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  • 01:58

    Kemetu & Nefertari .. Black Woman is the Problem,Christianity the Radiation

    in Politics

    Kemetu Maa Kheru and his wife Nefertari will discuss the Black woman is the problem and the christian sensibility is the radiation....Kemetu and his wife services offers books, original art, high quality Shea butter and cultural consulting...kemetumaakheru@yahoo.com 

  • 02:05

    Civil order - The Pope

    in Politics

    Ron March and Beverly D discussion civil order - the pope ....Is the pope the  head of the religion corporate, England corporation, and the United States corporate....What was the true reason for his visit to Ame

  • 02:07

    Uniform Commercial Code

    in Politics

    Ron March.....What is UCC and how to use UCC
    The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a set of laws that provide legal rules and regulations governing commercial or business dealings and transactions.  The UCC regulates the transfer or sale of personal property.  The UCC does not address dealings in real property.  On the whole, the UCC standardizes business laws in the U.S. and seeks uniformity amongst the states. 

  • 01:10

    Dawah Yisrael.. The dark secret about homosexuality

    in Politics

    Brother Dawah will discuss... EUROCENTRIC SEXUAL DEVIANCE-THE DEFINITION OF A BROKE ASS The dark secret about homosexuality. A very powerful message for African American men and women in the 21st Century.
    He is the host of the Controversial show known as “The YAH is Real Hour”. On his show he tackles the issues that the mainstream media will not deal with concerning the so-called blacks or African Americans.

  • 00:55

    Interview With Lynne Cheney and Amity Shlaes

    in Politics Conservative

    Lynne Cheney is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, focusing on the issues of education and culture. She holds a PhD in 19th century British Literature from the University of Wisconsin, and is the former chairwoman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. She is the wife of Vice President Dick Cheney and the mother of Mary Cheney and Liz Cheney. She is the author of several bestsellers, including her latest book, James Madison: A Life Reconsidered. 
    Amity Shlaes writes a column for Forbes and serves as the chairman of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. She is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Coolidge, and The Greedy Hand. Her latest book is a graphic edition of  another of her bestsellers titled The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression. 

  • 02:43

    #TRUTALK: Grab them by the pussy!

    in Elections

    Ok here we go folks. As you know there has been a firestorm over Donald Trump's hot mic clip where he degraded women and even said you can grab them by the if you're rich and famous. NOW,  no one has made a good case in his defense so for the sake of argument/debate #BLKGOP has decided to do the unthinkable and actually defend Trump on this. It might get ugly on this one folks. Anyway get ready for another #TRUTALK that may hurt some feelings but all we do here on TRU RADIO NETWORK is have very tough conversations. Get ready! TURN ON, TUNE IN, AND TURN UP!

  • 00:31

    A Guidebook for the Balochistani Youth: How to Study in America

    in Regional

    This episode of “Balochistan in America”, a project of the Balochistan Institute in Washington D.C., will focus on educational opportunities and exchange programs for young international students in the United States. 
    Jawaid Hussain Baloch
    Jawaid is currently engaged with Southern Methodist University (SMU), one of the leading research universities in the United States.  
    Bakhtawar Badal
    Bakhtawar,16, is a recipient of the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange Study  (K-L YES) program. 
    Israr Rafiq
    Israr is a recipient of the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange Study  (K-L YES) program.
    Volerie Mendoza
    Volerie is Bakhtawar’s host family.
    Julie Green and Kevin Green
    Junie and Kevin are Israr’s host family.
    Malik Siraj Akbar, President of the Balochistan Institute, Washington D.C. 

  • 00:50

    The Politically Incorrect Podcast

    in Politics Progressive

    Jim Williams, Joe Henderson and Tom Jackson have between them over 100 year’s experience in covering the political arena on the highest level. The trio boasts 7 Emmy’s and over two dozen major local, regional and national awards.
    Their guest list is a “Who’s Who,” of politicians from the United States and worldwide. They also feature views on the issues of the day from some of the top names in entertainment and sports.
    The Politically Incorrect Podcast is where smart, funny and entertaining people go to have a drink and talk politics in an uncensored arena.
     Think CBS “Face the Nation meets ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption and you have the show.
     The three can also be read at www.newstalkflorida.com 

  • 02:08

    228 Years to Equality?; Korryn vs Police; Black Female Olympians Excel-MWIR@7:30

    in Politics Conservative

    Let's just dig in, shall we?  Check out our latest MWIR (Mid Week in Review) podcast engineered by the good folks at Afronerd Radio Machine Works, airing this Wednesday at 7:30pm EST.  Join your hosts, Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they decode the following (mid) week issues:  a recent study from the Corporation of Enterprise Development posits that it could take 228 years for the African-American community to catch up and/or amass the same wealth as their White counterparts; an extended Netflix Luke Cage trailer hits the cyberwebs as we inch closer to its Sept. 30th premiere date; another spate of possible police misconduct cases seep into the public's consciousness (the death of a young suburban Baltimore mother and the wounding of her child; a video of a young Black woman calling the police on the police goes viral and the death of an unarmed Chicago car thief raises the ire of the local community); Black female Olympians vy for the gold in Rio. And lastly, a recent Atlantic article provides an excellent historical synopsis of the origins of the American White underclass and by extension "White Trash" culture (hat tip: Bison).  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.  

  • 02:32

    SDCC '16; Black Panther Spinoff; Marvel Netflix; Leslie Jones-The Grind@6pm Sat

    in Politics Conservative

    Let's just jump into the fray, shall we?  Check Out our latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse, airing this Saturday at 6pm EST.  Listen to your Podcast "Justice League Dark" as they whip up mystical incantations regarding the following topics: our impressions on the various revelations coming out of San Diego Comic Con 2016 (i.e. Netflix trailers of The Defenders, Luke Cage and Iron Fist; more details on Ghost Rider casting for SHIELD, Justice League cartoon and American Gods trailers, a Black Panther comic spinoff written by famed feminist educator/scribe, Roxane Gay and more);  actress/comedienne, Leslie Jones (Ghostbusters) goes to hell and back just by inhaling Twitter hate; Dburt watches the new Netflix 80s sci-fi/horror homage series, Stranger Things by the Duffer Brothers; the animated Futurama series gets the live action fan film trailer treatment; Marvel's Miss America finally gets her own series....just not at Marvel (shh,,,it's at Image-All-America Comix) ; a Black doll maker, Malaville (founded by model, Mala Bryan) gets critiqued for selling a doll that was deemed "too dark" for public consumption   

  • 02:01

    Otto's Kansas Coffee Bar

    in Politics

    Sponsored by the “Fighting 47th Campaign”
    Michael Caddell, Candidate KS House of Representatives, 47th District.
    A. K. Neuhaus, Treasurer, P. O. Box 14, Valley Falls, KS 66088
    For more information go to: http://fighting47th.blogspot.com/
    Program Summary date
    Hear Rep. Bill Otto and "the Lineball Sisters" discuss during the 2nd hour all manner of Kansas small town life after these news stories.
    Counterspin (30 min.)  See: http://fair.org/
    Free Speech Radio News (30 min.)  See: http://fsrn.org/
    Co-hosted during the second hour with Rep. Bill Otto, formerly of the 9th district, in the Kansas legislature listen in to conversations with "Traditional Republicans" who have lived small town life in Kansas across the generations.

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