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    "The Narcissistic Parent: How You Can Survive"

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    Have you ever lived with a self absorbed person, or someone who feels like life is all about them?  You might be describing someone who is narcissistic and if you grew up with a parent like this, then you know how hard life can be.  Special guest Tina Fuller, author of 'It's My Turn" will be the featured guest on the show to answer your questions, and give you tips on how to live life with a narcissistic person.  You don't want to miss this show so tune in and call in at (347)838-9737.

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    What Does It Mean To Be a Mother?

    in Parents

    In observance of Mother's Day we will talk about what it means to be a mother, including how this meaning is changing over time, or is it really? Dr. Annie Abram will be interviewed by Rondi Charleston.  Dr. Abram is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, and holds a PhD in clinical social work. Her practice is in Norwalk, CT.
    Rondi Charleston, a Juilliard graduate, is an award winning jazz singer/lyricist/composer whose work has appeared in film, TV and on stage throughout the U.S. and Europe.
    Her most recent album, Signs of Life, climbed the Jazz Week charts for ten consecutive weeks and has critics raving; Jazz Times proclaims: “she is a songwriter whose poetic, narrative, and compositional skills are comparable to such modern masters as Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon.” Touring in support of Signs of Life, Rondi and her all-star band have given sold out performances from coast to coast – from Yoshi’s in San Francisco, to Mayne Stage in Chicago, to Joe’s Pub in New York. Along the way, Rondi has appeared as a featured guest on such prestigious television – PBS Chicago Tonight, Entertainment Tonight, and ABC Windy City Live. Prior to her jazz career Rondi worked at ABC News as a journalist. She received an Emmy and Peabody Award as a television journalist and investigative reporter for Primetime Live.

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    Birth Stories: Birth as the Power to Heal

    in Family

    In this podcast, a mother describes her first birth at a hospital in New Zealand, followed by her second birth nearly 10 years later at the Bumi Sehat Clinic in Bali, Indonesia with midwife Ibu Robin Lim.
    In this story we learn that when a woman gives birth in an atmosphere where she feels loved and supported, birth can be, not just a beautiful and magical event, but that it also has the power to heal.

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    11 - Hidden Figures

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    Duplo rockets, science, math and history bubble to the surface as Darren shares with Lizzy the story of Hidden Figures. 
    Goodnight Moon are the nights I share with my daughter my sheer awe of the cosmos and pride in our space program. In this mini podcast I teach Elizabeth space exploration, astronomy, and history. To ignite the spark of curiosity and cause her skyward gaze to be filled with wonder.
    If you would like to donate and help purchase books, videos, and field trips to better communicate the wonders of space and science to Lizzy, please click the "Donate" button on our show notes page. My hope is that Goodnight Moon will be something that can be shared with your own children and lead to many great discussions about space and exploration.
    Music - Gravity Waves

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    Episode 36: "What's Current?" Taking It To The Bank w/ Young Pharaoh

    in Friends

    Mikyia Mo (Greetings);
    Radio Show
    Saturdays at 11am EST.
    Hosted by Dre aka Nefer Kwi
    Co-Host Sistar Ellen P aka Queen Mother Akua
    Guest Call-in (602) 753-1598
    "Astronomical Kalendar" (Aquarius) / Hapi / Ma'at / Shu / Nebt Het / Oya - 16 Feb - 11 March ( 24-25 days of influence)
    Ntchr HAPY - The Ntchr Hapy or Hapi had the head of a Baboon and represented the direction of the East. He protected and guarded the body organs of the lungs and heart. Hapy's color is blue, and his female guardian is Ntchrt Nebt Het. The element for Hapy is the Air which represents characteristics of the intellect, activism, and being outgoing.
    Pharaoh Allah 
    Age 22 
    Born & raised in Buffalo NY
    SOS.. Mission & Vision 
    SOS which is the acronym for Saving Our Selves. It was birthed and invisioned by Pharaoh Allah with the soul intent of assisting all divine beings to obtain knowledge of self & promote self liberation. Because of his genuine love for the people especially the black women (God) this profound movement was created, which seeks to rebuild our communities as a unified body. We seek to build Day Care's & Schools in every state, to educate our babies as well as our youth in our rich royal history, as well as teach them the importance of the black family and our Ancient spiritual practices fused with our present day. To teach the importance of consuming foods that the earth naturally produces to promote a long and heath heathly life.. To build up black business in all areas of need, and to establish health care & security for our people.
    SOS Have a Hoodie & T Shirt line that we sale to assist us financially in reaching our goals. Other items coming soon.
    Meda Ase !  

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    Unto You, Vocal Graffiti is Born!

    in Friends

    On today’s show, Angie K. Millgate and Jayme Lynn Giordano, co-hosts of Vocal Graffiti, will be offering a glimpse into their magnificent minds and magical personalities. They will be discussing why they have been called to this platform to share their wit, wisdom, and comedic approach to all things metaphysical and spiritual. Join them today, to be introduced to their wild natures and passionate voices. Let the crazy brouhaha commence!
    We are creatively activating REVELutionaries and transforming the world with MAGICK.
    Music courtesy of fesliyanstudios.com

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    Reconciling the Heroes - restoring, repairing and redeeming fatherhood

    in Dads and Family

    Many fathers are estranged from their families. Many dads are estranged in their families. The lie is the perpetual dishonor, mockery, villainization and unwarranted punishment...
    Join us Tuesday March 21st at 6pm as we discuss and encourage dads to wisely stand together to empower our families and community

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    Vocational programming vs College Prep

    in Family

    Is there a better option for youth of color

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    The Orange Rhino Challenge | MomCave LIVE | Ep 18 | Stop Yellling

    in Moms and Family

    Shelia McCraith, The Orange Rhino challenged herself to go 365 days without yelling at her kids... and succeeded! Check her out:http://theorangerhino.com/ Win a copy of her brand-new book by commenting on this video!  

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    What're You Cookin' for Dinner: Real Talk about Real Meals

    in Moms and Family

    Ever get tired of eating the same ole thing for dinner week after week? Cora Crocker-Evans, health activitst and nutrition teacher from Mobile, AL could change all that! She's got the answers for families who want practicle advice for healthy meal planning and prep.
    While juggling hectic schedules may be the norm, unhealthy food choices don't have to be. Learn how to shop, where to shop and the best way to perk up your menu with a few simple techniques. And what about organic foods? Are they always better for you compared to traditionally grown items?
    Get the answers to that and more when Cora shares her skills with your hosts, Denise Davis-Maye and Tonya Scott-Williams on The Mommy Chronicles, Friday at 10:00 a.m. CST.