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    Classic Chrome with Ted Doering of VTwin Manufacturing

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    For antique American motorcycle enthusiasts, there has always been and will always be a need for a source of parts to restore and repair their machines so that they can stay on the road and into the wind. With the price for OEM and NOS parts going through the roof in recent years and the falling amount of usable original pieces, enthusiasts are sometimes hard pressed to justify these rising costs in order to keep their machines operating. This week we are joined by one man who had a vision to start a business that would build faithful reproductions of the parts needed and wanted by American motorcyclists. Calling into the show live is Mr. Ted Doering, who is the man behind the largest parts supplier for antique American motorcycles in the world: V-Twin Manufacturing?. We will be discussing the finer points of the business and cover some of the great products offered by VTwin. In addition to talking about the business end of things, we will cover the famous Motorcyclepedia Museum? in Newburgh, New York that Ted is heavily involved in. This should prove to be an exciting and interesting look behind the scenes of an industry giant, and motorcyclists from all over the world are welcomed and encouraged to tune in to the program at 7pm Central. 
    VTwin Manufacturing Website: 
    Motorcyclepedia Museum Website:

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    Korla Pandit Documentary Director John Turner

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    It's hard to imagine a world without televisions. Today, TVs are not just ubiquitous, they're everywhere. But in the 1940s, television was an expensive, new gadget that very few households owned. When the World Series was televised for the first time in 1947, only 44,000 TV sets were in use in the entire U.S. In 1948, only ten percent of Americans had ever even seen a television program.The only thing more scarce than TV sets was TV programming. Radio had been widely adopted for decades, with over 40 million sets in use in the late 1940s. So, the majority of talent and advertising money was still going into radio. In addition, television was so new that no one had really figured out what to do on TV yet. In just a few years, skyrocketing viewership would cause radio hits like Dragnet and Jack Benny to move to television. But in its infancy, many early TV shows weren't much more than radio with a picture. The traditional radio music program was adapted to TV by simply showing the musicians playing their instruments. That was a TV show. And, it was pretty amazing stuff by 1940s standards.A music show that premiered during those pioneering days of television was Korla Pandit's Adventures In Music. It was broadcast out of KTLA in Los Angeles beginning in February 1949 and had more of a hook than your average music program.Pandit was Indian musical prodigy born in New Delhi. He played exotic themes on a Hammond organ or a piano (sometimes playing both instruments at once). As he played, the turban-clad musician gazed wistfully, directly into the camera. His only communication with the viewer was through his transe-like stare and what he called "the universal language of music." He never spoke on the show.What at first glance seems like a simple music program became something wildly exotic and otherworldly. Pandit's organ arrangements were accompanied by dark lighting, slow came

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    to be baby meli

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    TDI Talk with James

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    All about the TDI and more.

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    Test podcast 1

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    The Extreme Truckers Show™

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    Join us tonight for this weeks episode of The Extreme Truckers Show™
    Tune in and Join the Conversation!

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    Outta Controll Racing

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    Grudge Talk Show

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    The Wheel Men - Rally Your Heart Special

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    What goes together better than cars, drinking, and laughs?....What?.... Oh well actually our lawyers are saying that came out wrong....  
    How about just kicking back and talking about cars and the car-guy's world while enjoying a stiff drink, or tasty brew?  Ok we've been told that's better.  We will attempt to cover all of those bases in this weekly show where we present to you as much probably less-than-factual news, reviews, and updates on stuff car guys care about!  
    This week in our Season 3 premier episode; we give you guys a play-by-play of our debaucheries, and ridiculous antics while taking part in the inaugural Rally Your Heart event.  We are honored to be joined by three great guests; the rally organizer, the winner, and the proclaimed queen of the rally tonight to share in reliving the hilarity.  The event was a 2 day 550 mile run from Jacksonville, FL to Clearwater, and back!  With 40 other cars/teams, a myriad of challenges, a drag race or two, a bar fight, 3 bottles of Vodka, Gumby, and a disrespecting gorilla... You could say it was a good time!  Check out all the evidence at http://www.RallyYourHeart.com  Thanks for downloading & enjoy the show!

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    Alexis HiFi Mar 11 2015 5:46AM

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    Alexis HiFi Mar 11 2015 5:46AM