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  • Michael J. Knowles and Mike Freedom with Reasons To Vote For Democrats

    in Politics Conservative

    Dedication: Deputy Sheriff, Colt Eugene Allery, Rolette County Sheriff's Office, North Dakota End of Watch: Wednesday, January 18, 2017
    Michael J. Knowles is a Daily Wire contributor, author and actor. "The most exhaustively researched and coherently argued Democrat Party apologia to date, 'Reasons To Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide' is a political treatise sure to stand the test of time," reads the description of the book. "A must-have addition to any political observer's coffee table. 'Thorough' --Ben Shapiro, nationally syndicated columnist and New York Times bestselling author."
    Mike Freedom is a freelance digital artist and activist from Austin, TX. I work with political campaigns, nonprofits, and mass media outfits who support all the fine principles of liberty and freedom.
    At mikefreedom.com you’ll find an arrangement of comics, posters, prints, satire, etc… all displayed for your enjoyment – look in Deviations. Depending on my schedule I’ll post two to three, to four deviations a week.  MikeFreedom.com
    Southern Sense is conservative talk with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis, as host and "CS" Bennett, co-host.  Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey! Southern-Sense.com

  • Feed Your Head

    in Politics

    Mark Elworth, Jr. and Krystal Gabor are back again w/ Ruthann Amarteifio

  • Ralph Poynter: What's Happening

    in Politics Progressive

    Ralph Poynter: What's Happening – Tuesday, March 28, 2017-call in 1-347-857-3293- 9pm est
    1. NEWS ANALYSIS: We predicted that the health care issue would be a stumbling block for the Republican Party  as with the Democratic Party. -  Poynter,Pinkney, Siracuse,  Meyers, Bro. Tarik,  Schoenman
    2. Excerpts from the Black Activist Writers Guild- Larry Pinkney (former Political Prisoner& Black Panther)
    3. Updates from the Political Prisoner Death Camps- Anne Lamb (NYC Jericho)
    Join us for the Lynne Stewart Memorial -Sat. April 22, 2017 at Saint Peter's Church on Lex. Av & 54 St. ( 2-7pm)--

  • The Real Side

    in Politics

    Click here to chat with us during the LIVE show broadcast!
    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately? There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective. Joe takes the issues… especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)… and brings in people from different sides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting. But the conversation is always respectful and you’re sure to learn something new, even if you don’t agree! If you’ve always wondered how the “other side” thinks and how they’ve arrived at their “stand”, then this is the show for you! 
    It’s not the right side, it’s not the wrong side, but the REAL side of the issues!

  • Amazing 509 B.C. Romans overthrow of the Etruscan government without Jesus.

    in US Government

    The People who Influenced Rome... The Romans were influenced by other civilizations and people living in Italy. To the north, the Etruscans had a highly advanced civilization, the first on the Italian peninsula. From the Etruscans the Romans learned architecture and engineering. The Etruscans built stone temples and irrigation and drainage systems. The Etruscans, and not the Romans, invented the toga, a cloak used for formal clothing, and gladiatorial fighting. Both of these examples were borrowed by the Romans. The Etruscans also believed in predicting the future by examining nature, something the Romans believed in as well. It was from the Etruscans that the Romans borrowed realistic art... The Greeks settled in colonies in Southern Italy. From the Greeks, the Romans borrowed the gods and goddesses of the Greek pantheon, and learned Greek stories and literature. From the Latins, the Romans borrowed the Latin language, though wealthy Romans preferred to speak Greek. And from the Sabines, Rome's closest neighbors, the Romans learned fighting techniques and discipline.But the Romans as we know them, overthrow the Etruscan Government and use that as its rags to wealth opportunity. Subsequently Rome set its eye on being the first backsliding civilization ever in human fistory. In book, The Jew in a Gentile world, by Arnold A. Rogow, page 27. Rome invaded Syria 63 B.C and overthrow Judea  70 A.D. and marked the beginning of the Jewish dispora or Dispersion. 

  • Civilization Jihad Awareness with Paul Sutliff

    in Politics Conservative

    Civilization Jihad is the name of the war that was declared against North America in 1991 by the North American Muslim Brotherhood. Awareness is the best way to fight this war. 
    CJA's host Paul Sutliff is the author of Civilization Jihad and the Myth of Moderate Islam and Stealth Jihad Phase 2: Infiltrate American Colleges. Paul was also one of the expert witnesses in the federal case against Gov. Nikki Haley and POTUS Barak Obama.HIs testimony listed several refugees and immigrants who ahad been arrested or killed for terrorist actions. 
    Feel free to call 319-527-6706 to join in th discussion. You have to press 1 so I know you are doing more than listening.

  • Good vs. Evil

    in Politics Conservative

    The Political Parties have tried to get us to believe the problems in America are due to the Liberals against the Conservatives, however under closer examination I've discovered they're both wrong as the way most of them have voted over the past Decades is for them and Against US.  The Right / Left isn't the issue the real Enemy of All of US is the Evil those in Power / Office, Bureaucrats, Lobbyists, etc. are perpetrating on us with the Laws and Regulations they pass and enforce, so when you come down to it whether through the EPA or Dept. of Ed with Common Core Brainwashing and Data Collection of our children they intend to move us into a Socialist State where all of Our Freedoms will be gone and only those in Power will rule.  I realize some may have a difficult time accepting this however just look at the results of our education system as well as all the regulations piled on us to limit our Freedoms and then ask yourselves where all of this is leading and for me the conclusion is quite simple it's leading all of us no matter the Country into a One World Government of Socialism. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

  • CRLive 3/29:

    in Politics

    7 pm EST
    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.
    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

  • Murdered by an Illegal Alien Gangbanger with three gun charges

    in Politics

    Illegal alien on his third gun charge  and in the Gang Database. Murdered my Son. He was three time MVP in Football and All City, he was a documented Athlete.

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