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    A Passion for Snakes with Craig Trumbower

    in Pets

    In this episode, we are joined by Craig Trombower to talk about his passion for snakes. Craig has written two books, "More Than Snake Hunting" and " Even More Than Snake Hunting." They are excellent books about his love of snakes. He shares some of the stories from a lifetime of herping. He was a great guest, and hopefully, he can inspire you to get out into the field and experience these fascinating animals doing what they do.
    Morelia Python Radio

  • 00:44

    Walk Your Dogs Here and They Just Might End Up with Cancer - Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM

    in Pets - Your Pet's Health is Our Business - Friends Don't Let Friends Feed Kibble
    We ship the raw! One Stop Shopping - Best Balanced Blends, Air Dried Treats, Homeopathic Supplements, Expert Health Team and Wholesale Prices for Pure Raw Dog Food!
    Listen each week as the experts in pet health DeDe Murcer Moffett, CEO of Raw Dog Food and Company, Dr. Judy Jasek, DVM and Top Pet Nutritionist Nealy Piazza answer your questions about raw feeding, vaccinations, antibiotics, flea and tick and so much more.
    On today's episode:
    1. Why where you walk your pet matters? 2. Understanding Glysophates and the damage they do to you and your pet? 3. Could low potassium be the cause for itchy pets?
    Antibiotics are only recommended when a bacterial infection is present. Please have a verifiable test performed before agreeing to give a round of Antibiotics. Do Not Subject your pet to the "Just In Case Treatment" Antibiotics are now harmless to your pets health.

  • 00:45

    Why Postnatal Recovery Matters

    in Family

    Sophie Messager has a PhD in physiology of reproduction and is a doula, perinatal educator and healer based in Cambridge, UK. Sophie left her native France in 1997 to pursue postdoctoral studies as a biology research scientist, in Aberdeen, Scotland, where she met her Hong Kong-born husband, Chi. They moved to Cambridge in 2001, had two children and Sophie retrained to be a doula, antenatal teacher and babywearing instructor. Sophie is a birth geek and knowledge junkie but has a more spiritual side too, so she also trained as a Reiki and Reiki Drum practitioner and teacher. Training and personal practice have led her to master a wide range of labour and postnatal comfort measures and skills, such as massage, rebozo, birth and postnatal healing rituals. Sophie teaches these skills to parents and birthworkers, individually, in workshops and online. Her work is a blend of traditional and scientific knowledge, and she also blogs on her website.Visit Sophie's website at to read her blog and to sign up to her free newsletter. Follow her on Facebook and on Instagram

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    Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, 105:Effects of Adoption Reunification

    in Family

    Birth Mother Matters in Adoption Season 2, Episdoe 105 : Effects of Adoption Reunification on Children of an Adult Adoptee
    Listen to the eldest daughter of Kelly Rourke-Scarry, Michelle discuss the impact of her mother reunifying with her biological graandmother (Kelly Rourke-Scarry's biological mother, Donna K. Evans.)  Learn about the positive impact reunification can have on more family members other than just the adoptee.  Listen to Michelle talk about the woman who made the bravest choice of adoption; what Donna K. Evans was really like, her experience with her and what she learned from her.  Learn about the impact of Michelle's relationship with her biological grandmother when they reunified.  Its raw, real and eye-opening!  

  • 00:53

    Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress, and Chronic Illness with Cyndi Dale

    in Moms and Family

    Trauma and pain caused by environmental, physical, psychological, electronic, and spiritual forces can significantly affect your life.
    Internationally renowned author of 27 books on energy medicine, speaker, and spiritual healer Cyndi Dale shares groundbreaking techniques from her new book, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress, and Chronic Illness. Learn how to resolve challenging, energetic, and spiritual issues, including dozens of subtle-energy healing methods and five flip-to reference guides and personal assessment questionnaires to help you gain the power you need to heal from trauma. 
    Cyndi explores her powerful spirit-to-spirit healing modality and hands-on exercises for:
    Working with the Six Vital Forces  Aligning with Spirit Guides  Awakening the Vagus Nerve  Activating the Chakras  Locating Hidden Inner Wounds  Releasing Negative Energies  Cleansing the Auric Field  Harmonizing the Infra-Low Brainwave  Charging with Colors • Creating Love with Tones  Healing Streams of Grace • Achieving the Theta State You will also discover the contemporary research on the effects of trauma on epigenetics, transgenerational inheritance, and mast cells. Cyndi's book also provides a truly holistic approach to recovery by combining insights from mainstream science, psychology, and subtle healing modalities.
    Join Cyndi Dale and me on Tuesday, September 15, 10-11 A.M. CT US. We will be having a conversation about her remarkable life's journey and how we can free ourselves from our fears to emerge from these dual crises stronger and more confident of our true selves, as a mighty butterfly emerges from its cocoon.

  • 01:54

    Updates, Hot Topics & Cackling Hens

    in Family

    Tonight Randy Davis and I will be talking about updates with Team Revit-Up and other hot topics happening in Family Courts across the country. We will also be talking calls from anyone who has questions.
    Guest call in number is 563-999-3573.

  • 00:32

    Furthering Fathering Radio - Sign of the Times - Purpose & A Dad Shot 7 Times

    in Family

    It happened attempted public execution of an unarmed man. We have been talking about signs of the times and how they connect to your purpose. Purpose is about the value of life; however, with evil so evident and blatant, how do we as fathers maintain hopeful and purposeful focus
    Join us at 6:30 PM EST as we discuss the difficulties of remaining focused on purpose while processing the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wiscosin in front of his children
    Call into the show at (516) 666-9882
    Listen back later at:
    iHeart: Our Website: BlogTalkRadio: iTunes: Spreaker Stitcher: And Google Play Contact us at and (888) 380-3370

  • 02:00

    Kiler Davenport Live with Host Kiler Davenport and John Leckrone.

    in Family

    On this episode we are going to be focusing on the corrupt family courts, child protective services, law enforcement, and any and all other agencies involved in kidnapping children from good families. On this episode we are going to have a special guest on by the name of Danette Fee to talk about "Justice For Baby Paisley," and other topics related to this case.

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    in Moms and Family


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    Council of Elders Program

    in Family

    The Purpose of The Council of Elders
    The purpose is for older people (Elders) to give advice, council, and life experience to younger people. Advice that can help them navigate successfully through life, deal with issues, and avoid some of the pitfalls that can affect everyone. The concept is based historically on African culture  where elders in the community had council members to help guide tribe members settle desputes, etc.
    Please Join us Saturdays 10am PST, 12 noon CST or 1pm  EST.  CALL IN # 516 387-1611,  PRESS 1 TO JOIN US.

  • 01:02

    Animal Advocates Radio "Voices Carry for Animals #279"-Anti-DogFighting Campaign

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer
    Guest will be: Jennifer Kanady– Anti-Chain Division Director at Anti-DogFighting Campaign Organization
    TOPIC: Dog fighting- Animal Cruelty front lines
    The Anti-DogFighting Campaign is an organization that investigates, promotes awareness and battles for an end to dog fighting. 
    The Anti-DogFighting Campaign are the ones who devote our lives to save the victims of dog fighting and battling for harsh punishment for the offenders who commit these crimes. We are the ones who battle for stronger laws to be made in countries who have no laws to stop this horrendous blood bath some call "sport". We are the ones who go to schools, expos, public meetings, rallies,...etc to speak out for the breed.
    We are the ones who will investigate and not give up on those lost souls who are begging to be saved. We are the ones who will not back down 
    We are The Anti-DogFighting Campaign and we will NEVER give up..   Join Us & Be Their Voice!
    Dogs never asked for this life, they were forced into it and they only wanted to be loved.
    ~ Thank You All for Listening In!  All shows are recorded live & archived on Blog Talk Radio every Thurs at 7:00 pm est...Listen and Share 24/7