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    The Good Old Days?

    in Politics Conservative

    The last week has not been a good one for freedom of speech. As much as we complained about 2020, things only seem to be going downhill. I'll discuss.
    Serious issues. Less than serious attitude.  

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    Donald Trump Should Remain As President Due To Widespread Election Fraud

    in Politics Conservative

    Today is December 19, 2020 and it's clear that Democrat politicians, big tech social media CEOs and foreign entities committed or supported massive election fraud during the November presidential elections.
    Donald Trump legitimately received 75M+ votes and, more important regarding the electoral college, won all the swing states. Because of cheating in at least 6-7 states and probably other states, Trump should take every action at his disposable to remain President of the United States.
    The other candidate for president did not have a chance of legally winning at all. Rigged software, cheating state governors and dishonest state election staff are responsible for the cheating.
    All these people should be arrested for criminal activity and the politicians governors should be charged with treason. Governors and members of Congress took an oath to protect and defend the US against all enemies foreign and domestic. And for foreign entities responsible for rigging the election with vote-switching software and funding illegal election activities, these actions are grounds for war.

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    in Politics

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Good morning, today on The Meter we will cover the last chance for President Trump to overturn the election results as several US Senators will join more than 100 members of the House to object to the electoral college vote on January 6th during the joint session of Congress. Should Republicans object in unison? The blast in Nashville on Christmas Day is still under investigation but has many speculating about future copy cats. After the summer riots that rocked many American cities, could this begin another wave of violence? As the vaccines are rolling out, another strain of Covid has been detected. Experts say the vaccine will still be effective, but could this be the new norm for years to come? The 117th Congrss is sworn in today and will have the narrowest majority since 1958. Pelosi's poistion as Speaker is not assured as the radical left led by the squad my oppose the octogenarian. Could this cause an unsustainable fight amongst the fragile Democrats? Finally, the Georgia Senate runoffs are on Tuesday where control of that chamber hangs in the balance. What will these elections tell the country? Please join the discussion at 10AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential!

  • 01:36

    The Merry Christmas Show

    in Politics Conservative

    The Boiler Room presented by Project 56. Merry Christmas and Happy Birhday Jesus!  On this episode: We discuss the real meaning of Christmas. Tell the true story of Saint Nick. We also have a conversation about the Christmas lockdowns, stimulus billand more! 

  • 02:21

    Changing of the Ages: Signficance of 2020 (Winter Solstice)

    in Politics Progressive

    A Child Educated Only At School is an Uneducated Child. "The mere imparting of information is not education," - Carter G. Woodson -   ********  For man to be in the position he is in today he has to be "out of his mind." We have to be. For a people to vote and pay taxes for weapons that are going to destroy their lives and the future of their people, they have to be out of their minds. For physicists to build weapons that would end their lives and the lives of their children, they have to be out of their minds. For biologists and for doctors with M.D. to develop bacteria so that populations can be wiped out by diseases, which means that their own children and their future generations can be wiped out, they must be out of their minds. For us to sit here and be unaware of what is going on in the world means that we have to be out of touch with reality. And one of the major instruments for putting people out of their minds is education. (Amos N. Wilson, Awakening the Naturual Genuis of Black Children, 2nd Edition).  ******** Please make a DONATION to help support our Work ******** @ CashApp: $LMhendrix12   ********   Send us your questions and feedback, as well as share your stories with us at   ******** We are honored to be of service to You:  **************************  Opening Of The Ways, LLC is a full service crisis mananagement and communications firm offering mediation / conflict resolution and extensive consulting services in the areas of domestic relations, business, communications technology, and self-development. We are on a course in miracles; Divinely affluent and oppulent because the universe is open to our desires in being of service to You.

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    in Non-Profit

    Welcome to the GANG LEGALIZATION PROJECT RADIO SHOW. The Gang Legalization Project is a non-profit organization which was formed to protect the Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of Street Gang Members who have been targeted by Law Enforcement and other State and Federal Agencies in gang injunctions many times violating their 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th and 14th amendments of the Constitution of the United States. We offer a Gang Legalization Project Clinic for the legalization of Street Gangs to become legal non-profit organizations to protect your individual and group rights as an alternative gang rehabilitation model. We publish alternative books for the public. For More Information Visit,
    Bienvenidos al SHOW DE RADIO DEL PROYECTO DE LEGALIZACIÓN DE PANDILLAS...El Proyecto de Legalización de Pandillas es una organización sin fines de lucro que se formó para proteger los derechos constitucionales y las libertades de los miembros de pandillas callejeras que han sido blanco de las fuerzas del orden y otras agencias estatales y federales en mandatos judiciales contra pandillas que muchas veces violan su 1er, 4to, 5to, Novena y decimocuarta enmiendas de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos. Ofrecemos una Clínica del Proyecto de Legalización de Pandillas para la legalización de las Pandillas Callejeras para que se conviertan en organizaciones legales sin fines de lucro para proteger sus derechos individuales y grupales como un modelo alternativo de rehabilitación de pandillas. Publicamos libros alternativos para el público. Para obtener más información, visite 

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    Integration: A Blessing or A Curse?

    in National

    During the Civil Rights Era, between the 1940s to the 1960s, one of the most significant aims of the less radical and militant groups within the Black Community was to integrate our people into the social order of the white dominated institutions.
    Organizations like: the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and their leaders, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall and Roy Wilkins fought to end segregation in a whites-only society and promote a system based on equality and justice... rightfully or wrongfully, they felt that integration was the path by which this goal could be achieved.
    Marches, Protests, Sit-ins and Boycotts were all used to attain this lofty aim.
    The question that we will address this evening is, "Was Integration a Blessing or a Curse?
    Also, we will hear a very chilling and disturbing story that happened to our guest, Dr. Carmen Johnson of Maryland

  • 00:16

    jesus castout the demons

    in Politics

    cjesus casting out the demons

  • 00:10

    The Second American Revolution Began On January 6th, 2021

    in Politics

    Today, January 6th, 2021 is the beginning of the second American revolution.  The final nail on the legitimacy of the institutions misgoverning the nation occurred with the false flag, preplanned, staged and  choreographed arrangement to allow a group of anarchists to invade the U.S. Capitol building as the pretext to shut down the objections and evidence of fraud, and to accuse the President of an insurrection against the Congress in order to try; to invoke the 25th Amendment, or impeachment  in the hope of destroying Trump's future potential of becoming President.  That is how much Trump and the American people are feared.  Vice-President Mike Pence and the cabinet backed by the unified fascist establishment might very well remove Trump by the 25th Amendment.  If they do it will be the biggest mistake they could possibly make.
                 There was a time when most people could be fooled, that time has now passed.  Trump has declared the beginning of a new party, and Trump is calling it the Party of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, and REASON whether it is the future Republican party or not.  Welcome to the opening shot of the Second American Revolution.  . 

  • 01:00

    What's up with the Shenanigans?

    in Non-Profit

    Today I would like to discuss how these systematic entities are not being held accountable, leaving the people with the short end of the stick. I now understand why things that we are entitled to get left behind. This systematic structure was designed to stagnate the growth of the people pushing and striving to make a difference. A man recently applied for SSID and found out on his Social Security contribution that he had been paying into the system since 3 years old. Impossible. Why hasn't that office red flagged those reports?. A woman applied for the SBA loan and was denied. She was instructed to email a reconsideration letter which had an email address that doesn't work. The email comes back as undeliverable and hasn't been able to be delivered. How ironic is that? Why aren't these entities being held accountable? Why are they allowed to treat the people this way? Lets talk about it.

  • 01:16

    How safe is the covid vaccines, black doctor dies after covid 19 mistreatment

    in Politics

    How safe is the covid 19 vaccine? plus what is in the ingrient?  Plus Dr Susan Moore tells us about racial discrimination over covid treatment in the hospital,,,what really happen?
     Finally, the nurse that fainted after the Covis 19 treatment!

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