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PJC Media is a network focused on real Christian talk about issues that affect every day of our lives. From culture and arts, to politics, and devotions, PJC Media exists to invigorate the Christian culture with thought provoking, wholesome, and educational broadcasts and programming.

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The significance of the woman in the marital relationship is immeasurable. If you ask most women they will tell you a women's work is never done. Most men won't admit that they can't live without them. This week on the Marriage Playbook with Coaches Eric and Fran we will discuss why the woman is invaluable in the scheme of the family. Log in to blogtalkradio/pjcmedia.com or call in at 646 668 8485 @ 7PM EST this and every Monday.
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This is Game 1 of Season 13 " We Make No Apologies " Log in to The Marriage Playbook with Coaches Eric and Fran as we discuss the topic "We Make No Apologies ". When you love your spouse and your spouse loves you, and your... more

The five things people get wrong about slavery: The myth that slaves never rebelled; that house slaves had it better than field slaves; that abolition was the end of racism; that history class taught us everything we needed to know about... more

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The amount of mass shootings across the U.S. so far in 2019 has outpaced the number of days this year, according to a gun violence group. This puts 2019 has outpaced the number of days this year, according to a gun violence research... more

**REBROADCAST** Above the smoldering ashes of a demolished patriarchy stand The Sisters and their ruthless ironclad rule. This is a world where men are the weaker sex and those who fail to comply with The Sisters' draconian... more

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The owner of three pit bulls has been charged with murder after a 9-year old girl was mauled to death by the dogs. Monday evening in Southwest Detroit, Emma Hernandez was riding her bicycle in the alley, when the three pit bulls escaped... more

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Bullying is unwanted, agressive behavior among school aged children and some adults that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated over time. Bullying behaviors... more