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    Deadbeat Moms

    in Moms and Family

    Tonight we switch the tone a little and discuss Deadbeat MOMS! Ha, bet you didn't see that one coming, did you? Typically when you hear the term 'Deadbeat', it's referred to a father who doesn't handle his parental responsibilities. Well there's a flipside to that and that's what we're here to discuss. DEADBEAT MOMS! It's treated as a myth but this issue is very real and is happening way more than you think.
    Not every mom is that tender, love and caring Super Mom like so many of the good mothers out there are. Some are horrible mothers and it's time they get called out on it! We must eliminate the double standard created by mostly media where a picture is painted that men (typically black men) are always the ones who are lacking in parenting.
    What about the mom that left her child on someone's doorstep and left? How about the mom who leaves her children with the grandparents so she can play the club all weekend and spends no real quality time with the kids? How about the mothers who have their children looking dingy with raggedy clothes, worn down shoes and nappy heads while they are out having ladies night 2-3 times a week looking like video vixen: hair done, manicure, pedicure, the whole 9? What about the mothers who smoke cigarettes, weed, drink and pop pills in front of the kids (some even let the kids hit the blunt or hit the bottle). Then there are the mothers who surrender their parental duties to go run the streets or chase behind some guy like a teenaged girl.
    The list goes on and on and just like we covered Deadbeat Dads, it's time to discuss Deadbeat Moms. We can assure you, no punches will be held tonight. It's time to start airing out these horrendous mothers as they are a disgrace to all the Super Moms who do everything they can to give their children the best care possible.
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    Aqua Alex's Dream and Favorite Fish Plus Huge Fish Room Update

    in Pets

    On this special episode of the Aquatic Wetline on this Sunday evening, I am LIVE from my fish room sitting next to my fish tanks relaxing and I have some awesome topics in store for all of you my great fish keeping listeners!! I decided to have a fun fish keeping show today and talk about something that I am interested in and something I would have fun in talking about and hopefully you will have fun listening too. I am going to talk about some of my all time favorite fish species, I will discuss my dream fish that I have yet to own, and I will share my huge fish room plans for the Spring of 2017. This should be a very interesting show and I hope you enjoy it.
    ~ A Discussion on my Dream Fish
    What are some of the dream fish I have yet to keep or keep successfully? Plus some information on them.
    ~ A Discussion on my Favorite Fish
    I will discuss my all time favorite fish!
    ~ My 2017 Spring Fish Room Plans
    Hear what I have in store for this year and why I am so excited.
    Don't forget to email aquaticwetline@outlook.com.... in email give name, fish you keep, favorite fish, and your career...... if you are one of the first 6  you will be on the first episode of Aquatic Wetline Aquatic Triva Game.
    Check us out on:
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    Tropical Fish Keepers of Aquatic Wetline: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1799029303670180/
    A.C.TropicalFish1993 on Youtube
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    "More things you can do at home to help your child with dyslexia

    in Parents

    "More things you can do at home to help your child with  dyslexia."  
    In a previous interview with Susan Barton we talked about different strategies to help dyslexic children at home.  Today's interview will build upon what we discussed  previously to  offer you specific strategies and tidbits.
    Susan Barton:
    An Internationally Recognized Expert in Dyslexia
    Ms. Barton is a frequent and popular speaker at conferences focusing on Dyslexia, Reading Instruction, Early Intervention and RTI, and Adult Literacy issues. Susan is also an instructor of Phonemic Awareness and Multisensory Teaching Techniques through the University of California, of Learning Disabilities at West Valley College, and of the graduate-level courses Screening for Dyslexia, Tutoring People with Dyslexia, and Understanding Dyslexia and ADHD through the University of San Diego.
    In the past few years, Susan has presented at these conferences: the American Speech Hearing Association’s national conference, the Learning Disabilities national conference, the Canadian Dyslexia Association, the Oregon branch of the International Dyslexia Association, California Literacy, many regional and statewide conferences of the International Reading Association, many regional and statewide conferences for the Association for Christian Schools International, the California and Arizona Charter Schools conferences, the California Association of School Psychologists, the California Kindergarten conference, and the Early Childhood Educators conference, to name just a few.

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    #08 - "How To Stay Married” with guest Dani Klein Modisett

    in Family

    Meredith and April have both been married for ten years. In Los Angeles, that’s a lifetime. But as any married person knows, marriage isn’t easy. More accurately, staying married isn’t easy. So this week author and comedienne Dani Klein Modisett, author of “Take My Spouse Please” in which she applies the rules of comedy to marriage, stops by. The conversation is equally honest and hilarious with tips every couple can use to laugh more in their marriage. Sit back and listen up. You may even wanna invite your spouse to listen to this episode of Meltdown Moms presented by Meltdown Comics!
    Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein.
    Engineered by Mason Booker
    Theme music by Brian Bulman
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    Who Owns Who?

    in Pets

    How do our animals perceive ownership? Do they feel owned by us? Or do they own us? After all we go to work to feed them and house them, so who really owns who?
    Join Charlie and Suzy for the exploration of an animal’s perspective on ownership. What makes an animal choose you? How do animals see us? And do they define ownership in the same way we do? What is living together from their point of view?
    Charlie has a unique way of seeing the world and so we are all curious to what he will say to all these questions!

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    Episode 17 - Hjemme fra hamm turen!

    in Pets

    Johan og Kasper snakker lidt om hvad der kom med hjem fra hamm turen, de får også kommet igennem lidt mere seriøse emner og nogle anbefalinger til dokumetare man bare skal se, hvis man er pjattet med det der dyr og natur! 

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    Pam and Anne discuss Connection and Perfection

    in Family

    Indiana Adoptee Network News
    Come Join Host Pam Kroskie and Anne Heffron
    Pam and Anne in the start of series and discuss how it feels to try to connect an to be perfect in adotee's lives. As adoptees who try to be the 'good' adoptee we are always striving to meet the high expectations of the people around -not to mention the expectations we put on ourselves. What types of connections and perfections do you try to achieve and where in your life do you try to achieve them- your job- your family- your friend? 

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    Foster Talk with Dr. Johh

    in Family

    America's Foster Care Radio show. Don't miss this week's episode with the foster care news of the week, the NFPA News and Notes, the foster care question of the week, and special guest Penelope Webster of Foster2Forever.

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    Fighting B.A.C.K. with Sandra Grazzini-Rucki

    in Family

    You have seen her in the news articles and on 20/20 now tune in to hear Sandra as Host of this show as she discusses the Jamie Leigh Cramer case with one of her friends.
    They will tell you about her nightmare and experience in Family Court as she fights back for what is hers and why she chose to go on the run.
    Tune in by clicking on the link or call in 516 387 1481
    Thursday March 16th 9-11 p.m. E.S.T.

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    Bringing Sasobek Back, Matt Baronak on where he's been and where he's heading

    in Pets

    We'll be talking about the past, present and future of Sasobek Reptiles with Matt Baronak. He's pioneered many cool leopard gecko morphs, as well as refined others all while posting a lot of his work on social media. He's amassed a huge social media following with his YouTube videos and Sasobek Reptiles Facebook page, hear the ups and downs of his journey

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    Episode 1 w/ Kira Soltanovich

    in Dads and Family

    Justin talks with Comedian Kira Soltanovich about old school parenting, Kids Drinking Hand Sanitizer, and Alicia Silverstone feeding her kid through her mouth.