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    Fight Fix 1103

    in MMA

    Hey Freaks call your sponsors & book a room in rehab because this week you're gonna get your FIGHT FIX!!! This week we've got Ben Big Tuna Parrish talking about his upcoming pro debut. This week's topics (might include) local mma, national mma, international mma & maybe even midget stick fighting. So tune in! You're welcome

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    Electric Body

    in Lifestyle

    Putting activation in your mind! Charge your heart in wisdom!! Electric Body is the frequent currency!!!  live visit from the one and only Minister Inki~  
    Bridging the Coasts~

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    Wrestlemania 33

    in Hip Hop Music

    talking about the matches at wrestlemania33  

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    Women Frees Themselves From A Religious Cult

    in Women

    This show is about a group of women that found themselves in a dark place, in a pit that had them impriosoned from the world.  Learn how these women were lured deep into a cult that controlled every aspect of their lives.  How they endured the trial of being demeaned and shut down by this cult and driven to emotional and spiritual distress.  The time is now, Women set your selves free from the prisons that life presents.  For these women their prison was the Cult, and the found the willpower to break free and claim back their voice, their lives their dignity and self respect.   It is our hope that these stories will inspire other women that find themselves in a dark pit, contemplating a break out, we encourage you to break free, live and be the powerful, phenomenal woman you were created to be.  

  • 01:21

    Topiks In Afrikan Empowerment

    in Politics

    This broadcast will focus on real, practical information that will wake up, empower and organize Black/Afrikan people in America. Attorney Vernon Jackson brings over 10 years of experience fighting the criminal justice system and working on behalf of the Black community to this Empowerment Podcast.

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    Psych-K Process with Eralp Caner

    in Psychology

    Eralp Caner is the founder and head practitioner in the Healing Hall Holistic Clinic in Europe, the general secretary of the "Life Without Cancer Society" of Turkey, and frequent keynote speaker at wellness events and conferences. He is a PSYCH-K Instructor and Facilitator, who has worked with more than thousand clients. He is a Diploma Level Domancic Bionergy Therapist, certified Reconnective Healing and Reconnection practitioner, OSHO Constellation Therapist, among others. He works with clients in person and via Skype and conducts Psych-K workshops. 
    Research shows that PSYCH-K creates a Whole-Brain State, which in turn acts as a kind of “gateway to higher consciousness,” elevating thinking capacity to new levels of functionality and creativity. It is this higher state of consciousness that is needed in order to help solve the problems we face, personally and globally. For more information visit www.anewme.me
    Join Eralp and myself for an insightful conversation about the transformational process of Psych-K. 

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    S.O.G.2! Save Our Girls 2!

    in Current Events

    Today's show will focus on the continued disappearances and attempted kidnappings of people in our community. If you have any information please pass it to @luminousalert on twitter. It is our responsibility to find us. Call in with any new information that you may have about successfully finding the missing or with new tactics in abduction prevention.

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    in The Bible

    So often, we as human beings limit ourselves based off our own thinking... our own limited understanding... and allow the limited perspectives of someone else's views about who we are and what we should be doing cause us to focus on the negative aspects of life that sets off a ripple... drawing negative events into our existence... causing one to remain in a stagnant nonproductive state.
    Come... stay and listen awhile to how to choose what's good... your sum life experiences are based on good or bad choices... listen to how to take all the pain... hurt... disappointments and give them to God... The Most High answers with scripture... to help heal... ease... remedy your discomforts

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    Kettle Talk: Building our Communities...It Takes a FUNCTIONAL Village!

    in Health

    As a health care provider, I spend a lot of time speaking with people who are experiencing more than basic health issues.  We overlook the impact stress and depression can have on our physical health.  We are typically unaware of how these negative emotions and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can affect our families and other people in our daily lives.  With Kettle Talk, I invite participants to discuss their views of what's hurting our communities and suggest solutions. 
    I will introduce efforts which have been shared with me, in rebuilding our communities.  I will make announcements for business and community networking.  You will, upon joining us, be able to take part in full discussion.  However, I ask that you be mindful of basic conversational rules.  I will end communication from anyone who is rude and disruptive.  
    There is a lot at stake here.  Our children are still dying at a rapid pace.  Our youth have no hope for their future. We have thousands of children in state foster agencies, wishing for a family, but quite frequently just wishing they had their natural parents.  We have fosters who are "aging out" and are facing an enormous fear of what comes next.  
    Our businesses are losing money and customers.  We are afraid to support our own businesses, for specific reasons we'll discuss.  At the same time, we can't afford to support our businesses, even when we want to.
    We've lost site of what it is to have faith.  We don't know how to BELIEVE!  We don't know how to PRAY!!!  
    Join us!

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    The Latter Round 2

    in Christianity

    Tune in for an update on what's happening at your favorite church in the metroplex, Koinonia Christian Church.

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    What do men really think about women in sports?

    in Sports

    Join me as I have a candid conversation with Q from the Talk 2 Q show about what mean think about women in sports.  Do they give us the respect we deserve?  We'll also find out how things are going over on his show AND bring on a very special guest Erika my old cohost from Cocktails and Conversation.  Erika will moderate a session of He vs She the Sports Edition.  Let's get ready to rumble on this special edition of The Momager is In!!!