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    The Conscious Rasta Report with Keidi Awadu

    in Culture

    Our daily news, research and educational programming incorporates cutting-edge research with deep background to current news stories as well as practical insights on how to make progress a regular part of our lives.  We cover culture, history, education, economics, business development, health and disease prevention, along with a broad spectrum of other human endeavors.  Our aim is to create a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society wherein all of our children can live toward their greatest potential. 
    We are live daily on www.LIBRadio.com from 9 AM PDT / Noon EDT / 5 PM GMT / 7 PM EAT.  You can go to LIBRadio for a number of viewing and listening options.  Extensive archives of our previous broadcasts are available for instant download at www.LIBRadio.com/7MAC.  Your support is our means of keeping this valuable news research outlet functioning.  We appreciate that YOU appreciate Culturally Conscious Communications

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    Joanie Buchanan Show/Guest Jenny Buchanan Tilbury

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    Jenny Tilbury 
    Jenny B. Tilbury is a freelance writer and an artist advocate. She is a member of the Women’s National Book Association and National Writers Association. Jenny founded the non-profit Young Artists of Texas and served as President from 2005-2012. She currently resides in New Orleans, LA. “Welcome to the Garden Club” is her debut novel.

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    Creativity In Motion w/ David Allan Hurst

    in Culture

      'Creativity In Motion w/ David Allan Hurst'
    David is joined by Evan Redmond, an 18 yr. old multi media artist, working mostly in music and sound collage. He was a delegate to the DNC and has worked as a field manager on a state house campaign. Evan combines his art w/ politics and always has something to make one go, "Ahhhh"! His record label is:  commodityfetishrecords.com On FB, find him at: https://m.facebook.com/princette2016/ From Belmont, N. Carolina, he currently attends UNC Asheville.  

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    Time to release doubt, guilt, shame and worry! Why? You're worth it!

    in LGBT

    Souls who identify as asexual, bi, gay, interest, lesbian, queer or trans experience higher levels of doubt, guilt, shame and worry than most.  Why?  Simple answer? Society treats people who are different - differently.   Soul (the author of Pay Me What I'm Worth) is an out gay man with a masters in social work.  His first-hand experience of doubt, guilt, shame and worry fuels a passion to end those traits for one and all.
    In this special episode Soul shares insights on his personal journey to retire four life-draining traits all to often inspired by ignorance and fear.  Soul also reflections on a decade of feedback on his classes.  Get ready to take notes.  Bring your notes to your 30 minute in-take interview when you think you're ready to register for his next LGBTQIA focused clas series.
    Post show click to visit our site to learn more about how to:
    join a class teach a class (get paid to learn) use this class to earn additional income. Listen to Pay Radio on-demand on:
    iTunes Stitcher Overcast Music: Unity by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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    Rated LGBT Radio with Rob Watson. VIP Guest: Wendy Michaels!

    in LGBT

    Welcome to Rated LGBT Radio with Rob Watson!   Rob talks current events, happenings, fun stories and everything else having to do with LGBT issues for our community. Tonight, Rob's welcoming back to the show Wendy Michaels.  Wendy is an actor who's been on the show before to talk about her AWARD WINNING WEB SERIES, "My Sister Is So Gay."  Wendy is also a writer, producer and is currently raising awareness and funds for her new semi-autobiographica play "GOD and SEX" set to debut in 2017 in Santa Monica, CA.   Wendy will dish all the dirt and share her passion for this live theater project!   Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question and join the conversation!  

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    Cause You Gotta Have Faith; Joanie Accolla on Faith as a State of Being

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    Maia Aziz, Social Worker (PSW) and Certified Humor Professional (CHP) writes and speaks on living a life of love and laughter.  Assistant Administrative Chief of Allied Health Services at the Montreal Children's Hospital, contributing writer to The Positive Psychology People and active member of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Maia spends her Sunday mornings sharing 3 of her favorite things with someone who is out there pushing the positive- a fresh cup of coffee, a heartfelt conversation and some spontaneous laughter. These are conversations about love, laughter, leadership and well, life! 
    Joan Accolla is a living example of what can happen when creativity meets empathy.  Joan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a major in Interior Design from New York Institute of Technology and an Associate Degree in Exhibition Design from Fashion Institute of Technology. She has recently been certified as a Laughter Leader (CLL) through Steve Wilson's World Laughter Tour and currently teaches design at New York Institute of Technology.
    After twenty years of experience in brand identity, both inside a house or inside the body, Joan founded Growing into Health, a creative business and brand marketing organization that helps clients build healthy and meaningful connections between themselves and their environment. 
    Most recently, Joan is the Co-Founder and creative director for Healing Headbands Project, a non-profit organization that inspires others to develop a healing mindset by integrating laughter with art.

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    Ladies 1st Radio Featuring Chicks That Pitch Owner Ericka Mauldin

    in Culture

    Hosted By Danielle "Danaya Azure" Carroll
    Guest Ericka Mauldin
    Ericka L. Mauldin, MBA has provided services for major network television networks and companies including Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Food Network, FOX, Smart Dog Media, Valencia Productions, Mystic Art Pictures, 51 Minds and more, for nearly 20 years. While raising her 4 children, Ericka earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Cincinnati and Masters of Business Administration Degree from Xavier University, Cincinnati and began to pave way in the arts and entertainment industry acquiring a wealth of technical and development experience, which encouraged her in 2003 to start her own company, EDIT TALENT GROUP. EDIT TALENT GROUP is a media production-staffing agency which serves the television, film and video production industry by professionally matchmaking, Non Union and Union, Professional Independent Contractors with major television networks and productions in the Midwest. Most recent Ericka started a second company Chicks That Pitch, which provides television distribution options for original content worldwide. Ericka has lived her life focused and passionate about providing quality, creative and innovative servicing for the television industry but also takes in to consideration what she can do for her communities. Ericka and her team are currently developing THE VISION PROJECT, a non-profit organization which will improve the welfare of our communities by offering mentorship, training and development of the youth in the area of media.

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    How to Spot a Liar

    in Romance

    I've learned two things as of late: 1) the world is filed with liars.  2) Women lie just as much as men.
    The only thing that's worse than a liar is a thief.  Lying is normally something done as a defense mechnanism, but some people do it just to impress others.  I can't name the number of times I've heard someone lie unnecessarily just to look good in front of someone.
    Tonight, I'll bounce some questions off of my Show Legends to get their opinions on liars and how to deal with them.  That along with Zone Coverage and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.  "No experts.  Just opinions."
    Show No. 529
    Scheduled for 90-120 mins.

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    OFFICE 323-9577322

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    Avoid Holiday Ad Scams … Taking Personal Responsibility … on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Savvy marketing can make YOU buy things you don’t need! In time for the holidays, consumer fraud advocate Claudia Newcorn will reveal 3 ways you can avoid Holiday Special Hot Buttons – and 5 advertising red flags that signal you’re being ripped off. Claudia is an award-winning marketing expert with 30+ years of experience with some of the world’s largest companies. She is the author of Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits. ZiplineToSuccess.com
    Many people point fingers, blame and accuse others for their personal problems and for the challenges in the world today. Peter Hobler, author of COURAGE to Find The Fire Within, believes personal responsibility is nearly dead but we can still bring it back. He created The 7 Principles of Courage. Peter will discuss: *** Is Personal Responsibility dead? *** How Gratitude can help can you shift your perspective and change your life *** Most of us know what we do NOT want. How can you gain clarity for what you DO want? www.committocourage.com

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