge research, to Citrix, Equifax, and now Chevron.  At Chevron he leads enterprise-wide talent analytics.  He consequently spends much of his time serving as a researched-based talent advisor to executives across the globe.  He's particularly involved in strategic business planning of which talent considerations (related costs, mobility, recruiting needs, etc.) play an integral part.  RJ's efforts are an outstanding example of not only getting a seat at the leadership table, but having a table they want to visit and contribute to on frequent, recurring basis.  In this session RJ and Al explore emerging opportunities for people/talent analytics and how these opportunities, if realized, will affect the employee experience as well as how leaders forecast and formulate talent-related strategies.

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    Matters of the Brain in 2013.

    in Management

    Get ready for an exciting interview with someone that really knows what is going on  -INSIDE YOUR HEAD!  
    Nancy Dranitsaris, BA, RIHR  is a Behavioural Change Consultant, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Facilitator. With a 25-year career in business and psychology, Nancy has worked with organizations nationally and internationally to increase the interpersonal effectiveness of their leaders, managers and staff, through assessment and development initiatives. Her portfolio includes coaching leaders and professionals on 6 continents, in environments where the challenges of leading and performance are often complicated by the social or political atmospheres, or by cultural differences within multinational organizations.
    Nancy has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Personality Type...is an integral part of the development team for the Striving Styles™ Personality System (SSPS™), for which she has co-authored over 100 books on Personality Type, and Practitioner Qualification Training. Beyond its co-creators, Nancy is the first fully licensed practitioner of the SSPS™, able to train and qualify other practitioners in the use of this highly-effective tool.
    ... uniquely qualified to work with leaders and teams at the emotional level .– portfolio includes Personality Type, Leadership Styles, Developing Emotional Intelligence, Effective Feedback and Non-Defensive Communication Skills, Understanding Employee Needs, Overcoming Barriers to Change, Stress Management, and Mindfulness Meditation. Nancy also facilitates Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs for individuals and organizations.