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    Killing the Messenger The Jessie Williams controversy

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    The Jessie Williams speech or rant at the BET Awards has Black America divided.Many people are saying because he has a White mother and looks white he cannot speak for Black people.We have a divided community.The once united community is no more.As Black people through social media have cultivated divisions that were hidden from view.Along with the slander of Black men and the pandering to the whims of Black women this controversy emerged.Along with this I will also address the following slander to my character by an internet troll.He said the following............  thPls beware of the wannabe hotep pastors (the ones that get ZERO play from other hoteps) like,  whom every chance he gets, he likes to tear Black women DOWN!! For example, look at this pathetic post the hotep pastor posted a few min ago:Apparently he must have forgot about the S Curl and all of those other products Black men were using in the 80s to alter their natural hair. go and get some help and stop claiming "your people" together, fraud!

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    "NU Day Resurrection ans Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat June 25, 2016  on "NU Day"                                                                                                                       
    Closing Out BLACK MUSIC" Month 2016 with the Highlighting of one of the National MW Universal Movements "Sistah Saints" St. NINA SIMONE  ALSO: The Call and Reality of BLACK POWER: What Did It Mean In 1965 and What Does It Mean/Should It Mean Today?   AND: The Targeting of Black Women in the US, and Population Control and  Social Engineering (Modern Day Enslavement) of African People worldwide.
    AND: In The News     
    Report on the  "SOLSTICE SISTAHS" Circle  The Call for 20-20,000 Sistah Souljahs "Will The Real Black Women, Please Stand Up" The US and Cuban Exchange (Is this real?)  Congressional Stand Up / Sit In for Gun Control (Really),  Congressman Fauntroy's Potential Return To The US (What does this really mean?) Million Woman March 20 updates and more... On the "LIVE LINE" Dr. Randy Short scholar and independent Journalist and Bro. Bob Brown  AAPRP G

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    The Liberal Redneck Presents The Faculty Lounge III

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    Sneak Peek: The Faculty Lounge Hosted By Scotty The Professor
    Don't expect things to get all heavy here.  It's Scotty's free period and he just wants to chill with friends.  
    Join Scotty and Guests As They Cover Topics Over
    Current Events: Notorious RGB Messes With Texas History/Science:Things Millennials Never Experienced Popular Culture: It's All About The Spoilers!  GoT Recap!

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    The Roberts Report - Special Edition

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    THE ROBERTS REPORT is a weekly hard-hitting, insightful and thought-provoking 30-minute program aimed at debunking and demystifying all things politics. Produced by COMMONSENSE STRATEGIES (www.commonsensestrategies.com) and hosted by MICHAEL "MIKEY" ROBERTS, Senior Consultant, the program deals with matters pertinent to the United States and the Caribbean but also explains and educates listeners about events taking place in Europe, Asia and Africa. Tune in each week at www.blogtalkradio.com/shangoking

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    Tuesday 14, June 9PM ET Live:   
    #WEAreOrlando  #OrlandoStrong  #HumanityHumanityHumanity 
    INSANE/Irresponsible & FOR PROFIT Gun Laws +
    INSANE/Irresponsible & FOR PROFIT Anti LGBTQ rhetoric +
    INSANE/Irresponsible & FOR PROFIT Foreign Policy =
    INSANE/Irresponsible Slaughter of Innocent LIFE.
    Dealing With The Difficult. REAL. RAW. RIGHT NOW... 

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    Kerry Davis - African Americans Aint African

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    Kerry Davis, author of "African Americans Ain't African," joined "Human Rigths Demand and hosted a series of shows on the subject of Blacks as indigenous people of America. This is his debut episode. Please call 347.857.3293 to listen, or access the show from our archives at Blogtalkradio anytime, 24/7. See Davis on video at YouTube at https://youtu.be/LURMdeTsKyA also. Davis asserts that Blacks in the USA descended from people who lived in the area now called the United States many generations before the first Europeans arrived and did NOT arrive here on slave ships. You are invited to leave comments for Mr. Davis in the comment field at Blogtalkradio at "Human Rights Demand" channel, or contact him using the information on the tape. Thank you for listening to and sharing this tape.
    Black History Month begins January 1 and ends December 31, but we celebrate in February. Happy Black History Month 2016!
    "Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will." ~Frederick Douglass

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    Greens on the Ground Premiere Episode!

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    This live one hour call-in podcast on Blog Talk Radio highlights Green Party leaders who are doing "on the ground" organizing across a variety of fronts of struggle. This program will honor-- and learn from-- individuals who are registered Green doing good work day-in and day out to help create a peaceful, just, democratic and sustainable world. The program will also invite and challenge listeners to get involved themselves, and to demonstrate that the Green Party really is "a political party of a different kind."
    David Cobb, the 2004 Green Party Presidential Candidate, is the Host. On our first show on June 23, 2016, we will talk with Andrea Mérida Cuéllar, Green Party Co-chair, and Cheri Honkala, the Green Party's 2012 Vice-Presidential Candidate.   

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    Racism: The Church's Contribution

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    If this is truly a "Christian" nation then why haven't we been converted? Or are we all hypocrites? I believe the latter is the "truth." This is an alter call, family; then we'll go to the kitchen table. See you there.  

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    The hate just keeps coming!!Pt.2

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    African Americans Who Hate President Barack Obama!! Join Host Ajah And Co-Chuck C To Discuss The Reason's For So Much  Hate For This  Brother And His Family Coming From Our African Communities All Over The world!??!

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    Today's News: The E.U., Gun Violence, TPP, Fires and Floods!

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    Bob Kirkconnell, author of the book, American Heart of Darkness, will discuss events that are coming at us faster and faster every day. They were predictable, and the disasterous consequences of  decisions made throughout U.S. history are coming at us like a swarm of hornets from a nest of thieves! 
    What is the EU, how did it come about and what is its function? What happens if it falls apart? A Texas woman who thought guns made her free shot her two lovely daughters in the street and the police ended up shooting her. What does this have to do with freedom? What is the TPP, and why don't we know anything about it? A flood in West Virginia that has not happened in a thousand years -- is this a coincidence? Big fires all over California -- another coincidence? Hey, give us a call and let's talk!!

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    Last Night, This Morning: Benghazi, sit-in's and Trump lies....oh my!

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    Just a quick dip into some of today's topics! $7 million in total spent during Behghazi investigation, quick word on Dem's House sit-in and more Trump BS rebuked by the media....not that that matters to Trump supporters!
    Call in and chat or ask questions about these or any other topics throughout the show...I"m just trying this stuff out to see how it runs!