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    Dancing with the Stars with Cyndi, Heather + Jack: Ep. 3.4 "Disney Night"

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    Jack, Cyndi, and Heather talk about week 5 of Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars, "Disney Night."
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    MONDAY 10/16/17 LIVE AT 7pm ET/6pm CT/4pm PT MICHELLE COSTA (BIG BROTHER 10) HOSTS THE MANIC MONDAY SHOW with Special Guest: KEVIN SCHLEHUBER (BB19)!! MICHELLE is Thrilled to have KEVIN join her on #ManicMondays to chat about the #BBFinale, how proud his family is of him making it to #Final4, his time in the #BigBrother19 house, what he's been doing lately and what he has planned for the future! MICHELLE was pulling for KEVIN the moment she found out he was from #Boston (not far from her in Rhode Island) when we read the house guest bio's. But, once #BigBrother started, KEVIN was someone that everyone loved! That's not usually the case for the oldest player in the house, but KEVIN had a swagger about him and he was the #BestDressed House Guest too! He was a great entertainment factor, with numerous stories and a lot of humor and when you don't have TV, radio or internet, that's worth a lot! KEVIN also Co-Hosted a "Talk Show" with Dominique Cooper that aired on #AfterDark until Dominique was evicted at day 30.  Kevin's 1st challenge won him a nice $25,000 for taking a #Temptation, and he kept that quiet for most of the game until day 70, when he confided in Matt and Matt instantly tried to blow up KEVIN'S game with the info. KEVIN worked closely with Paul and Christmas, but when it got down to final 4, they sent him to jury on day 92. We're HONORED to have KEVIN here with us, sharing his stories and answering questions from you! #LetsTalkBB19 If you have a question, comment or an opinion you'd like to share with MICHELLE and KEVIN, call in at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click our link, then scroll down till you see our Live Chat Room, where you can also post questions and chat with us during the show! Cherry Garcia will be there as Co-Host. ***WE CONNECT YOU TO THE REALITY STARS YOU LOVE!!!***

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    051 Sistah Speak: Game of Thrones (S6E10)

    in Television

    Join us as we discuss the Game of Thrones season six finale entitled, “The Winds of Winter”. Thank you, Sistah Speak Nation, for a fantastic season! Sistah Speak Family Reunion Join us in Chicago on July 9th for the SS Family Reunion. We will have food, music, and dranks! We hope to see you there. Register now at sistahspeakpodcast.com/events. […]

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    Breaking the Panel Ep 93 – “Mark Hamill’s Meet”

    in Pop Culture

    Welcome Panelteers, we’re Breaking the Panel! Charles, Paul, and Chris bring you the humor, the fun, and the ever-evolving conversations you’ve come to expect. First, we’re gonna spend some time talkin’ Lego Dimensions and how it stacks up against other toys-to-life. It’s another giant sixed episode as we’re joined by the incomparable TV’s Casey Stroz! We find out that inhumans come from all walks of life and their inhumanity comes in gradients. From those Inhumans that appear on ABC, to those that enjoyed the movie Constantine, to depths with those that prey on Hollywood talent; we’ll talk about them all. Chris Wayback-jacks Peabody and Sherman to travel back to 1996 to see how FOX’s Generation X compares to ABC’s Inhumans  Hulu announces a sizeable price drop, but will their promotion have customers running away from the competition? Casey drops some New York Comic Con insight on us and y’all just need to have a listen, sugah.  Then we are presented with the stark numbers of Blade Runner 2049’s opening weekend box office performance and discuss why it happened and what it means. All of that and more on this week’s XL episode.
    Be sure to check out Breaking the Panel for full show notes, links, and our archives!
    Hosts: Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, and Chris Wisdom Guest: Casey Stroz Producer at Large: Mike Woodard Publisher:  Chris Wisdom Breaking the Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network

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    047 - Don't Fear the Ripper

    in Television

    "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry" Analysis.
    Rank None Micheal Burnham begins to settle in with the crew of the Discovery as the trio talks episode four with guest co-host Michelle Toven (@mtoven). Captain Lorca sends the ship on its first mission via the spore drive, and we say goodbye & hello to members of the crew. Join the discussion of the newest episode of Star Trek: Discovery. What surprised you most about this episode?

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    LIVE with CCChicks

    in Comedy

    Wow! It feels nerve racking when you're about to hit the Facebook LIVE button. 3-2-1 and the Chicks are going live for the first time! God is good and the Chicks are upgrading to he 2.0 version! 

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    Do Black Lives Matter?

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    In the past week we have seen 2 black men murdered at the hands of police. This is the 116th murder by a police officer this year. And over 370 blacks have been killed by police officers since 2015. So the question is do black lives really matter?

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    AGT Golden Buzzer Winner Darci Lynne Joins Us

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    Darci Lynne comes from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Right before her AGT audition, she told the cameras why she took up ventriloquism. As a Darci Lynne waited for her turn to perform, the 12-year-old took out her puppet rabbit, Petunia and said they were alike in terms of shyness. “For me it’s always been, you know, hard to talk to people. I’m not good at eye-contact, and things like that,” she said in her introduction.
    When Darci Lynne was younger, she first saw a ventriloquist act at a local church and wanted to try it. She took on the craft after her parents gave her a puppet for her 10th birthday. “Ventriloquism, kind of, helped me find my voice. It’s really helped me come out of my shell.”
    After winning local talent shows and participating in Little Big Shots, Darci Lynne now has set her sights set on winning America’s Got Talent. Her inspiration is Terry Fator, the Season 2 winner and the first ventriloquist to win AGT. Paul Zerdin of Season 10 was the second ventriloquist to win.
    Darci Lynne got to spend 45 minutes backstage with Fator when he performed in Tulsa. He gave her a few tips and advice on doing impersonations with a puppet —which we’re sure she’s going to use on AGT! 
    The above information came from this website: 

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    The LCS Hockey Radio Show

    in Comedy

    Cory Seymour founder of backpagepress.com and the "show's" official sponor will be here.  As will Cousin Brandon (maybe) as he opens his brand new Backpage Press smoking jacket live on the air (maybe).  Plus the usual crap. 
    Buy a shirt from Cory.  Every sale yields Larry 1 omelet. 

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    Narcissists vs Sociopaths....Regarding Supply Pt. 2

    in Entertainment

    In this episode Quinn will be giving his perspective on the different styles of manipulation between narcissist and sociopaths

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    Episode 78 - Mindhunter Review

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    Review of the New David Fincher Show "Mindhunter" on Netflix
    We're big fans of David Fincher here at Nerd Nuptial and we're even bigger fans of David Fincher teaming up with Netflix (see House of Cards). So when we heard that Fincher was developing a new show with them AND it was going to on serial killers, needless to say, we were excited. 
    Mindhunter follows two FBI agents as the interview serial killers around the country and try to see how they think. This takes place in the 1970s before it was commonplace for the FBI to profile and anticipate crime instead of just responding to it. 
    Mindhunter is a graphic show so please keep that in mind before you watch. We start the show with our spoiler-free impressions.