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    How to Improve Your Memory and Read Faster with Jim Kwik

    in Health

    Evelyne Lambrecht interviews memory and learning expert Jim Kwik, founder of Kwik Learning. He has worked with top CEOs and executives at Nike, Zappos, Harvard, Fox Studios and more. He's the go-to brain training expert for some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and celebrities. 
    During this show, we talk about the 10 most powerful brain training secrets that can help you learn anything 2-3 times faster, 10 keys to make your mind sharper, more productive, and more focused, secrets to remembering names, and little known reading tips to boost reading speed and focus by 25-50%! 
    Grab Jim's free video course in which he shares the same secrets and techniques he uses with his high-paying clients to help them take their mental performance to the next level.
    Click here to access Jim's videos: http://www.elevateyourenergy.com/brain/

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    Orgasms Galore! The different types of the BIG O...are you having them?

    in Sexuality

    Hey darlings! Join me, Monica Lee, as I sit on the Front Porch and talk some real talk about orgasms! Are you having them? Do you know what they are? So many people walk around without ever knowing what that amazing feeling it of true orgasmic bliss is...awakened kundalini energy! Whether you are a male or a female you want to tune in tonight and check out what you may have been missing out on all this time. So tell ya mama, ya daddy, ya grandma, ya grandpa, grab ya dog.....a nice cold beverage and a chair so you can sit a spell with us and talk it up about those Big O's! Phone lines will be open for questions and advice! And remember....around here....it ain't....ya...mama's talk...all my love...see you on The Front Porch...Monica Lee xoxo  

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    New You in the New Year 2014 Livestream Event

    in Health

    Setting an intention for 2014 How to create a “dream vision” to hold in your mind Actionable tips for making 2014 the best year of your life

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    Dr Carri, Entrepreneurial Fatigue

    in Health

    Guest: The Functional Medicine Doc, Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND
    Host: Erin Chamerlik, MS, MT(ASCP), GetBetterWellness.com
    Topic: Entrepreneurial Fatigue, How to Fuel Your Brain & Body for Entrepreneurial Success
    What is the difference between physical fatigue and mental fatigue? How can entrepreneurial fatigue affect our businesses? How can we keep the brain healthy? Functional Medicine Ontario
    Dr. Carri Drzyzga, DC, ND 
    2543 St. Joseph Blvd.
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1C 1G2 

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    Have you heard of Whole30?

    in Health

    This popular elimination diet is all over the news and we're bringing it to Core Wellness starting in January.  Hear from Dr. E about why this might make sense for you and what's involved.  Currently not taking calls - listen only mode

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    Our past human evolution shows what our health should be, not manmade food

    in Health

    Doing what you can to stay healthy, or to get healthy, just makes good sense.
    To help people live healthier lives is our goal in life and is the basis of each consultation we provide to our clients, at our Aging Younger Clinic, here in Lauderhill Florida.
    But we can connect with anyone in the world over the phone and the mail can provide the things which might develop from our consultation with the clients.
    We believe it is necessary to be active and responsible to our clients, to help them discover the root cause of their issues. Tune in at 7PM for the rest of the Story.

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    Capturing the Corners With Leah Amberly Barker

    in Health

    Leah Amberly Barker describes herself as "a 24-year-old who’s still in college, a poet, an author, a spoken word artist, avid nail-biter, lover to the ocean in a fiery affair with the stars, a C- student, hoarder of antiques, seeker of soul mates, advocate for Huntington’s Disease, a definite dog person, Pepsi-over-Coke, sleep talking, manic, prideful little girl who has just about every mental illness in the books.Oh, and #HuntingtonsDisease." Tune in Wednesday, Jan. 11, at 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Central to hear this amazing young woman talk about her journey with Huntington's disease and her wonderful, honest, heartfelt, touching, inspirational blog, "Capturing the Corners."

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    Doug Stephan's Good Day Health Podcast

    in Health

    Good Day Health with Dr. Ken Kronhaus is a two hour radio broadcast featuring phone calls woven into a discussion of the latest innovative and pioneering medical research.

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    #xMed 2016: Meet Brendan Byrne MD @TelusHealth

    in Health

    #xMed 2016: Meet 
    The 2016 gathering of the global community congealing under the banner of Exponential Medicine and curated by the digital health evangelist Daniel Kraft, MD convened at the Hotel Del Coronado for it's 6th conference.
    In this session Health Innovation Media co-host Nick Adkins debriefs with Brendan Byrne MD, Chief Innovation Officer, Telus Health
    Segment filmed and produced for Health Innovation Media by Gregg Masters, MPH.

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    This Week's Guest is Cancer Survivor Ann Fonfa

    in Health

    Long time cancer survivor, Ann Fonfa, President of the Annie Appleseed Project, joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  Ann will talk about her healing journey and will share how you can eliminate cancer naturally.  She will also talk about her upcoming conferences in the United States and Australia.  If you are treating cancer or know someone with cancer, this will be an informative and valuable interview to listen to.
    During the first half hour, Tony will introduce additions to our website and talk about the health topic of his choice.
    And during the second half hour, Luella will address the ADD.ADHD epidemic.

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    Freedom Friday #6 Getting back off of sugar after a slip.

    in Weight Loss

    Even with everything I know about staying off of sugar and grains, sometimes I lose my mind and go down the sugar hole.  The path to sugar is usually paved with hunger or stress.  Thankfully, I have utritional straegies to share with you for getting back off of suagr, and easing any guilt you may have.
    We must learn to manage our thinking in order to prevent overeating in the first place.  I will share my best strategies today.  Then I will give you the exact emergency menus I use to get "clean" again.
    All of the food lists, eating strategies, and many recipes can be found in the Sugar Freedom progam available here: www.sugarfreedom.com.

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