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    PTC bible study

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    Chaos talk with derrick oliver

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    EWR: Season 5 Episode - Loyalty Vs Respect

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    Welcome to the Enigmatic Wave Radio Podcast. On this platform we discuss topics related to pretty much everything. My name is Queen Enigmatic, and I have been podcasting since 2016. I started this podcast in 2018, the Enigmatic Wave Radio Podcast. Podcasting is my passion. The best part of podcasting is coming together on the platform to discuss topics that we are passionate about, while diving deep to share our unique thoughts and opinions. I’ve gathered a group of amazing individuals to be my co-host. Each co-host has come up with their own unique and interesting topic to discuss on the show. We thank you for joining us. Today Ty will join us as co-host. Queen’s Topic is “Loyalty Vs Respect.” We will be discussing this amazing topic, answering your questions, and having great dialogue. Thank you for being a part of the Enigmatic Wave Radio Podcast. Be sure to join us every Sunday at 7pm EST.

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    Unexpected Mayhem and an Intro to Twisted Timelines with John Paul Ried

    in Pop Culture

    KWOD hasn't talked to John Paul Ried in some years. This will be a good chance to get caught up with this prolific writer of pure fantasy. The Co-Vid had slowed down his writing and introduction to more stories in his world of Palamar. We will get caught up with his books, Academic Mayhem, Unexpected Entangements and his latest book out earlier this year, Twisted Timelines. 

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    A Manic look at financing Back To School

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    The good the bad and the ugly of financing the greatest investment in ones self.