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    Fukishima,Is It The End of The World!

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    On this Episode of The Train Wreck Radio Show we will e talking with Chuck Hindman about the Fukishima disaster. He has een studing it since 2011 when an earthquake nd a Tsunami caused 3 reactors to meltdown. Tune in 6:30pm Eastern and 3:30pm Pacific www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    The Patriot Watch Radio Network - Don't Tread On Me and Schaeffer Cox Revisited

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    We will be revisiting the debacle of Schaeffer Cox and this corrupt judicial system with updated information. The show will have special guests Dr. Kent Hovind and Brian Christie, a close and personal friend of Schaeffer. This also ties in what is commonly called the "Little Guantanamos" within our prison system and the federal prison system's social experiment on isolation. The system is corrupt to the core!
    Please donate to the commissary of Schaeffer Cox. He is also capable of using funds in his commissary for legal fees that he desperatley needs. Please help him at:
    Federal Bureau of Prisons
    Francis Schaeffer Cox
    P.O. Box 474701
    Des Moines, Iowa
    or you can go to the fundraiser online that his brother created at https://fundrazr.com/6191Ea
    If you have a question or an opinion, simply call our guest hotline at (213) 943-3451 and press 1 to get into the host's queue.

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    Carson's Corner with Bob Carson: John Perretti.

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    On this episode of Carson's Corner with Bob Carson, we speak with none other then John Perretti. As noted by Eddie Goldman, "besides having been both a kickboxer as well as a grappler with a black belt from Gene LeBell, John Perretti was a pioneer in mixed martial arts. He devised the modern format of MMA, including the use of weight classes, rounds, and fingerless gloves, as matchmaker with Battlecade Extreme Fighting and later UFC. He even first used the term "mixed martial arts" in the 1980s, before the revival of professional MMA in the 1990s. But when UFC changed hands in 2001, he quit that organization and moved on. And he is not at all happy with what MMA has become."

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    Listen To Our Very Special Broadcast Tonight On GLOBAL SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION RADIO @ 7:00 pm EST As We Continue The Powerful Topic: "THE BEGINNING OF AMERICA'S RECONSTRUCTION".
    We Welcome For The Very First Time To Global Spiritual Revolution Radio - Prophet Reeni Mederos Co-Founder of Warriors International & Warriors International University School of The Prophets - Atlanta, Georgia.
    Join Our Global Revolution Family & Partners of Freedom - Justice - Political & Theocratical Awakening Through Empowerment By Calling Into Our Studios Here In New York At 1-929-477-3997.

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    The Boze Noze Show

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    We hope you'll join us this Wednesday 4 PM Pacific time for The Boze Noze Show with Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich. This is your opportunity to directly talk with a Lane County Commissioner with your questions and concerns. Listen or join the conversation as 646-721-9887. You can also send your comments to talk@KRBNradio.net. Please be sure to like us on Facebook and will see you this Wednesday.

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    Best of GPR - Election Special

    in Politics Progressive

    This morning on Best Of Green Party Radio, check out Larry and Don's 2-hour election preview special, featuring interviews with Green Party Congressional candidates Ray Parrish of Arizona and Shalom Keller of Ohio.

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    in Politics Progressive

    Flynn, forced to resign this week over his failure to disclose phone conversations with Russian ambassador about U.S. sanctions imposed on Moscow.  Trump’s long-standing ties to Russia might explain why his policy is “noticeably weaker on Russia than on anything else,” said John Herbst, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine + Uzbekistan under presidents Bill Clinton + George W. Bush.
    Trump told The Times of London in January he'd consider lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia for its military involvement in eastern Ukraine and alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election to help Trump  in return for a new nuclear arms reduction accord. In addition, Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed in a phone call last month possible collaboration in the fight against Islamic State and ways they might restore trade and economic ties.
    Herbst said Trump's conciliatory comments about Russia are out of character for a businessman who prides himself as a tough negotiator. “He talks about driving hard bargains, and here he’s offering concessions right off the top,” Herbst said. 
    Trump denied in recent tweets "conspiracy theories" about his ties to Russia. 
    Timeline - Trump’s known connections to Russia:
    1987: Trump invited to Moscow by the Soviet ambassador to the United States to discuss luxury hotel developments. Trump later told Playboy magazine that his plans to build hotels in Moscow failed because the country “was out of control and the leadership knows it.” Four years later, on Christmas Day, Soviet Union officially dissolved, Russians who had been allowed to buy state-owned enterprises amassed enormous fortunes.
    1996: While wrapping up series of bankruptcies in New York, Trump talked of building a replica of his Trump Tower in Moscow and traveled there to discuss renovating Moskva and Rossiya hotels

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    Diaspora Engagement Strategies By Abdoulaye Mbengue

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    How can we promote the Senegalese Diaspora engagement and commitment toward the Development of their Country  .
    Mr Abdoulaye Mbengue Phd candidate in organizational  leadership  will share his thoughts  with Bocou Jappo  panel 

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    in Local

    From time to time I want to do an episode on the types of entertainment we are into. Join Meg and I as we talk about some of the TV shows, movies, books, music we are currently reading, watching or listening to. Join in via chat or phone! 

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    in Politics Conservative

    In 30 short minutes , we will summarize the failed liberal economic policies of a sitting lame duck president. Do call in if you wish to join. Americans will be better off with Barrack Obama out of office

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    Carlos Calvo Live

    in Military

    Join us this week as we welcome guitarist, singer songwriter, producer, and Hollywood guitar coach, Carlos Calvo. Carlos injects Alternative Folk/Pop with something it has been missing: virtuoso guitar playing. His original music features his warm, resonant voice, deep and thoughtful lyrics, accompanied by guitar playing that elegantly mixes genres from Blues to Flamenco and everything in between. Carlos grew up surrounded by world-famous flamenco and classical guitarists. He was formally trained at Carnegie Hall to play Bach and Barrios, but has been equally influenced by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Rolling Stones. Before embarking on his solo career, Carlos fronted successful bands that toured with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Willie Porter. As a solo artist, he has toured with The Bacon Brothers and Colin Hay and numerous times in Europe as a headliner. He played guitar on the score of King of the Hill for three seasons and has placed original songs in major motion pictures (She’s All That, Finding Holden). Carlos has taught the likes of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, David Duchovny, Rob Morrow (Northern Exposure, People Vs OJ Simpson), Marg Helgenberger (CSI, Under The Dome) and Ambyr Childers (Ray Donovan). He was a consultant during the entire run of Californication. He’s a product spokesman for Bugera amps & TC Electronic and just released his first ever Christmas song last week "California Christmas". We will talk to Carlos about his upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at his music, feature his latest songs, and ask him to share his message for the troops. Please be sure to visit Carlos Calvo at http://carloscalvo.com/ and spread the word. Fans are welcome to call in and speak live with Carlos during the show (718) 766-4193. Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

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