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    Independent Party Candidate Dr. PK Paul Dhanuka

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    Bards Logic has a history of supporting alternative and 3rd party candidates. We have this special edition to talk with Independent Party candidate for Assemblymember for District 1 in California Dr. PK "Paul" Dhanuka.
    As a small business owner, he employs almost 80 people, and understand the need for public safety and limited regulations. He understands the value of education and technical skills in today’s economy and is dedicated to bringing affordable trade schools and higher education opportunities to rural California.
    He has been elected chief by the medical doctors at two regional hospitals and has served on the governing board of a hospital and the North Valley Medical Association. Along with his wife, an oncologist, he has started several health centers and helped care for more than 100,000 people in the Northstate area in the past 14 years. This experience has given him unique insight into the strength and resilience of both the community and the individual in the face of sickness, high healthcare costs, addiction, homelessness, outside interests, and natural disasters. He has experience reducing high healthcare costs and increasing access to quality healthcare.
    You can discover more about him at his campaign website at https://dhanuka2020.com/
    "People need help, but more than that they need opportunity. As a predominantly rural district under a two-party system, our interests are often overlooked in favor of the party line that divides and distracts us from our real needs." Dr. PK "Paul" Dhanuka
    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People show. 

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    Week In Review with Host Dan Hennen - Trump, Q, Impeachment, Puerto Rico, more!

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    New posts from Q Anon top our list of events this week.  Also, Bernie Sanders campaign notes, Peter Schweitzer's new book, Greg Fernandez Jr's new book, and the latest on the Impeachment Sham.

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    Mike Debates A Progressive About Bernie Sanders

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    Mike, a strong, strong critic(to say the least) of Bernie Sanders, will debate Progressive Activist Chris Riker, a Bernie Sanders supporter. Mike and Chris will have a battle over The Bern, his policies, his past,present and much more on The Mike Essen Show!

  • 02:01

    Kevin's Corner January 15th 2020

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me every Weds at 7:30 in Kevin's Corner where we will attempt to make sense out of non-sense within politics and social issues.  My guest this Weds will be the audience and my Youtube viewers.  Feel free to comment or call in and help us make sense out of this non-sense!  Call in if you have questions for me, or just listen in live. We will be addressing hot topics! (Impeachment, fallout from Trumps Iran decision, Democratic Debate)
    Like always we will be talking about the lawlessness of the crooked, funky, nasty, corrupt,, sneaky, scheming, reprobate, dumpster juice dirty Dems and all the band members of the "Swamp Rats". We also cannot forget their partners in crime, the crooked, complicit, corrupt, bias liberal media. 
     Listeners please feel free to call in and weigh in by dialing 319-527-6092
    (Don't forget to press 1 to chat live with Kevin)

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    200208B Voice of Yuba Sutter Nate Black Hour

    in Politics Conservative

    Nate Black hour Sutter Co talks Pers without auditor controller.  Preconcieved oponions oncontaminated by practical experience and common sense.

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    Impeachment Do We Stop Talking About It Once It's Over?

    in Politics Conservative

    Disclaimer:  This is a grassroots news and opinions program of current events applying Eastern Orthodox Christian and an Westphalian Peace Treaty Lens to domestic civic,  political and  geopolitical events. 
    Today’s Talking Points:
    How are We Engaging Locally To Make Deep, Healthy Changes in Our Communities
    Trump Administration Foreign Policy, Continuing the Deep State Policies Against the Orthodox Church, Will American Churches Be Spared?
    Arm For Christian Values https://kithandkinobserver.com/
    What I Did Today: Historical Society Talk on The Underground Railroad and Eisenhower's Prayer
     The Next Show about Student Behaviour in the School System : Wont' Be Live
    The ARM for Christian Values Scripture Reference Matt: 10 15-21  

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    Deja Bern?

    in Politics Conservative

    Vermont socialist senator Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, which may have the Democrat party establishment getting ready to panic. Will they again work to rig the nomination system against him? And if they do, what will Bernie do? What should he do? I'll have some thoughts onthis. Plus more.
    Serious issues. Less than serious attitude.

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    Fountain of Youth w/Dr. Tapzyana B. Thomas/Pt. 2: Guns, Bible and Democrats

    in Politics Conservative

    ROSE COLOMBO, host and producer of "Colombo Chronicles Live!" every Wednesday from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m., pst, is a worldwide online radio podcast that spreads information by welcoming authors and experts from around the world to share their stories and self-help and knowledge on the issues of the day.  Join Rose today with dynamic guest, Dr. Tapzyana B. Thomas, the author of the award-winning book,  "Fountain of Youth is Within Us."  She will share her knowledge on Lymphatic Drainage and explain why it's so important if people want to live healthier and longer lives. LISTEN LIVE at www.blogtalkradio.com/colomb chronices - Most shows are archived for listneing convenience - Check out Rose's Blogs at www.rose4justice.com - BOOKMARK - FOLLOW - SHARE   (Check out Facebook/Rose.Colombo.9 and Twitter@Rose4Justice)

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    Hoot & Holler

    in Politics Conservative

    Come on in: Hosts: Bill and Linda. Call in: 646-378-0321. So much is on the  table today. The impeachment coup. The Davos trip and great pro-American speech. The VA rally for gun rights, and the media hype. The contrast of the unlawful 6 murders in Chicago where they have very strict gun laws..which criminals Never obey. Hell, they have no regards for human life, and the laws on the books against murder in various degrees..