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    R&B Singer Link

    in Entertainment

    Tune in as i chat with Links an R&B Singer out of Texas

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    today in hip hop

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    basically this is just a test

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    SCUBA DIVE CUBA with Undersea Expedition's Greg Hamman

    in LGBT

    WOW, Scuba Diving in Cuba!  This is definitely a bucket list item. 
    Join us for this amazing opportunity to scuba dive Cuba.  Greg Hamman will tell everything we need to know about how to make this dream a reality.
    About Undersea Expeditions
    Since its founding by Chris Winkle in 1991, Undersea Expeditions has offered "gay-friendly" group adventures to the world's most exotic dive locations, as well as dive travel planning services to our community. Their mission continues today under the management of Greg Hamman, an avid diver with a background in international business and a belief that bringing more gays and lesbians into scuba diving offers our community a vacation alternative, while benefiting conservation by adding our collective voices and economic power to those who are helping to protect these amazing ecosystems.
    Looking for an out of the ordinary vacation experience? Undersea Expiditions charter whole liveaboards and book blocks of hotel rooms, and the staff consistently e-mail us asking when our group will return, since they have as much fun hosting us as we do staying with them. They travel to the best dive destinations: Cuba, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Galapagos.
    Beginners get their dive certification on many of their trips, and experienced divers appreciate the exotic ports of call and liveaboard dive opportunities. Meet new dive buddies and enjoy diving with OUR family.
    Undersea Expedition's website

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    2017 most improved team!!

    in Sports

    I will be releasing eho I believe will be the most improved team in 2017

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    Q DOT

    in Radio

    Super multi talented Artist Q DOT is in the building to talk about his brand new album BlackGold, he is a PNW native and very well know for his dope music, Grammy nominee, college grad, pianist, artist, producer and father.The video to His hit single "BLack Gold" was just put on MTV so make sure to look for that! You can get all the latest news about Q DOT at iamqdot.com

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    My Take Radio-Episode 400

    in Entertainment

    Enjoy our final episode of My Take Radio as Rich breaks down the latest in MMA & wrestling and takes a trip down memory lane. 

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    Come Join Me As We Bring Entime News And Biblical Prophecy Of The Last Days.

    in Christianity

    Come join me as we speak.On endtime biblical prophecy.And biblical studies as Christ spoke.That would happen in the last days.We must stand together as one voice and one accord.As the endtime's,Last generatiional disaters worldwide.Are unfolding around us.The Messiah is coming soon.The world is falling unto a spiritaul deception and delusion.It's time to wake up.And know what has been spoken by the prophets of old.And the Son of God and disciples have spoken of.God says be wise as a serpent but as gentle as a dove.Time to wake up and know time is running out.
    Come join me as we talk of these things and more.
    Peace to you all and God Be With You..

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    in Podcasting

    Weekly black panther party of new York meeting...

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    Stop Fatherlessness

    in Parents

    Fatherlessness is an epidemic and its time to face it head on. Children who growup fatherlessness take this dissappointment into their adulthood which creates a ripple affect that has detoriated the family structure for hundreds of years. It is time to address the harsh realities of fatherlessness, but also find solutions that will create a better future. Fatherlessness doesn't have a race, but it affects us all. Join us as we tackle fatherlessness one stop sign at a time.

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    Talking With Jasper About DNC 2016, AG Kathleen Kane, "Boy With A Knife" & DHS

    in Family

    Was hoping the democrats would correct their cheating ways and put Bernie on their platform. But no they are so desperate to continue their camouflage genocide that the bite they are going to get back i'm sure will take them all out. i'm before my time, have been told that since i was a toddler. i don't expect people to see what i see but i will tell you. Rather you here me or not is on you.
    Pennsyvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is on trial for taking a stand against the political corruption.
    We are at District Attorney Seth Williams office requesting he have a heart and stop sending youth to prison for the rest of their lives. My son best friend got caught up in a bad drug deal on a VFW porch at 33rd and Fountain Street. Because the victim was out tricking and buying drugs and happens to be a veteran, his behavior was covered up and the youth sentenced to 77 years at age 17 because the victim died. Disgraceful how bad habits get covered up and left unaccountable and cruel punishment seems to be the only solution, not to mention the insurance pay out based on lies. Sad how the VFW is a trick house and doesn't support the community. What you do in the dark. comes to light.

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    Zero Tolerance Policies and the Public School System w/ Dr. Joseph Chinedu King

    in Lifestyle

    I'm honored to have on tonight's broadcast of Somethin' 4 The Fellas, Dr. Joseph Chinedu King, of Saginaw, MI. via Montgomery, Al. A great friend and brother of mine, that has appeared on several previous broadcasts. We'll discuss the Zero Tolerance policies, that have been adopted by many of our public school systems throughout the country. It is vital to the success of young people, that they be properly educated, in order to meet the demands of the 21st century. Harsh disciplinary procedures and practices in the public school system are disproportionate, impacting majority poor and minority students. Our goal tonight is to inspire constuctive dialogue that leads to practical steps,to be implemented, that will facilitate the process of reversing the school to prison pipeline. Please join us on tonight's broadcast.Let's Get It!!! #NUFFSAID