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    JEALOUSY IN 2017 is real!! #beware #haters

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    I WAS SICK - HAD A SURGERY, BUT IM BACK #details #tuneN
    AMAZON ASSOCIATE STORE  http://astore.amazon.com/chastitychy04-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=43
    Ummm, I have no clue, but one thing I do know is that she has FAR bigger fish to fry than me! Sometimes, you run N2 a crazy woman/man who doesn’t like you and has never even met you eye 2 eye! Feeling sorry for that person, you try to be kind and empathetic to her plight. Yet, you still can’t seem 2 figure out what you did to incur the wrath of Ms Jenkins!
    We all have met a Ms Jenkins before and we clearly don’t want any problems with such a “lady” – If you are disliked by someone, and you can’t quite figure out why? Perhaps the real reason(s) you are disliked is because Ms Jenkins lost her self esteem and self worth a long time ago. It doesn’t matter how nice you are to people like this, they would harm anyone and anything to ultimately get what they want. I sure hope its worth it sHEneneh, and that one day you will smile from your heart, and not hurt, regret, and anger.

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    2 d extreme real talk

    in Higher Education

    every week discuss alll topics from social to sports relgion

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    The Built-in Value of Black-Americans Part 3. "Women, Can you submit?"

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    Here we are trying to understand the value within ourselves.  The world would tell us that we are nothing but cattle, to get over slavery because it was so long ago and  also you may here people state that the Black-American lives doesn';t matter.  When all along they have been killing our black men and brainwashing our black women to be a little too independent.When The Most High created the world and Adam did he intend for Adam to be alone or Did he make Eve first and intended for Eve to do all things by herself?  I think not.  So if this isn't the way it was intended, then why are we not in order with how the creator place creation.  So, The Questions i Have for all the Ladies is, "Women, can you submit."

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    Life and Death: The Conversation ft The Hood Skala

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    According to his YouTube Bio Hood Skala is dedicated to providing clear explanations to math/physics concepts. It is done so in an unorthodox 'hood' way which is meant to be entertaining. Explanations may come in the form of a loose tongued lecture or some creative lyrics. Either way, you will leave with a new, deeper understanding of confusing math topics and maybe a few lyrics that run through your head during a test. Like it, share it, learn it. HOOD SKAAn open honest conversation with one of YouTubes most creative and innovative personalities, The Hood Skala. LAS NATION!
    Tune in for this  broadcast of The Conversation where we will be sitting down to have an open honest conversation with The Hood Skala to discuss life and death and how they can be percieved from a mathmatical perspective.

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    College Salsa Episode #1 - Intro - What is College Salsa about?

    in Higher Education

    Welcome to Episode #1 of College Salsa - Everything You Want to Know About College podcast!
    This episode will introduce how College Salsa can assist you with the college application and financing process as well as cover topics on how to be a successful student.
    You will learn more about our host Professor Noah Tall (as in Know-It-All) and his expertise to assist you. 

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    Chase n EnQi

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    Chase n EnQ

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    WHO,and WHAT is a "REAL NIGGA"...Nawl for real tho?

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    Yes it's time once again to get to the G.R.I.T. (give reality intellectual texture). Because it is real clear to me that not only are the MEN backwards on this term but sad to see our WOMEN are also confused by the terms spoken trickery. Now first the two words are already in full opposition ,not to mention the fool you ,yourself look like when using it in any context. So i'll just kick the show door open with this topic because it's very much needed before going deeper into the future shows. Hope you all enjoy and engage PLEASE.  

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    Misty Cross for OUSD School Board District 3

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    Misty Cross is a resident of Oakland who loves and is devoted to her family, community and sharing her knowledge through community organizing, advocating and facilitating education policy trainings. Misty Cross is a true representation of a parent advocate fighting for quality education throughout Oakland.
    Misty Cross was the Chair of the District Advisory Board for 2 years (2011-13), 
    Active Park Steward of Durant Mini Park for 1 year (2015-2016), 
    Chair of the Hoover-Foster Residents Action Committee for 2 years (2014-2016), 
    Founding Member of the West Oakland Parent Action Network (2010-2014) 
    and a proud alum of the OUSD Parents Raising the Bar Education Policy & Community Advocacy training.
    Misty Cross is an outstanding Parent leader that volunteers her time throughout the community to support parents and students who need help with understanding education polices and advocating for student's right to a quality education. 
    Misty is currently working on her degree in African American Studies and Criminal Justice and plans to pursue a law degree to continue her defense of our community once her two oldest  children have entered college. 
    Misty is committed to bettering her beloved Oakland and has worked in partnership with the city of Oakland to help clear blight in the West Oakland community.
    Misty is a grassroots community leader committed to the people. 
    Support this powerful Parent Advocate !!!

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    CJDS RAdio

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    Final Show with CJDS 5th graders

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    Part time solidarity

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    Are part time workers at any of the big 3 automakers in the uaw, actual union members?

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    Common Ground 2012 Reflections

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    Teachers attended Common Ground 2012 Conference in Baltimore Maryland share their experiences