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    8-24-2020 Mortgage apps at a high: Unpacking the numbers and the meaning for the

    in Finance

    In today’s Hot Topic we’ve got Steve Hoke, Vice President & General Manager of Mortgage & Commercial Products at Finastra with us today! Steve leads product strategy and innovation for Finastra’s Mortgage and Commercial Lending solutions. 
    With more than 20 years in the financial services industry, Steve brings a broad range of experience in FinTech, insurance, lending and investment banking. His unique background allows Steve to lead a strategic product team focused on improving the lending experience for home buyers and businesses in communities across the country.

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    How Do People Read Resumes |

    in Jobs

    EP 1930 On this show, Jeff speaks with Tom Morris about what firms look for when they evaluate resumes.
    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a career and leadership coach who worked as a recruiter for more than 40 years. He is the host of “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” the #1 podcast in iTunes for job search with more than 1900 episodes and is a member of The Forbes Coaches Council.
    Are you interested in 1:1 coaching, interview coaching, advice about networking more effectively, how to negotiate your offer or leadership coaching? Use this link to schedule a free Discovery call with me. 
    Connect with me on LinkedIn. Connect with me on LinkedIn Mention you listen to the podcast or watch my YouTube channel. Otherwise, I may not accept the request, particularly if you are outside the US.
    If you have a quick question for me, you can get it answered with a 3-5 minute video or schedule a 15 minute live conversation with me.
    Connect with me on LinkedIn.
    Join and attend my classes on Skillshare. Become a premium member and get 2 months free.

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    John Teza: A Rock Solid Franchise Executive, The New President of Hand and Stone

    in Business

    John Teza has served in senior executive management roles for several national restaurant companies including Corner Bakery, Jersey Mike’s and Quiznos.  Over the course of his career, John led several significant brand expansion campaigns and also served in senior level capacities in marketing, operations, IT, legal, and training. During John’s tenure, Jersey Mike’s was named the fastest growing restaurant company by NRN for three straight years John is also the founder of Janus Brands, a consulting firm he started in 2009, with a focus on multi-unit growth, development strategy and SMB business planning. John is an active member of the restaurant leadership and franchising communities, serves as Trustee of the IFA Foundation and Board Member for the National Restaurant Association and as a board member of the Franchise Leadership and Development Conference. John’s career in franchising began right out of college, when he graduated with a business degree from William and Mary, in 1997.

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    Shally Steckerl, The Elvis Presley of Sourcing

    in Jobs

    @Shally - LINKEDIN: 
    "Since 1996 I have pioneered Talent Sourcing - I am credited as the Father of Modern Sourcing". "Some know me as the creator of the original Sourcing Cheatsheet, the one that started it all and launched the sourcing industry".

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    Protecting Your Business - a Q & A Session

    in Business

    Hopefully by this time we have all settled into the Covid-19 lifestyle that has so disrupted our lives and you've adapted to the new normal life of an art who used to participate in art fairs. It may be time to assess the business part of your life as an artist.
    Do you sell your art online for the world to find? Or are you selling at shows and galleries throughout the year? No matter the case, Artists, Crafters, and Tradesmen Insurance, also known as ACT, can help ease the burden of finding the right insurance for your needs. 
    Chris Van Leeuwen, Vice President of Business Development for Veracity Insurance, joins the podcast to answer your questions about  liability, property damage, loss and accident insurance that protects you against third-party claims that arise out of your business operations. This is an artist question and answer episode. We answer your questions about protecting your business.

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    Radio Show #359: A Round Up of Engagement Themes Discussed in Recent Times

    in Business

    Special Guests: co-Radio Show Hosts and co-Strategy Directors of EfS, Jo Moffatt, Woodreed & Jo Dodds, Counterpoint Matters & Lorna Leeson, founder of Little Tent
    During lockdown Jo M conjured up an idea for providing some practical help and ideas for HR and internal comms practitioners and team leaders struggling with operational, communication and engagement challenges of COVID-19.
    HIVE is a series of videos and podcasts addressing questions and challenges that have cropped up over the last few months. We pick out the key themes and talk through some of the examples as they relate to employee engagement.
    Jo Moffatt is passionate about brands and the power they have to move people. Equally as passionate about employee engagement. Put the two together and she becomes almost evangelical about the power a well-positioned and consistently delivered brand has as a catalyst for employee engagement.
    Jo Dodds background is in HR and Digital and Social Media, Jo now works with business leaders to improve employee engagement in their organisations. Alongside this Jo works with home based coaches and consultants to improve their personal productivity and wellbeing through her brand POWER to Live More and membership site POWER to Live More CALM.
    Lorna Leeson builds people solutions for businesses going through change, from logistics to luxury brands to lightening-paced start-ups. She’s held senior leadership HR roles in the UK and internationally. Lorna now runs her own business ‘Little Tent’ because she believes there’s a better way for business to work for people.
    Host: Jo Dodds

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    Appealing a family court judgment

    in Legal

    After a trial in a divorce or other family law matter, parties are sometimes not happy with the results of the case. They might not be happy with the results entirely. In some cases, a party might like certain portions of the judgment and not like other parts of it.  Regardless of the situation, many parties have to decide whether they want to appeal their divorce or family law judgment.  Every case is different.  The laws also can vary by state. However, this episode talks about divorce and family law appeals.  It is based on an episode on Family Law Headquarters titled: Does it make sense to appeal? You can also find out more about Stange Law Firm,, PC by calling 855-805-0595 or by reading about our Oklahoma City, Oklaoma Familiy Lawyers. (Note: Kirk Stange is licensed in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois).

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    Franchise Spotlight: Heather McLeod

    in Marketing

    It’s Franchise Friday and we’re talking to Heather McLeod, Chief Marketing Officer at Authority Brands.
    Heather sees Online Reputation as the new “Lift” medium: if you have strong reviews online, then all other marketing will perform better and consumers will be more likely to convert. Heather shares many great tips on using reviews to gain an advantage over your competitors on Google and other places.
    Bonus! Today we have an update on the current Franchise Economy from Tom Epstein at FPN. And we’ll spotlight some Health and Safety best practices from Northeast Color including stories from Footprints Floors and 360° Painting!
    Thanks to Social Joey, Franchise Payments Network, POLN8, and Northeast Color.

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    Network In Action Franchise Meets with Franchise Interviews

    in Entrepreneur

    We are meeting Scott Talley, CEO and founder of Network in Action. Network In Action Franchise (NIA) applies innovative principles to an industry that has long needed an update! There are an estimated 28 million small business in the United States and every one of them needs some type of marketing plan. According to their research if a business just has the funds for one marketing effort, networking provides the greatest return on investment!  Network In Action, a Houston-based networking franchise that has revolutionized the industry with its innovative use of technology, has created a Try Before You Buy program. The initiative gives entrepreneurs the option to go through a day in the life of a being a Network In Action group leader/franchisee, try the business model out by going through a five day training, recruit members, host their own meeting and then decide if they want to be a part of Network In Action within 48 hours. There is no fee associated with this initiative. 
    The average business owner does not have 100 plus hours annually to attend weekly business networking meetings. NIA’s monthly meetings opens up an entire new market of business owners who wish to network. Additionally, by offering monthly meetings NIA groups tend to enjoy more owners as members than a group that meets weekly.

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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Suzy Marsoubian of We Make Differences

    in Business

    Cambridge, MA – ?Suzy Marsoubian is the founder and the chief executive officer of We Make Differences, a proudly woman- and immigrant-owned digital technology sales and solutions firm with clients throughout the northeast United States.
    “When I go into a new account, I don't think about the money,” says Suzy. “I think ‘What can I do to help these people? Where I can save money and get money back to them so they can put that money into their business and create jobs.’ I help your business through these products, but I'm also trying to make a difference within that, by giving people opportunities.”
    With 30 years of excellence in the copier, printer, and imaging industry marked by career-spanning client relationships and a personable approach to account management, Suzy launched We Make Differences with the intention to do just that: make a difference.
    “I've made so many differences for my clients because I was true to my word and they got a return on investment,” says Suzy, “but I'm one of those people that wants to make difference both professionally and personally. I want to give an opportunity to people like me, to inner city people or immigrants that don't have a degree.”
    After overcoming decades of institutional challenges in her male-dominated industry, including rampant sex discrimination and sexual harassment, she strives to set an example of strong and equitable leadership.
    “I'm most proud of is how much I love and embrace helping people,” says Suzy. “I'm growing this business so I can someday give all my time and dedication to helping others.”
    For more information, visit

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    How to open the eyes of a judge in foreclosure cases!

    in Finance

    You received a loan, didn’t you?
    You didn’t pay, did you?
    You signed the note, didn’t you?
    You signed the mortgage didn’t you?
    Why all of those questions are irrelevant. how to instruct the court and convince the judge to rule accordingly is a skill that most people, including lawyers don’t possess, because they share a mythology with  the judge that the loan accounts actually exist. And they consent to this myth because they can’t imagine how it could be otherwise.