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    Survival Medicine Podcast: Dental Issues, Arthritis, Yellow Fever

    in Health

    Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy Alton discuss dental issues, gouty arthritis, yellow fever, more in this episode of the Survival Medicine Podcast, broadcast from the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains!
    You might be ,medically prepared, but are you dentally prepared? Most family medics don't realize that, in survival scenarios, they're bound to come across dental issues with little or no knowledge or supplies. Dr. Joe Alton discusses the basics of the dental exam, tooth anatomy, dental decay, tooth abscesses and more. Also, check out our unique dental kit for off-grid settings...
    Experts say we're in for cases of yellow fever in the near future. Find out about this past and future epidemic disease, and why the authorities are worrying about the U.S. suffering an outbreak now!
    Also, a reader question about arthritis, especially gouty arthritis...
    All this and more on the Survival Medicine Podcast with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy!
    Hey, don’t forget to check out our entire line of quality medical kits (including suture kits) at store.doomandbloom.net. Also, our Book Excellence Award-winning 700-page SURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR WHEN HELP IS NOT ON THE WAY is now available in black and white on Amazon and in color and color spiral-bound versions at store.doomandbloom.net.

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    The GoldandBlack.com Drive Home: #2 Purdue's win over Xavier

    in Sports

    GoldandBlack.com's Brian Neubert discusses Purdue's 83-71 win over Xavier.

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    "Awaken ?Your Powers: Know Your Magic with ?? Ms.Blue??"

    in Spirituality

    Star Beings ? Self Mastery  | Astrology Psychic Activation Soul Healing | Self Love | Channeled Messages | Live Reading
    ?Magical ?? AF?
    Omg! The Energy was so High. To  for Much For The Air Wayy's  "We Growing Up On Planet Earth"
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    B I O 
    Ms. Blue "T H E O R A C L E" is a professional * Intuitive* internationally known {M E T A physician} psychic - medium Healer, radio host, author and teacher.
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    We acknowledge all The Spiritual Beings, and The Traditional Custodians of the land. We show and pay respect to the elders of past and present.
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    Everyday Evidence: 50 Studies Every Occupational Therapist Should Know

    in Health

    On today's episode we speak with Beth Pyatak and Elissa Lee who co-edited a book in the 50 studies every doctor should know series “50 Studies Every Occupational Therapist Should Know”. We discuss seminal research included in the book and they provide tips, tricks, and recommendations to help all practitioners find, consume, and apply evidence to practice. 
    Access a FREE chapter for listening to our show here: Chapter 26: Occupation-Based Interventions for Addictive Disorders
    Please help AOTA improve it's podcasts and the translation of research to practice and receive your contact hour for listening by completing this one-minute survey: https://forms.aota.org/forms/everyday_evidence_copy?PODCAST=Everyday Evidence: 50 Studies
    Buy your copy of 50 Studies Every Occupational Therapist Should Know: 50 Studies on Amazon

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    Great Loop Radio: Looping on a Jet Ski

    in Travel

    What's it like to travel 7,000 miles on a jet ski? Find our when Gold Looper Mike Straub shares the details of his Great Loop adventure aboard his personal watercraft, "Y Wait". Mike shares how he handled basic needs like where to sleep, when to eat, and what to wear to protect himself.  He'll also talk about logistics like what gear to carry, ensuring he had enough fuel, and how he determined where he would stop. Find Mike's book on Amazon or Etsy. America's Great Loop is the boating adventure of a lifetime! Loopers cruise the waterways in their own boats, traveling up the eastern seaboard into New York Harbor, the Hudson River, the Erie Canal, the Great Lakes, the inland rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico. Learn more at www.greatloop.org.

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    Fireground Strategies: Training Consistency

    in Education

    Hosts Anthony Avillo and Jim Duffy discuss training consistency at academies, different shifts, and from company officers.
    Brought to you by The Fire Store

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    Wars, Volcanos, Riots, UFOs, Second Suns, Catastrophic Contagion, What's Next?

    in Religion

    Wars, Volcanos, Riots, UFOs, Second Suns, Catastrophic Contagion, What's Next?
    The world is in massive turmoil. China has announced a pneumonia outbreak that targets children. This outbreak is suspiciously like the Catastrophic Contagion tabletop exercise recently sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Second sun sightings and volcanic activity are at an all time high. Strange sky trumpets continue to be recorded across the world.  As the Israel Hamas war hits Day 51, prisoner exchanges occur amidst global protests with people fighting against one another taking sides. To US Carrier strike groups sit off the coast of Israel. Washington rhetoric yells "Bomb Iran". Russia continues to close out the remains of the almost forgoten Ukraine war.  Experts remain convinced the 2024 election will not happen. Threats of financial collapse continue. Untold millions have crossed the southern border. Muslim masses protest and fight in the streets of countries all over the EU, while the US congress files more complaints for UFO full dislosure.  And THIS MAY BE THE TIP OF THE ICE BERG.  Where did all the San Fran homelss go?
    Glory to God! See you there!
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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed with guest Dr. Cathleen King

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with physical therapist Dr. Cathleen King
    Dr. Cathleen King, DPT is a physical therapist who is passionate about teaching neuroscience-based practices targeting the brain and nervous system. She is the CEO and founder of the Primal Trust™ Academy & Community. She weaves together brain retraining, vagus nerve toning, somatic movement, and trauma-informed attachment repair techniques in her online, worldwide platform. Her focus is to help people with self-healing from chronic illness and trauma patterns. She personally found freedom from over a decade of debilitating health chronic Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, mold toxicity, PTSD and more and has been presenting as an expert on nervous system healing to both traditional medical providers and mind-body healing communities. Learn more at www.primaltrust.org

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    Leadership Lessons in Embracing Pets at Work

    in Business

    Leadership Lessons in Embracing Pets at Work
    Hosts: Steve Boese, Trish Steed
    Guest: Lori Bradley, VP of Talent and Inclusion, Chewy
    This episode of At Work in America is sponsored by Paychex, one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes.Think stress-free payroll isn’t possible? Think again. Whether you need to simplify your tax filing or streamline your day-to-day pay system, Paychex makes managing your payroll easier and more profitable. That’s why we’re here with open arms and a special offer for new clients — for a limited time, get one year of complimentary digital W2s so you can focus on growing your business instead of time-consuming payroll tasks. Learn more at paychex.com/awia. Terms and conditions apply.
    Today, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Lori Bradley from Chewy to talk about how Chewy embraced pets at work and the learnings that followed.
    - Pet-friendly workplaces and their benefits
    - How does customer experience relate to employee experience?
    - Pet-friendly workplace policies
    - Workplace pets and how they affect company culture
    Thank you for joining the show today!  Remember to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

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    11-12-2023 Zorra Call - Zorra, Zaraya, Jane Updates, Guests Michael A and Matt K

    in Spirituality

    Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses, Welcome to our Blogtalkradio show! Today we will have Michael Andrews and Matt Kalcic speak at the beginning of our call. A number of people have questions about the status of Evany and also about withdrawing some funds as well. We will also have Q&A with Michael. Make sure you are on the call if you have any questions. Zorra and Zaraya will come in at the latter part of our call. We intend for this call to be helpful and if you have any questions, make sure you are on the call. If you have any questions meant for Zorra, Zaraya or myself, Jane please text them to me at 719-428-9746. Remember, 1 question per person. No personal questions. If you would like to talk with Zorra or Zaraya privately, then text me and I can schedule you for a session. 
    Email: bzjrainpartners@gmail.com Sign up for our newsletters at our  Website: https://zorraofhollowearth.com Recent Replays: (includes Eva and  Dr. Cynthia for the Q&A. (after the Launch Event in Florida) 

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    Are We Headed Into a Deeper Recession with Ted Oakley I 768

    in Finance

    We keep hearing that we've been through the worst already with the recession, but is that true? If you've listened to past episodes, you know the news and government reporting for the economy is always behind and we have to take what we hear with a grain of salt. 
    With this in mind, I invited financial expert, Ted Oakley, on the podcast to talk about his thoughts on interest rates rising, unemployment, the state of the economy, and where he thinks we are headed as a country. 
    This episode is a must-listen, Ted's insights are unlike any you've heard in the mainstream media recently. Listen now!
    Have a question for me? Click here: https://bit.ly/3MUl8WP
    Ted's website - https://oxbowadvisors.com/j-ted-oakley-cfa-cfp-managing-partner/